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  1. with a 200nm limit we widna need or want for anything ever again, we could afford every pie in the sky dream that this council or any other group of politicians could dream of. An I'm spent enough time in Denmark to get a grasp of what they think and yes you will hear the subsidy routine thrown out in discussion but if a Danish fisherman is there, then just ask how much Denmark took from Faroes waters every year and the subsidy cries soon dry up. and now that they are in the oil game it wont be long before they are absolutely rolling in it. fact Faroes population has been increasing year on year while ours has been falling and if it wasn't for oil then Shetland would be practically deserted. We have had every resource stolen from us only to be told we are subsidised so I guess that fallacy is applicable to both island groups.
  2. If I hid oddballs tank and smokables then I might be less inclined to post on here cause I would be busy doing better things you wid have to hope that the insurance for the place wis in order though
  3. hydraulic fluid is highly refined, highly corrosive and highly toxic and not one to be messing with. I'm swallowed a few moothfulls o petrol and diesel in me time but be damned if I wid try an syphon hydraulic oil.
  4. just keep on banging de SNP drum dessy boy lik da gud peerie monkey dat du is. but why compare wis to Diego Garcia when that is an island leased by the uk for military purposes when we only have to look as far fae hom as da Faroes. dey started fae da sem place as wis so dey are da logical ones ta look tae if we want ta see whar we could go. But when du refers ta Shetland as a "gud forsaken hol" then it is braaly obvious du cares damn all aboot wis an only his eyes for fat eck, joost hoo saaty is he ony wye?
  5. I ken damn fine that mare dan haaf da money kem fae ootside Shetland and I also ken dat will be a stick used ta beat wis when it goes tits up. It wis still wis here in Shetland dat spent it no matter whar it kem fae. And i seriously doubt that du's gaen ta laeve de bedroom enoch ta mak da place pay.
  6. And don't get me wrong I will go to see a movie if it floats my boat enough but not enough to make the place pay and that is the same for every one I speak to. As for concerts well at such a small capacity I doubt they will ever have anyone I want to see perform there so it will be the clickimin for me as long as the arts trust have nothing to do with selling tickets. Funny thing is I have discussed this topic with a fair few local musicians and only 2 have said mareel is a good idea, so just who the hell are we building it for.
  7. The fact you seem completely oblivious to Mareel partly existing to capitalise upon Shetland's rich musical heritage speaks volumes. the fact that you think Shetland needs to spend £12 million plus whatever subsidy it will require year on year speaks volumes. try getting out of your nice comfy chair for once and you might see that the very thing that gave Shetland its rich musical heritage is folks sitting at home with friends jamming making their own entertainment not going to the cinema to watch the latest blockbuster. Mareel might very well mean the death of this rich musical heritage and make our musical culture just as bland as any big metropolis. Its hard enough to get the bairns away from the front of a screen as it is now we are going to provide them with a bigger one (sorry make that two) well done mr gibbons you are a the proverbial monkey on our back thats for sure.
  8. Duff & Phelps, administrators of Rangers Football Club, issued the following statement today. Paul Clark, joint administrator, said: "As administrators we had hoped to announce today the acceptance in principle of an offer for the purchase of Rangers Football Club, which would be followed by a period of exclusivity while due diligence is undertaken. "Regrettably, this is not now possible as we were informed over the Easter holiday period that the SPL is proposing to consider at a general meeting on April 30, significant rule changes in relation to clubs which find themselves in an insolvency situation. "The effect of such revised measures being considered at this juncture is that we, as administrators are duty bound to inform those parties who have submitted bids of the proposed resolutions the SPL intends to consider. Failure to do so would constitute material non-disclosure on our part, which is a serious matter. "Inevitably, bidders are now considering this information and will have to take a view as to whether it will affect their individual bids as they now stand. The result is a delay in the sale process. We hope to receive feedback from bidders as soon as possible in order for us to take the sale process forward as quickly as we can. "We fully respect the right of the SPL to review its own rules and regulations and will not comment on the detail of what is being proposed for the meeting on April 30 at this stage. However, the fact that such measures are being considered at such a sensitive point in the sale process at Rangers is disruptive and regrettable. We hope to issue a further update by the end of this week." make of this what you will but it is pathetically ameturish at best and downright stupid if not a deliberate attempt to screw rangers even further at worst
  9. nah that just brought his behaviour to the attention of a wider audience and allowed more folk to form the opinion that he's a knob
  10. These jamming sessions you refer to have been going on in Shetland for as far back as folk have been here that is why Shetland has such a rich musical heritage. It does not need a £12 million tin hut to keep the tradition alive just get rid of the xbox and playstation.
  11. but it is cost effective to build a complete arts centre to house such equipment????? but lets get back to the 6 folk making it cost effective at a tenner each, 60 quid somehow I doubt that. wages are going to be braaly poor at mareel then. As for tickets same artist 2 years apart no bother getting tickets when he promoted himself (I wonder why he did that) no chance when promoted by Shetland arts. maybe he's just not that popular now. But bryan we are going to have to agree to disagree and whether you like it or not you will be buying me a pint with your redundancy when mareel goes to the council with the begging bowl.
  12. Dratsy wrote: Any big act that will fill the mareel will make a loss because it will only hold the brucks of 600 folk, to have any chance of break even they will have to use the clickimin. Peerie Bryan wrote: This point has been addressed countless times in this thread. Basically hiring the Clickimin and kitting it out with staging, PA, lights etc makes it too expensive for most gigs. The Clickimin will still be used for events which require the extra capacity Buy the pa lights etc and install them in the clickimin one off cost A month would of seen the garison seats and a projector and screen installed. so forgive me if I think this is a more cost effective way of providing the facilities that are sought after. As for tickets I have never been able to get a ticket for any gig put on by Shetland arts and I don't know many folk that have either, but low and behold when the artist puts the tickets on sale them self then not only do I get a ticket but every one I know that tried for a ticket gets one too. make of that what you will.
  13. This week but lennon is at it week in week out just because I disaprove of the man even dislike him it does not make me either sectarian or bigoted. Remember i only started posting when some on here got all orgasmic about the troubles rangers are having, should we be calling them sectarian biggots?I have put my hands up and said that rangers had a problem with sectarianism but have done a great deal to put it to bed once and for all, Some of my detractors on here have even proved my point by stating that David Murray also thought rangers had a problem and he took the steps to overcome that problem by hiring souness who hired mo johnston and a legion of other catholic players. And yet they still sing songs about the IRA at celtic park but thats OK as it is political, go figure. So the new definition of bigot is someone who dislikes a loud mouthed agresive ass. by god the oxford dictionary will have to update their book top keep up we you lot
  14. The new definition of a troll a person who posts an opinion you disagree with but you cant find fault so just call a troll. get over yourselves.
  15. makin sure dey get dir hands on wir money afore dey ir kicked oot next month
  16. Da money fae sooth might no matter but da money fae da cooncil wida been better spent keeping da schools open or dus du disagree we dat. dan dir's da running costs as mentioned above. Na Joanie I tink dir his been a lok o helliry spooted be da arts trust an if every wan o dem loses dir jobs I fir wan ll no shed ony tears.
  17. lets take your high estimate of 6 folk per screening brian and factor the build cost at £12 million (low estimate) £12,000,000/6=£2,000,000 so before any running costs are taken into account it will take 400,000 screening at £5/head to break even or 200,000 screenings at £10/head or 100,000 screenings at £20/head. Are you with me so far Brian because I'm sure as hell not with you on this. And this is why your business plan is at best a fantasy. Now lets factor in the cost of the actual movie I've no bloody idea what that will be but lets be generous to you and say the movie costs a £1000 to screen (please correct me on this figure if I'm wrong so we can adjust the calculations) then there is the cost of electric but hey maybe you have done a deal with VE to get that for free then there is staffing costs, rates, wear and tear etc so at £20/head and a £1000 per film you need 50 folk just to cover the cost of the film with out any other cost being taken into account. and you wonder why there are so many detractors. your a nice guy and a fairly good musician but for gods sake there is not one person in the arts trust that I TRUST to run any kind of business, and your post proves this point quite well. I know you are going to come back and say that there will be sales of food and drink to make up the difference but the mark up will have to be outrageous to have any effect so outrageous in fact that no one will be able to afford food and drink while watching a movie, so outrageous in fact that it will be cheaper to fly to aberdeen and stay in a hotel after going to the cinema and flying home the next day with taxis to and from Sumburgh.
  18. Offensive to who? lennon maybe, but many celtic supporters agree with me that the man is an ass. And illegal get a grip
  19. So I guess installing a digital projector in the garison was completely out of the question on technical grounds the same with comfier seats. Any big act that will fill the mareel will make a loss because it will only hold the brucks of 600 folk, to have any chance of break even they will have to use the clickimin. and if anyone outside the arts trust cleek want a ticket then the act will have to arrange sale of their themselves just like a certain comedian coming up next month.
  20. nothing against celtic fans or catholics for that matter so not bigotry I just don't like lennon and his attitude, dont mind winding up a few that take it all oh so seriously though.
  21. This doesn't make sense to me. "the travelling for the visit"? welcome to peat speak, complete and utter nonesense
  22. it may be a small place but they keep coming back and I have heard nothing but bad things about them for over a year.
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