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  1. The oil industry get by by paying out large sums of money to boats to stand guard over their pipelines. Could you not find that on google peat?
  2. So you are supporting the spending of Shetlands money to support Salmond's scoty dream for no other reason than it get the backs up of the nimby's or is it just you cant bring yourself to disagree with Salmond. whatever way it is sad indeed
  3. @ Ched. Because 200 mil is a mere drop in the ocean when it comes to international campaigns and will make no difference whatsoever to the Chinese or the Indians, there are a few third world dictators who would gladly take it of your hands promise carbon cuts then use it to slaughter half their population. presumably cutting their carbon footprint at the same time. It is a simple fact that global warming is just a scam to relieve the likes of you and me of even more money to keep us permanently in debt and beholding to a rich few. REMEMBER AL GORE IS GOD AND AT IS HIS PROPHET. so lets look at big Al a little closer. Has he bought up vast tracks of rain forest to sell as carbon credit to big business so they can carry on as before producing the same amount of CO2/kg of goods produced. with the promise that the rain forest won't be chopped down? Answer YES But how is he preventing it from being chopped down? Answer HE'S NOT. This was an idea sold to the us as a way to save rain forest for indigenous peoples with the added benefit of saving the planet. IT'S NOT What it really is is a way to make Al Gore a billionaire which IT HAS. Now has he used all this money to make the lives of the folks living in the rain forest or any where else that matter one bit better? Answer NO Does he use it to power his mansion with lights that burn 24/7 and fly round the world in a private jet? Answer YES Not a very benevolent god this one. The whole sorry mess is nothing more than smoke and mirrors that the gullible swallow hook line and sinker and all of us that pay taxes (so not you AT) pay for. And now the SIC/CT with its great track record of investing in business has jumped in feet first spending our money with the only guarantee being that certain landowners (we all know who they are) will receive payments for the next 25 years even if it all goes tits up. Yes the sic are one of the land owners but lets face it the promised payment to the SIC is a fraction of the money in the CT pot. This stinks just like the JUDANE and OILTOOLS and SSG farces, only this time there will be nothing left at the end of the day, no money for old folks care homes, or music lessons or mareel or the sports centres or anything else for that matter. There is only one thing that is guaranteed and that is Shetland power use will drop dramatically because the last one to leave will surely turn of the lights
  4. According to the prophet AT if we do not cut emissions right now then the planet is doomed, yet China, India and the rest of the third world are going to carry on increasing their emissions indefinitely. This being the case and if AT is right then we are all doomed any way so should we not spend the 200MILLION OR SO QUID WE HAVE LEFT ON A PISS UP TO END ALL PISS UPS, WOULD THAT NOT BE BETTER THAN PISSING IT IN THE WIND.
  5. So 5 minutes on the internet is better than a year at the fishing for gaining knowledge of the industry, by god peat you really are dumber than I thought and that is saying something. I'm not on holiday but at work even though i have spent a few days sightseeing, for which I got paid more than you will earn in the next month. The oil industry kills birds well I never would of imagined that you really are the fountain of wisdom I might sign anything when I'm drunk. Oh yeah I will be sightseeing again in a week or so which I will also get paid shed loads for, and the time will be spent learning more about the culture and people of China than I could ever hope to learn on the internet or you could ever learn full stop. And yes i'm loving every minute of it even the inconvenient bit where I'm on the rig.
  6. Not relevent to Shetland, peat I spent a year making a living at the fishing and can count using my thumbs only the number of birds killed in that year. I have also spent years using gill nets to catch fish for fun and have never seen a bird killed by that method. As ever you don't seem able to understand what is writen then regurgitate it in a form that nobody else can understand.
  7. the link has been explained to you once peat, if you are too dumb to understand then there is no point wasting time explaining again. Yep AT like you spends a lot of time trawling the net time that could be better spent finding gainful employment.
  8. Hong Kong the other day now in Shenzhen China. Ive only seen a couple of push bikes every one driving round in big american cars so I guess it makes no odds how green we are because here they are going to keep on expanding at a phenomenal rate. nice place though and fine folk
  9. exactly what VE plan to do by digging up peat bogs If it puts an end to you posting crap on here then bring it on. fact is it is not going to be the end of the world as we know it even if I do feel fine. worst case scenario is we won't be able to afford free loaders an if you ask me that's not such a bad thing. not so good for you though AT
  10. I do not see the connection (not built yet ) between a man who thought THIS film was great and someone who is promoting a energy producing company which may or may not be built. "propaganda minister" the gap between what he's written and the truth is filled with enough sprootle to fertilise Shetland for generations to come.
  11. I'll bet de now AT that du'll still no get a job we VE even as their very own Goebbels.
  12. just thought a bit of consistency would be nice and after watching the highlights it was 3 decisions that totally changed the shape of the game. So next time lennon and the celtic support are bleating about bad refereeing just remember it usually goes their way. still can't suffer the man
  13. Thanks AT its good to know that from all the confusion you are the only one able to pick out the relevent info to support hour cause.
  14. Thanks AT its good to know that from all the confusion you are the only one able to pick out the relevent info to support hour cause.
  15. and you need to get out of your bed and get a job AT
  16. It was on that lefty propaganda channel the bbc today AT.
  17. a least 2 bad refereeing decisions in yesterdays game but not one word of complaint from lennon, I have to say the bhoy has maybe learnt to keep his mouth shut. Oh that's not a pig flying by the window the decisions went celtics way, a stonewall penalty right in front of the ref and a free kick that would of prevented the second goal. Oh how different the result would be if the ref had only got it right. Maybe the saints should be shouting the odds like lennon usually does.
  18. If you are going to be doing a residency the very least you could do is bother to get the name right, Shetland or Shetland Isles.
  19. Never let truth and common sense get in the way of a good witch hunt, scorrie. some folks love to be offended, so for them I guess I'm a bit like jim'll fix it
  20. A pikey - a rough person of indeterminable address. not a race of people so not racist Get over yourself AT
  21. tax incentives as in they did not pay tax while spending huge amounts on infrastructure that is already there for the wind industry, what I object to is the extra on my bill to put money into the pockets of investors/speculators. Oh and one more thing AT you always accuse anybody who disagrees with about global warming of being in thrall to the oil companies, but could it not also be said that you have a beef with the oil industry going back to your time in employment with them and your manner of leaving? just a thought after all it is good as you say to know folks background when they pass comment just to get it in context and all that.
  22. no infected animals to bite no infection to pass on, that does not require a degree in epidemiology. The midge like the mosquito, it is only the pregnant females that bite so it would not take too long to control an outbreak, better than doing sfa
  23. Absolutely then they can get the client to go to court and fight the case based on their advice, racking up the billable hours. What do you call 50 lawyers at the bottom of the sea? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - a good start
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