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  1. If you are in Burra then the shop has a coin counter and the folks will be more than happy to run your change through their machine for counting and sorting. you don't even have to make a purchase as it is all part of the service to the community. mind you if you are in Burra pasty will take care of your change soon enough.
  2. Yep midges can cross the channel but europe could not accept that migrating birds were moving south at the time of foot and mouth and therefor farms in france should of culled their animals to prevent spread. Just as in this case farms in france holland belgium etc should of culled animals to prevent the spread of this disease into other parts of europe namely the uk. The enforcement of rules even just the application of them throughout europe is skewed to say the least. Why is this disease not notifiable when it has a mortality rate of 50% +/-? Why were no restrictions placed on movement of animals when this disease was known to be in an area? Why the heck are we even still in the club?????
  3. I saw the story I don't think it is wide spread in england but in a few isolated farms. It is definitely widespread in mainland europe though and that is my point. how did it cross the channel? by the movement of infected stock, if it had been infected stock moving the other way then you can be damn sure europe would be demanding the burning of all livestock in the UK and compensation for their farmers.
  4. you miss the point as usual peat it is not reportable because so far it has been wide spread in mainland europe and not the UK. explaining simple stuff to you is like teaching particle physics to a yowe, a complete waste of time and effort.
  5. Ha ha running costs, a pikey in a portacabin and a rotweiler. Should that no be a crofter in an old van body, with an ill natured collie. That would be how I'd do it anyway. surely du means an ill natured crofter in an old van body with a collie
  6. It is not reportable because it is affecting farms in france and the rest of mainland europe, unlike the foot and mouth and bse which were seen as primarily british problems and there for not just reportable but complete restriction on movement of animals nationwide, farms in Shetland 200 miles from the nearest outbreak restricted movement, farms in france 30 miles from outbreak no restrictions. yet more evidence of the blatant racism prevalent in europe.
  7. Ha ha running costs, a pikey in a portacabin and a rotweiler.
  8. I think rangers showed that was what they wanted when they invested so much money in murray park and the accademy. But these things take time. The voting system in the spl is like you say a farce.
  9. sale of goods act covers you as it is not fit for purpose don't take any turd from amazon, and next time buy local
  10. got a toshiba telly at xmas and had problems with the power it kept switching itself off and refusing to come on again. contacted toshiba and after 10 mins on the fone a new telly was delivered by streamline and the faulty one picked up. 0844 856 0730 option 1 gets you through to the tech help dept.
  11. The other side of the same problem is the fact that to compete on an international stage scottish teams like rangers have to spend big, bigger than they can ultimately afford. until fifa tightens up the rules world wide then there will always be the have and the have nots. The same way there is a disparity of finance between the old firm and the rest of the league there is huge disparity of finance between virtually any other european team and the old firm. Heck the teams that drop out the english premiership get more for being relegated than rangers would earn even if they went all the way to the champions league final. fact is lifes not fair and neither are the rules of fifa and eufa
  12. Fort chippie for me, I even took the wife there for wir anniversary.
  13. It amuses me that any of you are surprised that the beeb know sweet fa about Shetland and can't be bothered to even check facts before publishing.
  14. by god you think my views are extreme you really don't get out much mbt. And having just read all my posts again I fail to see anything extreme in the slightest Just admit like I have that your team and support have their share of bigots just like rangers do. And accept that celtic really have done very little to stop the bigotry in the stands, unlike rangers who have banned dozens at least if not hundreds of folk for their bigotry. Only on a few high profile occasions have celtic done anything to address the problem, and then under duress. Now penfold what change would you like to see, an expanded spl to say 18 teams. what then of the 4 games a season that the rest of the spl have anything like a full house reduced to 2 when the old firm visit. teams in financial hardship would go to the wall with the reduced income, less tv revenue because sky are not interested in showing dunfermline aberdeen but will broadcast either of the old firm playing anyone else. The simple fact is outside of the old firm there is no appetite or ability for spending the kind of money needed to compete on an international stage. I would love to see a more competitive spl if only to give rangers top quality match practice to take into europe with them.
  15. So with celtics non sectarian policy over the course of their history they will have signed 90% protestant players anything less will show an anti protestant bias.
  16. Oh piddly I was saving that one. But here we go I would rather some one shouted names at me from the other side of the park than shagged my kid in the dressing room. But yet again celtic can do no wrong after all the priests all do it so why not them. Shame on you celtic. Now lets get back to lennon quotes Killy 1 celtic 0 "the refs a cheat" St Johnstone game "the ref better not cheat" Rangers game "get a f****ng grip ref you cheat" "In fact every ones a cheat except celtic" "people dont like me, not because I'm an ass but because I'm ginger" (OK I made that last one up he's hated because he's an ass) The best thing that could happen to celtic is lennon goes, I HOPE HE STAYS
  17. As the rangers web site does not disclose the religion of its players then that was the only list I could find, I will admit there is probably no way to ascertain its true accuracy but by the same token anything taken from wikipedia could just as easily be bull***t. But lets have a look at your claim of only 13 players of the catholic faith, with the amount of foreigners playing in light blue I would say that is total bulls**t too. Yes among the support their is a sectarian bias but that is also true of celtic and the vile songs sung in support of the IRA. Then lets look at the effort or lack of it at parkhead to stamp out sectarian singing and flag waving, not much prevention going on there. How many scottish flags as opposed to irish flags with the orange replaced with yellow, and if they do have a st andrews cross it is on a green background. Some scottish team they are then? Now lets look at the favourite song at Ibrox "the billy boys" Yes it does mention being up to the knees in fenian blood, but a fenian is not a catholic but an irish warrior so not a religious sectarian song after all, also it will be heard at every ground in Scotland where a game is being played and watched by spectators yet it is only when it is sung by rangers fans that it is considered sectarian. A bit of double standards there then, so get over yourselves yes there has been a problem at rangers with sectarianism but that was put to bed by the club a long time ago. I have been to many games at Ibrox and have witnessed folk getting chucked out for sectarian abuse, and I've also been to parkhead and watched as stewerds and police alike ignored sectarian abuse and IRA chants from the fans. So get your own house in order before you start slagging off rangers at least they are trying to address the problem. NO SURRENDER
  18. Burra Motors have a computer that should be able to help you out 859415
  19. In a country that is 90% protestant celtic would of found it impossible to compete if they had maintained a sectarian policy so them signing protestants was from necessity not some anti sectarian ethos. both teams for much of their history signed players from the local area and for both teams that meant protestants. but if you want a few catholics that played for rangers before Mo Johnston here goes Archie Kyle Willie “Doc†Kivlichan (Who, like Johnston, was an Ex-Celtic player) Colin Mainds Tom Murray Pat Lafferty Johnny Jackson James Tutty Tom Dunbar (Brother of Michael Dunbar who became a Celtic director) Joe Donnachie Hugh O’Neill Constantine McGhie Don Kichenbrand Laurie Blyth John Spencer McCallum Brown Wylie John Clare Johnny Kennedy Charles McCafferty (Never made a first team appearance) Daniel Divers Chris Houston John Manners Bob Cleary George (or Gorg) Banciewicz Eddie Devenney Terry Sloan Brian Grubb Edward Devlin Andy Casey Tom Cassidy Bob "Dancer" Dunn Peter Mone "Starry" McLachlan, take your pic, am not sure which one was first but they were all signed and there have been plenty since As to celtics murky past the Kelly's time in charge should ring a few alarm bells even for you. As for me not liking lennon. What is there to like about the man?
  20. I've never said that anyone is out to get us I am only stating the old saying he who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw stones. It is amusing to see yourself and kirsty getting worked up almost to the point of orgasm when banging on about rangers troubles, while both of you forgetting that celtic have a murky past and a scumbag for a manager.
  21. NO NO mbt so this is the slag rangers thread not the rangers and celtic thread, I must of clicked on the wrong thread by mistake, sorry for upsetting you this fine morning
  22. Ahh tirval the benefit of green blinkers
  23. And if you want to discuss dodgy financial dealings lets look at parkhead a little closer. Just what was happening with the gate receipts when they delivered to the directors box during the game? How much did the tax man miss out on when that was going on? Should celtic be stripped of any of the cups won durring this period? All questions relevant to this discussion, don't you think?
  24. Fergie has been sent to the stands umpteen times but he just gets on with it. Lennon on the other hand spits the dummy, chucks all the toys out the pram, throughs himself to the floor greetin, and generally behaves like a spoilt petulant brat. This is not opinion just cold fact Now lets compare that to Ally McCoist who waited in the tunnel after the old firm game to congratulate all the celtic players on winning the league, now if lennon was still there he would of been squaring up to everyone accusing evefyone else of cheeting, and generally acting lik the ass he is. He should be charged with bringing the game into disrepute for his agresive actions yet he never is. So lets drop all the victimisation claims and just get on with playing fitba ya greetin faced hoops
  25. Lennon was the only one to be squaring up to anybody he has an agressive manner that seems to manifest itself whenever play goes against him. Passion is all well and good but Lennon is nothing more than a common thug. And as for the link you provide then that is biggoted writings dressed up as a plea for calm. He uses the word fenian with a capital F as a badge of honour yet if I was to call someone a fenian I would be arrested for religious bigotry. It seems what's good for the goose is not good for the gander. when Lennon was attacked by the hearts fan last year after accusing the Jambo's of cheating Lennon placed a couple of kicks to the mans head while he was being restrained, footage that was later removed from the news coverage. any normal man in the street seen kicking a person who is restrained would be arrested for assault, no matter who started it. Na lennon is a petulant peerie boy in a mans body and that's what seems to suit the Celtic support and management If as he believes everybody is out to get him I would of expected charges to be laid at his door but none were forthcoming. I think there is a bit of the old woe is me still evident in the celtic psyche that they really need to let go of before they take their place in decent society.
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