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  1. I've seen the whole ROV go through the leg of 1 rig
  2. The corrosive nature of H2S and CO2 does mean that leaks are quite common but this one does seem to have gotten away from them a bit. I have over the years done a bit of work out on the Elgin Franklin project and in my opinion it is one of the better run operations in the North Sea. But with gas bubbling up from the sea bed it does suggest a failure below the sub sea safety valve, lets hope not, and if they are lucky it is just the gas from above the SSSV bleeding down to zero pressure, but the next day or 2 will tell.
  3. Doom Doom We are all going to die
  4. 25/03/2012 Rangers 3 Celtic 2 game won by a Rangers team that outclassed a typically petulant Celtic if you can't win fair and square then put the boot in and have the manager scream abuse at the officials. Well done to lenon for his latest sending off, proving yet again the man is nothing more than a lout.
  5. Nae bother getting tickets, maybe every big act coming up here should avoid informing Shetlands arts.
  6. Lets get things in perspective here Shetland received £81 million in disturbance payments from the oil industry, less than they are willing to spend drilling 1 well, not a great deal when we hear of profits and tax revenue from the oil round our shores in the £billions. Yes the council have squandered a great deal but they have yet to use the money to invade Orkney so morally if no other reason the money should come here.
  7. If a group of teens or anyone else for that matter was acting aggressive to anyone I would hope you like me would offended, but on the whole if they are just throwing out some childish names then I know my wife like me would walk on and regret the society created by a bunch of liberal lefty apologists that prevents me from giving them a good clip round the ear for their cheek. The same liberal lefty apologists that are advocating banning the golliwog. There are laws in place to protect everyone equally from abuse and harm, when the law starts to differentiate between what type of harm can be done to what "type of person" as you good folks advocate then we really. are up turd creek. pps the only requirement in the quran is for a woman to were loose fitting clothes to obscure the contours of her body and to cover her hair, no mention of covering her face.
  8. Ah those subsidies payed out by countries where the fuel price is kept artificially low. Not something we in the UK need worry about then. In the UK there are tax breaks but these tax breaks are there for any company not just the evil oil giants. If you spend x amount on infrastructure then that is x amount you won't pay tax on, the main break for the oil companies is they can set aside monies against tax for decommissioning.
  9. Any where jewellery is a safety hazard a turban would be an equal hazard. I know a few Sikhs and none were a turban yet all consider themselves to be practising their faith, go figure I will have to let them know they are wrong. My recollection is the woman was told to remove the cross because some folk would find it offensive, not because it was a trinket, and being a person that spends a lot of time in airports I have noticed a lot of the women working in airports wear trinkets so I can only conclude that it was the form of the particular trinket that was at fault. And if I also recollect correctly it is a duty of all Christians to spread the gospel this being so the display of a crucifix would seem to satisfy this obligation, while remaining in employment by not harassing everyone you meet at work with "have you heard the good news?" But this is all by the by, If you are black and find the golliwog offensive then I can only recommend you grow a thicker skin because life will throw a lot worse at you than a golliwog (even if it is filled with rocks), so if you want to survive, thrive and be happy toughen up. If you are white and find the golliwog offensive then my advice to you is STOP BEING A PATRONISING TWAT
  10. you keep harping on about subsidies payed out for oil and gas but if this were the case then surely a savy politician would cut the fuel duty and the subsidy then they would be the hero and the oil companies would be the evil bogey men you seem to think, when fuel prices remained high.
  11. my point being that all religion is a matter of choice so choosing to be a Sikh or whatever is just that a choice, so they choose to were the turban just like the lady chose to wear the cross, to display to the world their choice of religion. So why is the white christian made to remove her symbol of choice?
  12. As the whole religion thing could be said to be a matter of personal choice then your argument does not hold water
  13. Don't let it get to you, you may have chosen the wrong target but you've done it for the right reasons. Ignore the stories here of 'accecptable' casual racism or the 'lack of minorities in Shetland' defence or only minorities can truely speak for minorities or you have no business telling people what is right and wrong. When it comes to prejudice some people need to be told why its an important point, thats because some people are idiots. on me wye tae Israel so guess I'll likly fin oot how accepting of incomers da fine folk dere are
  14. I think the Noost might be able to help if not try J W Grays
  15. If everybody that fills their tank also buys £100 worth of groceries they still wont break even. So ass stop yer pleepsin an let him get on with it. Some folks are going to fill up and buy a mars bar or less so they will make a big loss while highlighting the cost of fuel up here maybe even on a national stage. Good luck to them, with the things folk find to pick on they will need it.
  16. glad we agree on one thing but it was you and those that agree with your patronising attitude that took it there.
  17. The dairy invested a lot of money in a new packaging plant last year, yes there has been some teething problems, but they have been working very hard to overcome these. As is with most things some folks will never be pleased and some others will put anything down because it is Shetland. Me I will continue to buy and support local and try to keep as much money in the local economy for the good of everyone that lives in Shetland. By doing so I will reduce product miles from producer to consumer and reduce my carbon footprint so maybe even AT might be happy with that, but I doubt it.
  18. the only way that a gollywog is offensive is if you removed the stuffing and replaced it with sand and beat a coloured person with it. anything else is as has been said before is just folks that want to find offence in anything. GET A LIFE
  19. You are forgetting the number of times that the UK has intervened when regions around the world have wanted to break away from their respective countries without the say so of the ruling government, It would make their position in the international courts untenable if they were to deny us that right if we so wished.
  20. Ah how wrong you are AT history shows time and time again that the majority do decide it is called democracy (and when that does not work WAR), or do you not believe in democracy, burning books is not far off if you get your way
  21. ^ just how would the waters be Scottish or UK if we were to go it alone it is after all as Grofaz continually asserts a matter of geography.
  22. @AT so what you are saying is we should hire an idiot because she is black and that will sort out all the evils of capitalism.
  23. first we ban certain words, then we ban words put together in a certain way, then we ban books, how very enlightened of you folks. fact is why should anyone dictate what is offensive or not, just grow a thicker skin, get a grip toughen up. As we were all told as bairns sticks and stones will break your bones but mere words will never hurt you. At the same time as we are being told we are racist we are also being told we are backward, now who is being offensive?
  24. If some of you that are pleepsing on here about the blatant racism in Shetland lived or even visited somewhere where there is actual racism your views might be changed somewhat. As a good friend said recently just how condescending are you that you believe that a doll can cause grief and offence to black folks, just how stupid do you think they are?
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