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  1. you don't have to sell something they take away in a box you could be selling them a Shetland experience and charging a lot of money for it and the only baggage is a memory and fotos, people will pay a lot for this if it is packaged right, and I do have quite a bit of experience here by paying a lot to visit and 'immerse' myself in many diverse cultures, (one thing I noticed was no matter where I was on the planet if a cruise ship turned up I had probably seen it in Lerwick and we did not have a scooby when it comes to parting them from their money compared to the locals wherever I happened to be) and at the end of the day what the heck is the point of tourists if you don't part them from their cash. if your tourist business needs subsidy then guess what you should not be in the tourist business.
  2. One thing that could be done to part the passengers from their money would be a money exchange at the pier when the boat docks that does not charge an extortionate rate of commission and will change any money they may have left ate the same rate when they return to the ship. this would encourage spending among the passengers as they are more likely to change money if they are not worried about getting stuck with a few pounds they haven't spent. you would be surprised at how frugal these rich old codgers can be.
  3. would that be the official line from 'grofaz' (look it up) the the great visionary and banker fat eck. Or just more scaremongering crap from youtube. Funny how the same folks that were in cnd and other such leftwing airy fairy clubs are now the ones greeting about global warming. FACT the ones that are going to be most affected by all these dumb shortsighted waste of time policies are the well off western nations. It is just another attempt to get us all eating grass as we sit around singing the red flag in perfect socialist harmony.
  4. If your letter writing is anything like your posts on here most of them are still scratching their heads wondering WTF you are on about, the rest are waiting for Derick Herning to get back to them with a translation.
  5. this fae along serving postie 'bang upo da door till 6am monday' an dae will surely answer'
  6. only if du's a drama queen and worried about the sky falling on your head aswell. For da luv o god get a life and a job. Maybe if we had less humans on the planet especially the unproductive drains on society that use up resources without putting anything back then there wouldn't be any need for the lobal warming scare mongering that you preach. Now I am off to catch another jet plame on my round da world jolly
  7. man da Kiwi's really go out of their way to make wis feel at hom dir even laid on a gale specially for wis http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/top-stories/13070473/batten-down-the-hatches-says-civil-defence/
  8. for da luv o god don't get him tae elaborate if du tinks his last post wis confusin
  9. I currently drive a 4x4 and it uses less fuel than the 2 wheel drive van it replaced yet I have to pay £500/year road tax for the privilege of driving this gas guzzler. The build Quality of the 4x4 is far superior to the old van and it will undoubtedly last many years longer than the old van ever will. yet another crazy law brought to us all in the name of saving the planet
  10. Dratsy

    Mareel Gigs

    just how the hell do you figure that out when the clickimin holds more folk. or are you really saying that a good pa desk would have fitted the bill more. half the capacity means double the ticket price and more folks being disappointed "bloody genius"
  11. speaking from experience it costs 65p to process a card payment and on the small margins that the corner/local shops operate that can be all the profit from the sale gone. get on to the banks if you have a problem with the charges it is them that imposes them in the first place, the retailer is just passing on the cost of doing business. As for bolts not charging just look at the rent they charge for a unit then tell me they are not profiteering. if you are in a country store and it has a post office withdraw money from the post office for free and pay cash, if you are in the town withdraw money from a cash machine and pay cash simple really
  12. yep lets get tesco in then all the independent retailers will go tits up and then you will expensive tesco fuel and all profits heading out the sooth mooth what a brilliant idea just how did we ever survive before genius like that moved to the isles
  13. i thought di prefrence ran tae thick creamy ness milk noo adays
  14. I got Shetland records for £7 last year. Shetland carrots cheaper than sooth carrots, and like you said tasty. As a small holder/crofter try growing some different veggies yourself, see how you get on, in a good summer everything will be fine but in a bad summer well. If you need to make a living from what you grow, tried and trusted crops is the only way. get a hold of some old pipe from salmon cages some round fence posts and some polythene and make yourself a polly tunnel, dont apply for a grant get on with it and then let aabody know how you get on
  15. so those leaking problems have been sorted since I last bought a milk fae the checkout on Sunday? The shelf life problems have more to do with stock rotation, deliveries and storage (dairy, grocer & customer) A pint of milk if stored correctly should last up to 1 week after opening. but if you buy Shetland milk from the coop it's often got the next day's date on it. I've known places discover they've received short-dated products in error, but this being Shetland not complained. I am glad that we don't have to have that double pasteurised stuff any more, and shetland milk works okay in a mug o tea but I wouldna choose to have it as a glass of milk The missus reckons it could be some folks sour faces that is turning the milk, she may be right needless to say you will get the occasional leak but having handled more milk than most folks I stand by the statement, If the shop checks the cartons on delivery as they should then any problems will be discovered before the customer gets anywhere near the milk, as for short dates that too is down to poor stock rotation by the retailer not the dairies fault, take the milk back to the shop where purchased and let them know they will by law replace any product that is not up to standard. It is criminal that local milk gets poured over the field as fertiliser when milk gets imported fae sooth
  16. don't know about dat as Ive pooped mesel sneezing(while overseas and suffering fae deli beli) and da missus just informed me dat shu's pished hersel sneezing, both bodily functions?
  17. my ancestors didn't claw their way to the top of the food chain just for me to become a vegie
  18. Dratsy


    ? £13million turnover over 26 years is hardly a very successful company, minimum wage is hardly decent employment, at the same time as we financed their new factory the owners purchased property abroad and at home, if they could afford said properties what the hell were they needing our money for....Got it so far?
  19. maybe we could get Harold Shipman up on day release to help ease some of the problems
  20. But surely extra business and extra work equates to additional profits and it may well have been the case that the Managing Director owned ordinary and/or preference shares thereby gaining personally on share dividend payments? Yes, but what I don't understand is that the MD's of Catch took a much bigger risk than the individual skippers, by making the entire fraud possible, but presumably didn't personally gain anything like individual skippers did? Will this be a case of 'if you don't buy my black fish I'll sell them, plus my quota, elsewhere'? I can't fathom out if Shetland Catch were the perpetrators of the whole scam, or if the factory were effectively held to ransom by the whole black fish culture - over to the court to find out I suppose. I would imagine the facilitators in the factory received a few brown envelopes passed under the table for their trouble... if you know what I mean. That sounds very much like a direct accusation of criminal activity there arabia, would you care to back that up with some proof like maybe a few links to your favourite interweb site for such things. lets hope no one from the factory reads this and decides to call you on it
  21. when the new packaging plant was installed there were a few problems with leaks etc, but to be honest these have been sorted. The shelf life issues have been sorted also. If you buy your milk fae sooth then there will be less money to invest in solutions to any problems faced by the dairy in future then there will be no dairy, so bye bye all the dairy cows in Shetland because without a dairy it would be impossible for these to carry on, that will take a lot of money out of rural Shetland and help cause a total collapse in the local economy. local tatties are sold by the sack also paulb and for less than sooth tatties by the sack so I don't understand that comment. Just what the heck is it with you folks that you can't get a grip on the idea that a small place like Shetland needs us all to muck in together and support each other, it may cost a little more for some things but in the end unless you want to live on CT subsidies which quite plainly some folks that move here seem to want to do, (and some that have been here all their days). bet you put your spare eggs out to the gate for folks to buy paulb, or any other excess you produce for that matter, how would it be if those around decide that it is cheaper at the co op or tesco than to buy your stuff. Shetland_boys wrote "I try butchers meat when i can." As none of the local butchers have come out of the closet maybe that is something you shouldn't post on here
  22. being a whore is in itself not illegal, only when you proposition them is a crime being committed, and there for any earnings by said whore are not the proceeds of crime
  23. yea dat wis an Ollaberry fellow
  24. Glad to hear that you're so much better off than the common man. Probably living in Lerwick and not appreciating the free hot water that you get, unlike the rest of society that live outside Lerwick and have to pay for it. no in da big smoke, yokel tru n tru
  25. £13k is not too much in the grand scheme of things for a domestic heating system, and the very fact that you are remote from other houses would increase the unit cost by several factors. And you are always pleepsin about "our money" being spent on lerwick and not on you, i could get if i could be assed find plenty of occasions where you have stated exactly that, but it 25deg C outside so heating district or otherwise is a mere trivia at the moment, now where is the factor 15
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