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  1. Hopefully they are selling better pegs than the "cyclone pegs" we get here..Give folk a break.. Live and let live.
  2. I am currently expecting twins.. Have been informed by my midwife that I am expected to attend a clinic in Aberdeen on a fortnightly basis for scans.. I am refusing to go........ Reasons being I have other children to look after and can't afford a fortnightly trip to Aberdeen on a regular basis and lack the transport to get to Sumburgh.. Especially early in the morning... I would also add it is ridiculous that us islanders have to fork out a fortune when attending Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for treatment. We may get free flights but we have to feed ourselves etc when we get there and it isn't cheap... Instead of focusing on ridiculous projects in Shetland maybe a new hospital with decent facilities should be a must. Especially maternity..
  3. Good luck to youz!! Have seen the Levellers a few times!! Going with my daughter who is 18 now.. When she was small used to love the Levellers!!
  4. (** MOD EDIT ** - Unsubstantiated rumours are not the place for Shetlink. If this was true I would trust that your neighbour went to the Citizens Advide Bureau and made it a point of theirs to have said items - Lava Lamp - removed from sale if defective) .. get that site working!! ..Get us in Tesco.. ASDA.. And give Shetland a choice.. Everywhere else has it.. Why not here?
  5. Free-range medium eggs in the Lerwick CO-OP cost around £1.69 until recently!! Now they have gone up to £2.15.. The Brae store has went one further and pushed the price up to £2.59!! Brae CO-OP is a law unto itself...And is getting away with daylight robbery.. They don't even stock any of their own and cheaper brands. And when they reduce stuff... you can laugh... Meat browner than brown.. a few pence cheaper.. a wilted loaf.. the same.. We are being robbed blind by the CO-OP and Somerfield... Bring in the Multi-Nationals... aka Tesco and Asda.... And when we shop we can at least get decent, cheap clothing too!!
  6. The Supermarket prices here in Shetland are getting carried away.. Only having the Co-OP and Somerfield ... which on the Mainland are two of the highest priced chains. It is about time we had an alternative... Does anyone think the same? [mod]Formatting removed[/mod]
  7. Had to laugh. On the front page of the Shetland Times this week at the bottom of the page... A very scary advert.. Chris Hodge.. Half price fireworks!! This fills me with dread... And was wondering if he is running his shuttle bus as an ambulance to and from the Gilbert Bain on the 5 November?? And after hospital treatment for the odd sparkler gone wrong.. Do you get a cheap breakfast in the morning?
  8. Hydro Electric were right in sacking this man. Animal cruelty ain't on. What he has done is awful and many animals have suffered at his hands. To be honest.. I couldn't think of a better scenario than going into the Hydro and throwing Shetland pony manure over him!! Luckily he has left and will be lucky to be employed anywhere... His best prospects maybe the abbatoir... At least they are dead.. and not nearly!!
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