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  1. all schools closed today (tuesday) just been on the radio
  2. not been to frankies yet but i have heard it really good
  3. well as i said earlier i live in mossbank im not a weirdo nor am i tramp and the only turkey i have seen is the one i had on my table at xmas.
  4. hi i have lived in mossbank for 15 years and my kids have gone to school here which despite what you read on other threads here is a good school with nice pleasant kids and good teachers. mossbank on the whole doesnt deserve the reputation it has, it might have done once but i can assure you not any more, i wouldnt consider living in any other part of shetland we have a good bus service a youth club, out of school club and a creche.
  5. there used to be a baby change at the viking bus station
  6. i have lived in mossbank for over 13 years and this past couple of months its just got beyond a joke. not so long ago mossbank was a fairly quiet place to stay without too much trouble apart from the usual stuff you get anywhere but now its terrible and just seems to be getting worse
  7. when i was asked to make up a name it was the first thing that popped in my head
  8. would i have a boob job. hell yeah im 33 quite skinny but if mine ever started to face south and i had money to waste them id have them done
  9. i think its disgusting that people on this thread are discussing the fact that someone has lost a child that in my opinion is not something that should be talked about here, can you just imagine how he's going to feel if he reads this thread pretty gutted i would think.
  10. these bands at the mish are they any good cause im going and wondered if there any good
  11. Zidane game..... http://www.croqaudile.com/?article_id=15521
  12. jelly babies are soooooooooooooooo good
  13. happy birthday hope you have a good one
  14. it's a new day but our feelings havnt changed let's just hope he's home soon
  15. i too am ashamed and i really hope hes home where he belongs soon
  16. watched them all, i think its brilliant, though id never have the guts to go into the house im to chicken.
  17. Trout, that is absolutely hilarious! Funniest thing I've seen in ages! Here's a good one from the Chapelle show. Bit sweary, so best not open it at work folks [**Moderator edit - the following clip contains strong language and is not suitable for minors or those of a sensitive nature**] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkUmm2YeH7k&search=chapelle%20jackson should have a warning so kids dont look at this!!!!
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