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  1. You have to question the recruitment policies of these companies, 600 !!! I had no idea it was as many as that.
  2. Shetland Peat I have nothing against people not born in Shetland i am actually married to one funnily enough ! I dont read the daily mail , i prefer the Sunday Sport If you had contributed something worthwhile to the thread rather than links from old assault charges i wouldnt have asked the question. I am not in denial that there has been trouble in Shetland in the past, there always has been and probably always will be, all i am asking is that i would like to see more done to assist,protect, the locals and traveling workers equally so we can all live together harmoniously for the next couple of years. There always will be bits of trouble on both sides but its about trying to limit it as much as possible.
  3. So Shetlandpeat you spent a bit of time trawling through Shetnews and managed to make a list of assaults involving Shetland residents, so does this mean that you condone antisocial behaviour and violent crime because its been commited here in the past ?
  4. Yes, and coupled to the behaviour and conduct of some of the locals, it must be way to much for the local plod to cope with.. Get a grip man... It's just the old 'soothmoother' argument in a different skirt. Colin are you now reverting to going down as you call it the "Soothmoother" Route, even though it has never been mentioned on this thread, no one gives a damn where the people are from, they are concerned about thier conduct thats all. So what is the behaviour and conduct of the locals you are talking about ?
  5. So the problem is that there's people spending money in the pubs ? Obviously there will always be some muppets who will take it too far but that's just a game of odds , not as if the locals are any different or am I missing something ? Yes your missing something , the subject of the thread is about the behaviour and conduct of traveling workers while drinking in licence premises within our isles and the impact on the local community. It is nothing to do with the economic growth in Shetland due to the gas plant construction and Sullom Voe works whether its a boom time or not is completely irrelevant, the important thing to note is that the wider community is concerned with whats been going on, there is an issue there, so its no good trying to hide it. Better policing is needed, the companies should have more responsibility and be employing liason officers, the fact is that they are not doing enough at the moment and thats why we are at the current situation. Its was a typically obvious responce from the police of trying to play down the problem and to settle the minds of the public. But if Colin or anyone else believe's that there has been no criminal activity related to the traveling workers then im afraid they are mistaken.
  6. when the workers were here during the Sullom Voe terminal construction was there not a full consultation done on the impact to the local communities with such an influx of workers ? It seems that this whole project has been a case of desperation to get the contracts signed and little thought of the problems which might arise. Were the council to preoccupied with the potential income from the gas plant ? Where are the Community Liaison Officers that Total should be providing to assess and deal with any problems or trouble ?
  7. So it reached the front page of the times and now there is a facebook page dedicated to it, with two barges now here and the number of workers starting to increase are we set for a troublesome few years in our pubs at the weekend ? Is enough getting done about this problem by the companies employing the workers ? Should it not be the case that they are here to work, not booze in the local pubs and cause trouble, i thought they were working seven days a week ?
  8. Would it not have made sense to sell the tickets , starting on Saturday Morning to give folk that are working a chance, with 500 for sale at Mareel, 500 at Islesburgh and the rest allocated for online sale.
  9. Its still not working for me I dont know why they didnt just sell them locally , because the online system isnt reliable enough
  10. Did anyone else have problems buying tickets for the Kris Kristofferson gig ? First the online system wouldnt work then the system at islesburgh was very slow and next we hear its sold out ?
  11. I thought it was very good and Steven Robertson was excellent Cant wait to see the conclusion tonite,
  12. £60,000 a year , i would think might be a skippers wage , but a deckie wont be anywhere near that amount
  13. Try a country one , thier just as good and not so serious
  14. I wonder what you think the council can do to prevent such assaults, is it not a police matter? They have the power to put pressure on Total or whatever companies it is to do something about it , its a problem in our Isles , they govern our Isles and therefore they should be at the forefront of trying to sort it out , you cant just stand back and say its a police only matter because that gets nothing done. The police try their best but they have no control over these companies the council do, but seem happy to bend over and take it as long as there is £££££ involved.
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