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  1. Thanks for the info there ! Yes we will be in Lerwick > Can anyone please advise if its a good idea to get the sky box with us , that we have now to shetland or would sky generally provide the box free of cost with the package ? Again , Happy new year everyone ! Cheers
  2. Hi Folks , I am sure this question has been asked before . However I am new to shetland and was wondering which is the best provider for TV and Broadband - monthly cost and quality wise ? Thanks
  3. Dear Memebers , Apologies about capital text as I didnt even realise I was Doing that . Thank you for you answers even then
  4. Can anyone please advise if the three mobile network is available in Lerwick? I am soon moving and need this info asap Cheers [***Mod edit - fixed caps***]
  5. Hello Shetlanders , I am soon gonna be new to the place and can you please advise if Three mobile works in Shetland , specially Lerwick ? Any info will be much appreciated Thanks
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