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  1. In fairness to the festival again they DO continually change the format and the programme content pretty radically - and still it works!!!! Anidder big thumbs up!!
  2. Let's have a week long spree with a club scene for each music type and have rock bands at Clickimmin and Morrison quay with Mareel and a stage tent at the pier for the rest. The country halls would of course be heavily invoved as well. The Simmer Dim Music Week ? - This would be a big tourist attraction..! And wha's going to pay for that wan and take the HUGE financial risks (not to mention the organising time) that come wie anything of this nature - much smaller events included? I come back to my final point in the original post - on you go then!!!!
  3. Well whit will we read here next!!!! Somebody got oot o bed wie a gripey belly this morning and no mistake!!!! Thankfully it's just about all been said in reply and thank Christ things DO develop and move on and are not totally static or worse still pigeon holed into what somebody (usually a real minority - if not one person) terms 'folk' music or alternatively wants personally for themselves by way of musical entertainment. The very term 'folk music' should be self explanatory in itself and not simply a convenient and hugely restricted term as suggested here by the original poster. For
  4. March 2012 was still the currently aimed for opening date as confirmed at a stakeholders meeting that was held earlier this week. Not 100% certain by the sound of things though - but then whatever is I suppose.
  5. I've been asked a lot what Matt C did while in Shetland - apart from rehearse, sound-check and do the gigs of course..... Sat night we went to the Great Wall for a terrific meal and drinks after the show. It was generally still open to the public so some lucky folk got the chance to meet the man / band there and then everyone simply went home. Too much great food was consumed to carry on drinking if truth be told. Cheers to Alan and Natalie and all their brilliant staff for their wonderful hospitality. Let's be honest folks the Lounge after the shows was never really a realistic option und
  6. No worries on this. I'm happy to be open and accountable and perhaps make issues such as costs etc a bit clearer to everyone, who after all spend their / your money, buy the tickets and actually help make the gigs happen in the first instance - and hopefully more in the future. You guys are our customers - we're similar to a shop owner I suppose - so I'm happy to account for why you have to pay what you do for what you buy, and also help explain why some things that we'd all like to happen (such as a meet and greet session with the musicians) SOMETIMES can't happen for fairly good reasons.
  7. Thanks to you all and glad that clearly by far the bigger % seem more than happy with both the length o set and the ticket price. I'm absolutely certain he will be back when (inevitably I suspect) he will be an even bigger name than he is noo. I have a feeling he will be that kind of bloke - and the band already want to come back that's for sure. They were ALL really nice guys - as were his management and crew. So thanks again to all who made it a great weekend for everyone and yes rest assured I sincerely hope there will be more to come.
  8. I've certainly got the taste for doing more gigs aimed at younger audiences after this one. The audience, and especially his younger fans, were fantastic all weekend. Great fun to be around and to see them so enthusiastic about music.
  9. OH and thanks to Caroline and Peter at the Scalloway Hotel for the great, if somewhat hurried, leaving meal we had today.
  10. That is there's no chance of me being put off by anyone whinging. I like to think we genuinely NEVER set out to rip anyone off!!!
  11. Thanks for all the feedback folks and sorry if anyone felt they were short changed. As promoters we have no control whatsoever over the lenght of set or content - that's purely the artists and his managements domain. If he chooses to promote his new album and not fill his set with cover versions then that has to be his choice and priority. As several have pointed out this was indeed a Matt Cardle show to promote his new single and album and not an X Factor one. Shetland was only his second and third gigs ever with his new band who - before going on tour - only had one week to rehearse. Whe
  12. All tickets should arrive in good time. If not we have official lists of website purchased tickets on the door. So no worries hopefully.
  13. ALL tickets should have been despatched by now.
  14. For those looking on Shetlink for Matt Cardle Sunday night tickets they are not sold out for that night as yet - it's just the Saturday that's sold out. However it's true to say that there are not many tickets left for the Sunday either so better to buy ahead of the weekend if you want to be sure. Tickets are still in High Level Music and on Ticketmaster website.
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