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  1. according to Wills frequent diatribes and spiels in support of getting humps it seemed the main goal was to stop an occacional boy racer gluffin an occasional timid tourist
  2. ^ havent you noticed that thats council policy across the board for senior employees make up their minds ahead of time - trot out the same propaganda whenever an objection is raised regardless whether it comes from a member of the public or a councillor - and if that doesn't shut folk up just ignore/stonewall them and do it anyway
  3. how many of the 22 injury accidents in 14 years were the fault of a driver the fault of a pedestrian or the fault of the highway and associated facilities? how will these current every other town thats anything have some so we need them too so called improvements assist in reducing the accident statistics - primarily on account of the only time anybody ever managed to go faster than these measures will slow traffic to could only manage it when there was nothing else to hit? the stretch of road concerned almost certainly encompasses the highest ratio probably by some margin of traffic numbers/pedestrian numbers/pedestrian road crossers in shetland - iow its as congested as hell made doubly so by endless additions on silly little pointless kerbs and wavy pavements over the last 25 years a fact by default of which it is almost inevitably going to rank top of the accident table there is an equal an opposite argument that it is an issue caused not by speed carelessness etc but one caused by sheer volume and rather than lessen it the slowing down any contributor is only going to exacerbate it and measures to speed up pass through times should be employed instead to decrease the volume involved at any given moment in time then the increasing of response times by emergency vehicles to incidents due to they having to negotiate these obstacles and in the case of ambulances the potential to exacerbate an onboard patients condition is a whole other debate in itself as are the increases in pollution from vehicles taking longer to traverse the same distance and from more and harder acclelerations Ian_H would you care to confirm that the opinions you have offered above are your personal ones only and not simply a case of echoing the party line regardless of your personal pov on account of current/previous professional involvement in the project
  4. i have not witnessed these latest local government lego on the roads creations i have no plans to either - there was nothing on the street not even a cheap hooker to tempt me there last i checked and installing an automotive obstacle course to get there can only contribute to hell freezing over first before i bother looking again such a shame ex councillor wills no longer drives a renault 4 - shed have made him think he was riding a bucking bronco with their sponge suspension when doing no more than 5 mph over his pet creations they could have saved thermselves all the expense and hassle anyway as theyll have naturally occuring calming measures on most roads in a few years anyway - all they need to do is just continue not spending on maintenance and repair like theyve not spent the last few years - then when the potholes come just not repair them - they calm traffic just fine
  5. im getting deja vu again - does that make it deja vu deja vu
  6. who do you reckon we should vote for then the snp the despised voice left out in the cold talking to themselves at westminster labour the only slightly louder voice in the wilderness than the liberals the tories who are the wilderness ukip.... calamity........
  7. no change there then its always gone up never down regardless who has the helm
  8. thatll be the same then as corbyn giving everything to everybody for free and bankrupting the country or sturgeon bleeding the islands dry to fund her central belt shortbread bagpipes and buckfast utopia theyre all as bad as each other and will be as long as being a politician is considered a career instead of a vocation
  9. would the losers pay any attention to the outcome....they havent in the last twa
  10. probably 50/50 yes/no ".....where they will directly benefit local communities". going to be a fun one to define that the 50 that says yes will say viking will benefit the 50 who say no will say its harmful clear as mud and helps nothing
  11. wtf is up with people ive just seen an snp notable on facebook also getting totally confused as to how someone can be the political leader of a council when theyre not a member of a political party no wonder the country is in such a damn mess if political party members are labouring under the illusion theyre the only ones who can be real politicians political is the nature of the business a person is involved in not being signed up to one club or another sheesh....rant over
  12. Assume (and hope!) you are referring to the Northlink rather than the inter island ferries. Comparing the two is apples and oranges but far more people depend on travelling on the inter island routes daily. As you say, Northlink freight charges are more relevant economically than passenger fares. yup definitely two entirely different things
  13. i dont really get the lower ferry fares thing the vast majority of folk travelling are doing so for pleasure not necessity its a choice they make are freight charge reductions not far more important the cheaper it is to import and export the more bouyant the local economy is and the more money is about to keep wages up and pay for fares whatever their cost.
  14. ^ what was their westminster group needing an economic advisor for anyway - to figure out whether they could afford chocolate degestives or have to make do with plain ones its not like that group have a function, fifty odd against five hundred odd - it didn't win at the alamo and doesn't work in london either
  15. must be an echo in here, sure ive heard that line before oh yeah two years ago
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