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  1. Hi, I am looking to get the above work done to my house. I was looking for recommendations and contact information for good quality workmanship. Having never had this kind of work done before, it's a unfamiliar area to me. So any helpful information would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have been looking online for a 4-5 bedroom villa but having no luck. I was wondering if any other fellow Shetlinkers know of any villas? We are looked a 4-5 bedroom villa abroad from 28th June for 10-14 days. I would appreciate some advice or if anyone has any ideas. Thanks, Paul
  3. Gail gave me permission. Im sure itll be just fine. Unless you were planning on givin her prank calls
  4. 07747097163 PLease ring this number if you have any questions. This is Gail and she is the one who is organising it. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Im not sure 100% on the time but it is on the 21st of Nov. I think its 2.30 with Malcolm Younger. Should be great if we can get all the twins in. I think you are the 10th person to say they will come. Only 10 more to go. I have non identical lasses that are 5 months old.
  6. Hi, It has been organized with Malcolm Younger to do a group Christmas photo of all the twins that were born in the last 18 months. The photo will be advertised in the ii magazine. There were so many twins born lately it would be a great opportunity to get them all together for a picture. We all ready have 9 sets of twins that are going to be in the photo, let me know if there are any more parents of twins that are interested. Thanks,
  7. Sorry i dont think you understood my last post. The boyfriend wont get his claim only the patient.
  8. Im not 100% sure but i think it is up to £35 a day. Your boyfriend would have to pay for himself im affraid but you would get all the money back. You get a midwife to sign a piece of paper an then take it to the hospital an you will get all your money back on the same day. Does your midwife not have any of this info? You get a care package from your midwife before you leave with a list of b and b's an hotels you could stay at.
  9. I had my twins down in Aberdeen an i stayed there for 7 wks!!! It was horrible!! Some weeks there were really nice ppl who cleaned up after themselves then there was a few that would leave dirty cups an plates an never clean up after themselves. The management are unhelpful and the place is very grubby. I had no option but to stay there most of my 7 wks and my son who is 2 came down an stayed with me. There is a cot which we had to fix an i bought new bed clothes for it too. I really would not recommend staying there as it is stressful enough being away south having a baby and its much nicer being somewhere clean and relaxing. You say that it is a lot of money but you do get that money back as you are an islander. Aberdeen hospital pays for this. You can go into the general entrance which is where the main hospital used to be years ago an get your money back each wk as long as you have receipts from redcross. It really is a lovely place to stay while down in hosptal. Personally if you can avoid going the islands accomodation you should. There is a commity in shetland raising money for it now an refurbishment should be starting at the end of the year. Or so we're told.
  10. Recently back from Nigeria. Heading to London tonight to get my US visa to work in the Gulf of Mexico....... just hope there are a lot of port calls!!!!
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