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  1. I got a quote for £50k for it to be installed at the office. The nearest node to connect to is 1.1km away. Asked them for a breakdown to which they said they could not give me one. I asked them what the work entailed, they gave me a list of infrastructure they would have to install. I said to them why don't you just blow a fibre through the ducting to the BT box outside our building. Price went down to £947.00 The people who contact you to sell it have no clue what will be required to install it. The boys in the vans know where everything is and what is possible. That being said if there is no duct carrying fibre from the exchange past your house then they would have to run 4m of duct and if that is going alongside a road that won't be cheap to do. Not £973k though.
  2. Not sure why they need to dismantle it. When I changed out the works CCTV system I just changed the cameras to better cameras.
  3. Lot of where Putin was involved depends how much you believe in manipulating the voting population. Social media (unfortunately) plays a huge part in where people formulate their opinions and viewpoints. Russians amongst others can create popular social media accounts that appears British and spout "proper British attitudes" that buy into pre-existing opinions and bias. Look how many accounts popped up going on about how British veterans couldn't get a home yet someone who came from another country could. All largely stoness but it started to whip up anti immigration sentiments at a time we were having a vote about continuing to be in a union that promotes unity with others. Our own governments Russia report has been suppressed, I can only imagine because it isn't especially flattering about how much Russia was involved in our government between cash donations to down right manipulation. If you don't want to see it, you won't see it. If you wonder how this country became the xenophobic, backward thinking cesspool it is then you take more interest in what might have caused it.
  4. I agree but the depopulation of the isles that Cicero is alluding to is far more of an issue on the outer isles. If Cicero's son was to shift to empty social housing on Fetlar I'd have no issue with it. If Cicero's son jumped the queue and stopped a family member on the mainland who had lived there all their days from getting a house then basically that is wrong. Of course this would be far less of an issue if all the social housing stock hadn't been flogged years ago.
  5. Think we proved one thing at the last election. Boris convinced people to double down on brexit because folk were getting bored of it. Single biggest decision to effect this country in over a generation and folk voted for Boris because he said he would just get on with it. In years to come I know my bairn will ask how we allowed Boris Johnson and his corrupt band of pals to wreck this country and all I'll be able to say is because folk were getting bored of the debate as to whether or not it was a good idea and if we wanted to work for a better deal. We've become a nation of halfwits with the attention span of a mayfly. Everything that is happening to us now is because we have become easily manipulated. Nobody bothers to look into sod all anymore. But yeah brexit, great opportunity missed.
  6. To be honest the forum section of Shetlink has been dying on it's backside for years. Lack of new and vocal contributors is part of the issue. When you see the same people dominating the conversation all the time you get bored with a place. Shetlink needs more people, Christ knows how you bring them in or bring old users back. If you don't like what Nullvoid has to say then you have two options. Firstly just don't respond to them and if that doesn't work for you then use the block function. Everyone has a right to an opinion but in some people you'll just never agree and there is nothing they can say or you can say to change each others mind. IRL you just wouldn't go near each other, can do the same here.
  7. That's confirmed cases, be plenty of folk that have had it and not died or suffered serious complications of it. The Chinese figures are probably closest to being correct and even they concede that they don't know exactly how many people have contracted it meaning their mortality rate is also higher than it should be.
  8. Still waiting on Boris Johnson being dead in a ditch, Mark Francois pointing at an exploding Britain and all the leave militia lynching MPs.
  9. Tell you what the wikipedia page says (clearly not written by a fan) that a man can try hard and fail but as long as he survives he can try and fail again.
  10. May's team ran the clock down, deliberately but I don't think it was to get the poor deal they got. The EU repeatedly warned us to get on with the negotiations but we pricked around and left it late in the day so get a deal that brexiteers couldn't stomach. Now we're sat in a situation where the brexiteers are trying to push through a no deal that remainers can't stomach and they've hamstrung the guy who finagled his way into the hot seat by removing what he believes is his big stick to beat the EU with. It's not a big stick though as anyone who even takes a passing interest in UK news can see that it's not an idea the country is 100% behind. I would have been interested to see what deal might have been negotiated if we'd had some hardline brexiteer in charge of the negotiations but even then I think the elephant in the room of the Irish border still wouldn't have been resolved to the UK's satisfaction. If I was writing a novel I doubt I could have come up with something as laughable as what has gone on.
  11. It did have one for long enough, it got wrecked by grumpy farts getting overly emotional about not getting parked where they wanted in tesco and young folk trying their best to appear on the page because it wound up the aforementioned grumpy farts. These pages are rarely fun but a prime example of the passive aggression that gets displayed on social media.
  12. Fifty-two percent voted to leave. That's definite, more people wanted out than wanted in. Of course, those that wanted to stay in have not yet stopped whinging while making statements that are in no way factual. That hasn't been a problem for the remoaners, though. It appears that they continue to make farcical claims. That suggests that they are either uninformed, misinformed or - they're liars, out to get what they want in any way or form. How democratic. Christ George if you're going to quote someone at least make it in context. I didn't say it wasn't a definite result I said the choice of brexit didn't have definite consequences, hence the crap deal we're getting just now.
  13. The question was very clear, simple and concise. You've taken a consequence of the vote that wasn't definite. Nobody at any point told me that I was voting for either Hard Brexit or Nothing changing at all I always understood that there would have to be a negotiation and by voting for brexit I was voting for a largely unknown future deal.
  14. No need for the photos Nigel, I'm from Shetland and also work in civil engineering, I know what good and bad hardstandings look like. As for the demolished building car parks of Kent without actually seeing them it doesn't really surprise me they are firm since you've got hundreds of tonnes of hard material smashed and rolled out to make a hard base. None of this makes cycle lanes any cheaper though.
  15. Your car park would need to be around 5-600m2 to allow 2 dozen cars to park and manoeuvre in and out of spaces. The depth of stone would be more advisable at 2-300mm or it won't last. Stone is about 2.3tonne per m3. The substrate in Shetland may have a lot of loose stone or even a lot of rock but the soil can also be quite peaty which isn't good for building on top of. You should really excavate off the topsoil and lay the stone in it's place. I've yet to see anyone have a good outcome dumping a heap of stone on top of unexcavated soil. That's all for a impromptu car park for a cycle lane like Bryan was describing you need to do the job properly which means no shortcuts on excavation, geotextiles,stone depth, bitmac or drainage.
  16. How did you arrive at less than £1000, if you reckon stone delivered is £35 a tonne and you'll need at least 600 tonnes of the stuff you're at £21k before you even put the digger bucket in the ground.
  17. It's amazing the positive vibes this shelter has already generated and will going forward Folks out for a wander get a shelter Alcoholics, smackheads and randy teens apparently get somewhere to do their activities Last but not least folk that like to complain about stuff have something to complain about.
  18. Just because the jury was selected doesn't mean certain media personalities (I use the term grudgingly as the swear filter won't let me outline my true feelings on Tommy Robinson) can't influence an outcome with aggressive "reporting".
  19. Maybe it's different where you come from but where I come from shooting someones animals is considered a little bit strange to put it mildly and I certainly wouldn't casually dismiss it or categorise it as no worse than keeping the rabbit population down.
  20. If I walk into the high court in London after blowing up the royal family and say I don't recognise the legitimacy of this court because I do not recognise this country after it left roman rule and only the state of Rome can try me for what I have done. Does that make their right to try me suddenly vanish because I questioned their legitimacy?
  21. Are you meeting my sarcasm with sarcasm or deadly seriousness, I'm unsure. If it's sarcasm you're good.
  22. I totally agree with the folk grumping, I mean that Outlander pish that is filmed in Fife. I've never, not once gone through a portal in time to the Jacobite revolution when in Fife, not bloody once. Now we're hip deep in yanks wanting us to take them back in time to get chatted up by some boy who still has all his teeth in a time when dental care was crap. God damn TV folk.
  23. I doubt Carmichael will stand at the next general election but that's not to say all the candidates that do will tick all the boxes on your virtue list. While I think he's gotten off with it (i'm not surprised) I still think the case wouldn't have been brought if he was sitting on a massive majority like he was after the previous election. He may be a liar but I still think he'd be a better representative for the isles than Danus Skene.
  24. Are they though? A large group of people buried that child in an area where they are apparently seeking refuge from, yet they went back there ... were there jet fighters above on the lookout for anyone about to blow them to bits? If you are absolutely petrified of chemical warfare, absolutely petrified of being killed, do you (and not just you, but many more) go back to bury a child? Or was that safety in numbers because I don't think safety in numbers applies against a chemical attack does it? Many have left their loved ones and those who have died because they daren't go back to whence they came so one can only assume that their love for their child outweighed any fear they might have. Just because people are saying close borders and don't take them in doesn't equate to not caring about them; after all, they are human beings. But where the hell are the UN? Is taking in practically the entire population of a country and letting them choose where they live really the answer? Refugees I've met in the past were grateful for any shelter but many of these (if the media reports are to be believed) seem to think that they have an entitlement to wander through Europe and choose where they live - it don't work like that. It does still apply that if you are a refugee and NOT an economic migrant that you claim it in the first EU country you land in - the Dublin Agreement hasn't been amended yet, has it? Greece is struggling to process people with the necessary paperwork but even then, as soon as some of them get it, they are allegedly hotfooting it to other countries within the EU ... yet they wouldn't have the refugee status by doing so. So out of the millions, there will be some with skills but all you have to do is look online at the history of the country, the type of jobs, the numbers of university, etc., to realise that there will not be millions of skilled workers. It's interesting to see how Germany has assigned to various geographic regions, and it looks like the bulk of them are going to rural country areas - cheap labour? If so, are those people also now being exploited? The whole thing is a mess, much of it being the West's doing. But we simply cannot agree to take in everyone; realistically we don't have the money, we don't have the infrastructure, and this is not the same as taking in refugees during WWII. So what would happen if all the borders were closed? Could the UN go into Syria (are they still even a member?) Or is that what the russians are gonna do, send in more given they are already there? Because if all the borders were closed, what would those people do then? Would they fight? Would they want to protect their country? Would IS and their allies be able to attack them all or could the UN protect them? Should the UN protect them? And whilst I find some comments abhorrent re the security risk and what if terrorists are slipping through with genuine refugees, at the same time it does seem somewhat strange that from the media reports there appears to be many more men than women. The thing is, this hasn't happened overnight - and it's been the typical "stick the kettle on, make a nice cuppa tea and it'll all blow over" attitude by many countries. I'm not sure if you've been living in an area affected by armed conflict so maybe you're talking from experience but most folk wouldn't have a clue how they'd react to having to a bury a child in those circumstances. To suggest it can't be that bad and do the really need to leave or are they in that much danger would make me think you like me wouldn't really know what to do until we were faced with the situation. I don't think I said anywhere that refugees should be allowed to wander freely through the EU. However, we as a country can and should be doing more. To sit with an I'm alright jack attitude it's miles away particularly with the chequered history Britain has in that area seems a bit hypocritical. We choose to fight across the border in Iraq but not in Syria when the cause would certainly seem to be more worthy. This whole issue is a gift to anyone wanting to leave the EU, the response so far has been chaotic. Cameron much as I don't like him has taken an attitude which makes sense if we can't take refugees from camps within the EU where they have been processed then take them from camps in or adjacent to Syria where they might have been processed cutting down on the work required by us to figure out who is who. As for those in the wind wandering through the EU now is the time to start doing stricter border checks, finding out who is and setting up processing and distribution properly but we'll have pressure put on us to take some of them too. What does seem apparent is we're not going to be able to put the majority of them back where they started. There are a lot of people genuinely fleeing conflict and what I hear more than anything else is the increasing roar of people trying to tie them in with folk who are shifting for economic reasons. Do we have to instantly assume that everyone therefore doesn't have a legitmate reason to come to the EU because some people don't. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but when folk (not necessarily you) hang their hat on not taking any because they might be coming for economic reasons it's just an excuse to do nothing.
  25. Well once you've had to leave your homeland because folk are wanting to blow the living crap out of it I don't think it's that unreasonable to have some say where you might want to live after it. Keeping tens of thousands of people in a camp is unfair on the country hosting the camp as they can't absorb that many people in short order. It's not beyond the realms of sensibility that neighbouring countries should help carry the burden. However, the real solution is to stop these people wanting to leave their own country. Dropping the odd bomb every now and then hasn't worked that well so far so maybe it's time to take stronger measures.
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