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  1. The families of 2 of the 3 young boys Leask abused have now moved away from the area, with one of them moving south, as the boys are all scared of meeting him once he is released. He will be out in about 3 years or so, before the youngest victim has even left primary school. Leask will then be free to start his life again wherever he wants as a young man in his early 20s. The long term effects of abuse of this kind is terrible. In this case the children weren't allowed to receive counselling until the trial had been so that it didn't affect their memories of events. That is truly appalling.
  2. ^^ Well said. What drives me insane is the amount of people who don't bother voting and then complain about the council and/or government - in my opinion, if you didn't bother to vote to elect them then you don't have a say in what they do. So go and vote (even if it is to spoil your paper) and stop moaning about it!
  3. ^^^ You're right. No consultation yet again. Also the proposals are no bigger than what we already have - the garrison theatre holds about 270 and the new cinema will hold 160, the music hall 350. Not a lot of difference there. I think the Arts Trust have the plans etc at their offices for folk to look at, and at the library.
  4. Anyone who smokes somerfield chocolate chip cookies and tinned mackerel in brine probably isn't capable of collecting their old rubbish...
  5. Do you really think this is a good idia. Wont it just clog things up? Come trow, Rasmie. Du cin do better is yun. Weel, hit micht clog tings up but da moaderators'll surely haad it gyaain tae da essy kert if hit becomes a problem. this will surely only work if people learn to quote properly Well we can only try LOL could be fun That's the spirit Better introduce another rule - you may not quote yourself from an immediately previous post, so this one's okay. No son, we're not there yet. Not a bad idea this. Can you buy a screen that's about 4 foot wide? Boredom seems popular the day....and I bet the Mods are cussing this thread already. Wow, what an incredible look! Canna wait to see it after about 40 posts!
  6. It was a really good week and there was definitely a generally happy air about the place and, according to all the councillors, it was a huge benefit to the community. Em.... how??? I know it was great for accommodation providers, but the shops didn't do any more business as everyone was on the piers and it hasn't increased the visitors numbers since. Also, the council are putting on a Hamefarin' in 2010 - this was because they were turned down for the Tall Ships 2009. I remember hearing a council official on the radio stating that the Hamefarin' would make up for not having the Tall Ships. Now, they are going to have the Hamefarin' one year and the Tall Ships the next. That's a lot of council money being spent on the "feel good factor". Its also a bit daft, as many ex-Shetlandars living long distances away will now make the decision between coming home in 2010 and coming home in 2011. I know I have one relative who had been considering the 2010 trip but is now coming in 2011 as it will be such a spectacle and they can't come from the other side of the world two year's running. Have the councillors just shot themselves in the foot with this one? Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to it being here again, but can we justify the money that will be spent on both these major events?
  7. Blooming 'eck!! 149!! I'm such a swot!!
  8. Sorry, it was the JAG, I just presumed everyone would think it was the best!!!
  9. Donald Anderson at Shetland Arts, tel. 743843
  10. The problem is that the Amenity Trust was given money to plant trees by a national newspaper but nothing to maintain the area, and they already have many other projects to fund from their budget. I believe they are going to put out a call for volunteers to help look after the trees so maybe you could help...?
  11. I was also a single person, born and brought up in Shetland and in constant full time employment from the age of 16 when I got pregnant. There was no question of the father being involved due to circumstances I won't discuss on a forum. I waited for 3 1/2 years to be housed, after my child was born. We had to share a small bedroom in a shared house for all that time. It meant that I couldn't even close the door at the end of a tough day and relax - we were together 24 hours a day except for when I was at work. In that time I wrote to the council repeatedly asking for the tenancy of every empty house I came across in the town - I had to stay in the town as I didn't drive and my work was in Lerwick (I continued to work and support my child when he was born and didn't claim any benefits) - and countless times I saw good decent family homes being given to single people, couples with no children and people off the boat. It is so demoralising. I even got to the stage of reading funeral notices to see if any council houses would be coming available!!! Thankfully I got somewhere (not from a funeral notice!) and I've been happy ever since! Stick in there Angel. I know its a soul-destroying process but hopefully you will get there. Just keep on at them.
  12. As far as the Garrison not reaching its potential (IE: not filling out), did you go see the latest set of films? The place was FULL (I went to see Happy Feet and Casino Royal was seen by my folks). I happened to get the 3rd last ticket for happy feet. Food for thought, my 'friend'. Well said Wheesht. Actually, JA, these were not the latest films. These were here in January. There has been a February film weekend which I attended and the place was only about 1/3 full. According to the staff there it had been the same or worse all weekend, apart from the bairns' animation "Flushed Away" which was busier. I think the reason it was busy in January was because it was the new Bond film and the hit animation with loads of merchandising which the bairns would all have pestered their parents into buying. Not so last weekend. Just some really good films without the hype of Bond and Happy Feet, and some very poor attendances. And only a forthnight after the last lot of films so maybe a bit of apathy thrown in for good measure?
  13. Is it not a crime to get the kangaroo drunk then???
  14. Insurance?? I'm amazed that it's possible to insure the procession. I presumed that in a lovely old-fashioned way every guizer had a du-TY to take responsibility for his own safety. The halls have to have insurance for the guests in them and each hall has a maximum number. Perhaps that's what was meant here, as I'm not aware of the procession being insured.
  15. I have been going to this hall for years and I would like to point out that it is not the hostesses who decide that the floor should be covered. It is the council as it is a gym hall, not a dance hall, and so the floor needs to be protected from heels, bottle tops and anything else that might damage it. As far as the "no stilletos" bit goes - that has been printed on the tickets for years and this year the hostesses made it even clearer by printing "strictly flat or wedge heels only" on the ticket. Maybe your wife should have read this. The hostesses spent all night getting "tirades of abuse" from guests who failed to read their tickets, or thought they could get away with it, and that they had the right to wear their bonny high shoes. Also there was a number of guests who came in wearing flat shoes and had their high heels hid in their handbags, so the hostesses spent all night getting hassle from guests when asked to change their shoes back again. Once again, this was not the hostesses rule and I'm sure they'd be more than happy not to have to spend 11 hours watching people's feet to make sure they're not damaging the floor. If the hall is damaged they won't be allowed the use of it again. So what happens then to all the people who do obey the rules and are there for a good night?
  16. Flower of Scotland is absolutely perfect if it is played at the right speed and not like a funeral dirge. Its supposed to be rousing, not putting you to sleep!
  17. I've spoken to an ex-shop keeper (Toll Clock) who didn't see ONE customer during the whole of the Tall Ships, but still had staff and overheads to pay. It's a myth that anyone having a shop automatically makes loads of money - sits back and the money rolls in. That's probably why he's an EX-shop keeper!
  18. What? No pub benefits from the Folk Festival, Blues Festival, concerts in Clickimin orwherever, people going to other pubs before the North Star or Posers - please!!!! Sorry totally disagree and I have been there many times. Take just two instances - Proclaimers and Steve Earle. Sure I only went to the Lounge (and took them all with me I hasten to add) but both bars were full to overfolowing and those were on week nights. And there are instances of many smaller concerts having a similar effect. Not disagreeing but the fact is it was only shown here two weeks ago - still fine in my personal opinion. Hopefully not a problem seeing as everyone is airing their's in this context. I'm not disputing that there will, of course, be more people out in the pubs following a big-name gig or during a festival. But I'm not talking about these type of events. I'm talking about all the other ones which will be on the rest of the year. There is currently no surge of customers in the pub after a normal weeknight concert in the Garrison - I do not envisage this changing with the building of a new venue. Take the shows on at the Garrison last week. Three audiences of over 240 people each night. Did anyone notice a huge increase in the pub at 10pm those nights? No, you wouldn't have done, because the majority of the people got in their cars and drove away home. What makes you think building a new venue will increase the number of people using the pubs in the town? I just can't see it.
  19. There are NO theatrical plans. Apparently the Garrison will still hold the live drama and the new venue will do music and films. So there will be two buildings to operate, programme, staff and maintain. By the way, the report and minutes of the Services Committee on 16 March is on the council's website now but it doesn't have the full business plan attached. http://www.shetland.gov.uk/coins/commhtml/sub/4640.htm
  20. There's no reason why it should be a bumpy ride. Its a new law and has to be observed. Simple as that. I feel sorry for the bar staff who are going to have to put up with the idiots who light up - "you canna stop me haeing a fag". Smokers have had a long time to get used to the idea and prepare for tomorrow. I stopped last year after 19 years of smoking, because I realised I didn't want to spend all night standing outside the pub while my pals were sitting inside! I'm now an irritating anti-smoker who can't stand the smell and I can't wait to go for a drink from tomorrow and not have to put up with other people's fag reek!!!
  21. Hows about this for a scenario Monday - Film - 50 people - everybody spends £5 on food/drink - £250 Tuesday - Film and small music event - 150 people - average spend £5 - £750 Wednesday - Film - 100 people - average spend £5 - £500 Thusday - Film and a gig 150 people- average spend £8 - £1200 Friday - Film and a gig - 700 people - average spend £12 - £8,400 Saturday - Film and a gig - 700 peolpe - average spend £12 - £8,400 Sunday - Film and small gig - 100 people - average spend £5 - 500 Total income through food/drink - £20,000 which equals out at £2,857 per day. If you add on to that cafe takings through the day from passing trade (its going to be closest cafe to where I work) I don't think it is unreasonable to expect an average of £1400 to come in. The argument is how much of that is displacement from existing businesses and how much of it is 'new' trade. Hardly like for like - The Garrison tuck shop versus a cafe bar. Reality? I think the point here was the amount of money being spent per person, not where they were spending their money. EVERY customer would have to spend at least £5 EVERY time they visited the venue, which would have to be more than once a week to get the attendance figures you are expecting. Yet again, I will repeat myself, and say that people in Shetland don't have that amount of money to spend on social activities. Jobs are being lost all over the islands and not many new ones being created, therefore meaning less disposable income. While I agree there are a lot of very highly paid people here who can afford this entertainment, there are also an awful lot of less well off people who simply can't. Faced with the choice between household bills and a night at the films, I know which one I would have to chose. Its a question of reality, not just spending the money like water because you can. Think long term. I don't think the steering group are doing this.
  22. Shetlander, please, not a Sheltie. A Sheltie is a small collie type dog. A Shetlander is someone born in Shetland. Not a lot of difference in some cases, though.....!!
  23. I don't know where people get the idea that more people will use local pubs before and after an event. It doesn't happen at the moment. There is no sudden surge in pub numbers when a gig finishes or a concert ends. Why do you think it will be any different if the new venue is built? Also, to answer Davie G's point, it was arranged to show "Brokeback Mountain" (not "Breakback") in February. If you had attended any of the films in February (9th-12) you would have seen it being advertised on the screen before they started. The Oscars were on 5th March.
  24. I saw the best name in the world the other night when I was watching the swimming on the Commonwealth Games.... New Zealand boy called.... "Brent Newdick" Really!
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