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  1. Why do people who have not got a clue about the subject make stupid comments like that above. The game played on carpets in halls is totally different to that played in Clickimin. It is like comparing table tennis to the game of tennis played on a full sized court ? I would comment that the bowls hall has been or will be closed, not just for exams and Christmas, but for the Food Fair, the Wool Week start up, the Craft Fair, the Sports Awards, Up Helly Aa, Rich Hall performance etc. Regards going across the road to the outdoor green when the weather is fine, please refer to an earlier post I
  2. Sorry Ghostrider. It takes 4 hours to put the protective, wooden flooring down and 4 hours to take it back up again so both parties can't use it on the same day.
  3. Replying to those people who have posted asking why the bowlers do not use the outdoor bowling green during the winter, I would confirm the the SIC, who own the area, close it between the beginning of September and the beginning of May. The sensible reason for this is that, in September, it is re-seeded and the grass is allowed to grow and flourish which gives it the strength to survive the usage it gets during the summer, when it is played on virtually every day. Outdoor bowls can only be played on grass cut very short, as this allows the bowls to roll along the surface without having to use
  4. farmer


    The Lerwick Hotel serve non-residents. Not cheap but good quality and as much as you can eat.
  5. We have a group of friends in Shetland for Wool Week and they went to visit the Crofthouse Museum yesterday to be greeted with a sign saying it was closed ftom 1st October. You would have thought that common sense and would have prevailed and it would have stayed open for the many visitors around this week. I don't know about Sumburgh.
  6. Also had a meal at the Shetland Hotel recently. The food was excellent, as was the service from the waitress. The 2 low points were the disgusting attitude of the lady (who seemed to be in charge) when we apologised for being 15 minutes (unavoidably) late and the fact that a bottle of unordered and certainly unconsumed wine appeared on the bill. I hope the latter was just a human error.
  7. With all the cuts and complaints about the Council, I would like to heap praise for a change - at least on one group of employees. Having strolled through the Jubilee Flower Park on King Harald Street yesterday, it made me proud to see the spring flowers showing colour, all beautifully planted. In addition, the lawn edges are immaculately trimmed, the paths are weed free, the bowling green is nicely cut and there is hardly a weed to be seen anywhere in the park. It is a pity that more people do not venture into this "hidden" jewel in Lerwick and appreciate the work done by the few staff.
  8. Arrived in Shetland when the Brae Hotel looked awful on the exterior and I was told the inside was as bad, if not worse. I have avoided it ever since, even though improvements have obviously taken place. I happened to be in the Brae area last Sunday and decided to take the plunge and try their carvery lunch. Well what a shock. The interior is stunning, the service was excellent and the meal first class. I have to say that the beef was as good as anything I have tasted in Shetland. Unfortunately, the chef is moving to the Shetland Hotel but I would recommend the restaurant to anyone who
  9. For some obscure reason, I have never tried the restaurant at the Grand Hotel but, having seen some positive reports on this forum, I booked a table for a recent special occasion. I have to state that the food was excellent, with real value for money and the service was first class. The waitress (Lauren) was helpful efficient and pleasant. I would not hesitate to go there again.
  10. My partner and I had 2 "all day" breakfasts last Friday ( 1 vegetarian) and they were both excellent.....no complaints about the quantity, flavour or temperature. The service from the boss and a member of staff was first class. Unfortunately, the last few times I have been in, the place has been almost empty. I hope it survives.
  11. Neither of these establishments were open for Xmas 2011. I literally tried everywhere listed in the Sheland Directory and it was only the Chinese, Indian and Nepalese in Lerwick that were open for lunch. There was a B & B in Brae who advertised late that they were doing Xmas lunches but, by the time I phoned, they were fully booked. This fact surely says that there is a need and that restaurants are missing out by not opening, especially when they can probably set high prices to cover higher staff wages etc.
  12. Thanks for the help. Have now tried all the Lerwick hotels and Busta but they are all closed on Christmas Day. Will try the Chinese and Indian but not sure about chop suey with stuffing !
  13. Being fairly new to Shetland, can anyone tell me if there is anywhere that is open on Christmas and/or Boxing Day for lunch ?
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