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  1. You could also try the Clydesdale Bank. I had similar problems trying to insure my house. I even had one woman who asked if I was sure there was no bricks in my house and when I said no she asked house my house stayed up if there were no bricks in it!! Needless to say I just ended the call there and then.
  2. From someone who, unfortunately, has a great deal of contact with both my GP and hospital consultant along with various other members of staff at the hospital can I just say that I have never found them to be anything other than professional and very understanding. I moved to Shetland nearly 30 years ago but still have family in the central belt of Scotland and they cannot believe the standard of care I receive here compared to what they have. I have nothing but admiration and a great deal of gratitude for the medical profession in Shetland who do a good job despite some people doing nothing but moaning about them. Despite what some people think the majority of them are in the medical profession to help people even when those same people do nothing but slag them off! Perhaps it is time that people took a bit of responsibility for their own health thereby freeing up the doctors to concentrate on those of us who unfortunately genuinely need their care. If more folk had the common sense to realise that you do not need to see your GP for a cold, sore throat etc. etc. then there would be more appointments available for those who really need them and they would have the time to devote to patients in real need.
  3. Thanks Hectors House - missed that announcement.
  4. Hi, Anyone who has advertised anything on Shetlink Classified on Tuesday 21st May or Wednesday 22nd May should re-advertise as all the ads seem to have disappeared! Just went to check the items I put on last night and no sign of them. Pm's seem to have disappeared as well so might be worth re-sending
  5. I was working for the council at the time and was part of the clean up team. After what I witnessed I would never live in a static caravan. While some of the caravans were not in the best of condition some were relatively new. They had been secured but they were still destroyed - in some cases all that was left was the chassis and the toilet pan! I removed a mattress from the garden of a house just behind St Columbas church ( can't remember the name!) and the side of a van from a tree at the Kveldrso. It gave me a very healthy respect for Mother Nature. As MJ says the weather experienced here causes disasters elsewhere and until you have experienced it first hand it is difficult to imagine. I moved to Shetland in the late 80's and my definition of windy completely changed! When I visit family and they comment on a really windy day it's really just a light breeze!
  6. Hi, If you choose to travel to Aberdeen by boat you will have exclusive use of a cabin. Your partner will then only have to pay passage which will be cheaper than a hospital visitors flight. If you are unable to get accommodation in the island accommodation at the maternity unit there is the option of the Red Cross which provides reasonable rates for people who have friends or relatives in hospital. You may only have to stay a night or two before hospital accommodation becomes available which would help keep the costs down. In an ideal world where money was no object then fathers/ partners would have their costs met but it is not an ideal world.
  7. This is not the first time items such as these have appeared. I have already reported a similar ad a few weeks ago. I just used the contact tab
  8. No point in complaining on Shetlink - SIC councillor for transport is Allan Wishart and he was singing NorthLinks praises in the press last week so have a go at him, after all that is what you are paying him for - his contact details are: Phone: 01595 694224 Mobile: 07825088930 Email: allan.wishart@shetland.gov.uk I've already contacted both him and Tavish Scott
  9. Oops! Colin must have been posting at the same time as me!
  10. Before you are entitled to a large discount on your council house you have paid rent for years and maintained it in good condition. I agree that the council should be allowed to reinvest the money from the sale of properties into building more but that is the fault of the original legislation. By the time you have paid the council rent for 30 years you have contributed towards the initial cost of your property and it is reasonable to receive a discount because of that. Would you rather that the property was rented to a number of different tenants over that 30 year period some of whom would not maintain the property with the council having to pick up the costs of repairs before it could reallocated? It is a sad fact that not everyone who applies for a property will get one and, to get back to original point raised, you may have to widen your area choice. I'm sure a lot of people would like to be able to live close to their work but that is an unrealistic expectation - what size would Lerwick have to be to enable everyone who worked there to live there? Even people who are buying a property have to look at areas within their price range, and for many that means commuting to work. One of the most useful lessons my parents taught me is that you can't have everything you want. It might be time to have more realistic obtainable expectations.
  11. Some of the people in these groups get the 2 trips a year but not all. The free trips for young people are only until you are 19 and you do not have to be a student to qualify - all young people form the age of 15 ( I think) to 19 receive the two trips but if you are a student over the age of 19 you do not get any free trips. Students had their funding for travel they receive from SAAS cut last year and they are now being hit with an increase of 15%. Senior citizens and disabled passengers may qualify for the 2 trips but this does not include a vehicle which , depending upon their disability, may be a necessity rather than a luxury. My main point is that this is another example of price increase being brought in under the radar when we were assured that Serco were committed to improving the lifeline service! Unfortunately that improvement appears to be to their profit margins and not the service provided to islanders.
  12. Just thought I would share the interesting bit if news I heard today. Serco Northink have reduced the discount for Senior citizens, disabled passengers and students from 25% to 10%. Apparently there was an announcement but when I told them the only announcement I had seen was about the group travel the response was 'It's all part of the same thing!' I read the article in both The Shetland Times and The Shetland News and there was nothing mentioned about the reduction. So the first most people will be aware is when they book and discover the cost has gone up 15% Pretty sneaky!
  13. ... But would you say Shetlink was an '"abusive" site?
  14. The problem with employing permanent staff is that it will cost more in the long run. They will be contracted for a certain number of hours per week whether you need those hours covered or not. By using bank you are only in incurring costs for the shifts you need covered.
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