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  1. Someone should point out to them that, if they are applying their law as strictly as they normally do, it was the seven year old children who chose the name Mohammed for the bear, and it should therefore be the children who are subject to forty lashes and several months in jail
  2. We used to catch both swaarfish and brumplicks when I was young. The swaarfish is definitely the butterfish or gunnel, but I am not convinced about a brumplick being a three bearded rockling. The rockling as its name suggests has three little beards under its chin, and appears to be reddish with spots. The brumplicks we caught had only a single beard, and were olive green in colour without any spots. I formed the opinion they were probably eelpout, but it was difficult to be sure. However, the position may not be that simple. Thomas Edmondston seemed to reckon the Swaarfish and the Brumplic
  3. I spent 37 years working for the Met Office, finished up bossing the shift gang that operated the big computers that produced the National Forecasts, and my best pal Colin Fair was responsible for the design of most of the Radar Rainfall Network. I can confirm the idea of "sour grapes" is ludicrous - I know both Alan Gair and PAF very well, and they are are both intelligent and level headed individuals. What they have said is purely commonsense - adding Shetland on to the existing radar network would be mainly cosmetic, and would bring only a very small benefit to Shetland in terms of increase
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