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  1. Hello all and sorry for going off the radar! I have not been receiving email notifications of replies to this post! We are now living in Mossbank at Maidenfield and love it. The house is looking better everyday and is a great family home. The community is wonderful and I only wish we had moved here years ago!
  2. Hello all.... My family would love to have a dog and I was wondering where in Shetland we can get one? Is there a "rehoming shelter"? Or does anyone know of breeders expecting puppies? We would like a large dog with a soft personality. Any advice much appreciated.
  3. Thanks very much everyone. We have pretty much made our minds up to wait for Maidenfield and will just keep pressuring the SIC to get a move on. We will still take a look at house at Leaside as it pays to keep an open mind.
  4. I am posting a reply here in hope that some people are still checking this post. We have been offered and have accepted a house at Maidenfield. Problem is the SIC Housing department say it is in a mess, we can't view it for weeks and they cannot or will not give us a list of works to be carried out or give us any idea of when we can move in. They are being their usual turdty selves. They have told us that number 7 Leaside at Firth is available and our Maidenfield offer can be withdrawn and that offered instead. What is the house and area like? Can anyone tell me? We are going to see it on Thursday but I am keen to know the opinion of those in the community. Thanks
  5. Hi all... I am moving up to Mossbank soon and wondered if there are any beauty therapists up that way? If so who are they and how do I contact them? Thanks!
  6. Thanks very much. Been told it will be a while till its ready though as its in a hell of a state. Now I have the problem of getting my daughter to school till we can move in! That said though, I am extremely grateful that we at last have a home and am looking forward to being part of the Mossbank community
  7. Just been told we have been allocated a house at Maidenfield
  8. SIC housing allocations meant to be today....no news yet. Wish me luck! It's hellish waiting on the phone ringing!
  9. Hi there and many thanks for such a positive post. We have now been told by the council that we are "1st on the list" for Mossbank but I have to wait and be formally allocated....if they choose to allocate it to me! I thought that being first on a list was pretty secure but clearly the SIC has several definitions of 1st on list depending on who you talk to and what day of the week it is.....frustrating does not even come close. Based on all of the feedback above, I am keeping the faith that we get allocated the property which a few days ago they said would be ours if we wanted it. All we want is a permanent home in a decent area with a good school close at hand for our daughter and from what I have been told, Mossbank sounds like that kind of place.
  10. Many thanks for that MuckleJoannie....I shall email those contacts tomorrow!
  11. Many thanks for that MuckleJoannie....I shall email those contacts tomorrow!
  12. This is all very helpful Can anyone tell me what kind if activities go on at the public hall? Is Mossbank quite an active community?
  13. If I wanted to move and was offered Mossbank I would certainly not reject the offer without at least looking at the house. Thanks for that. We are going up at the weekend for a look. There seems to be so much negativity from people when I mention Mossbank so the only sensible thing to do is check the place out and make up my own mind. I do not have my drivers license yet which is a pain but once that is taken care of living out the way a bit shouldn't be much of an issue.
  14. Thanks for replying!!! And I left my gun at home so chill oot.... answer is Mossbank. Opposite the hall I have been told.
  15. Hello all.... We have been offered a house in Mossbank and I would like to ask anyone who lives there or has lived there for a bit of advice. Please note I am not interested in the opinions of those who do not or have never lived there! I am very aware that many people do not rate this village very highly so I am asking for honest opinions of people who live there. I would like to know what the school is like and does everyone there send their kids to Mossbank school or do some kids go to Brae for primary education? Also are there many activities for young people available up there? I would like to know if the people who read this are happy there and do they think that Mossbank is a good place to live. Many thanks.
  16. Hi all.... Can anyone please tell me how to find out about labouring and or construction work at the new gas plant or at the oil terminal? I have been searching online but am not having much luck getting what I need so far. Cheers
  17. Hi all... We currently live in Lerwick and our child is starting school in August. She is enrolled at Bells Brae. There is a good chance we may be moving to Bressay. I know there is a school there but that many folk there send their kids to school in Lerwick. I would like to hear the feedback of anyone living on Bressay as to which may be the best option for my child....a smaller school close to home or keep her enrolled in Lerwick? Any thoughts in helping me make my decision are appreciated!
  18. I realise this a very old thread now but can any of you provide contact details for the instructors mentioned? Thanks!
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