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  1. ^ that would have made a great album cover for the Poison popcorn album "Hellery" which I'm not sure if anyone knows about, but I can confirm the good news that it IS available on the bandcamp website, for the bargain price of only six pounds sterling. Or if you really have spent all your wages on sinning, follow John Robertson when he advises the purchase of his fave tune "Can't" from the wonderful album " Hellery"- which is by Poison Popcorn, by the way. And available on bandcamp for only six poonds.
  2. Muddy Bay and the Deep Sea Rollers will be performing at the Sandwick social club on Saturday night. Also they will be playing LIVE! at Mareel on sunday evening. Should be a whole lot of fun, if you like that sort of thing. The band features the distinctive talents of Arthur Nicholson, who sings and plays guitar; Max Tyler (the prince of darkness) on keyboards and mischief; Brian Nicholson gets to flex his chops on the basso profundo electronique, and demonstrate his awareness of the funky -get down. This will be combined with a devastating shirt, no doubt about it. Little Robbie Walterson fae oot Wast is hoping to entertain y'all with his-Mmmmm, so very tasty-guitar skills and brooding good looks. Keeping his beats FRESH! behind them all will be an idiot from Wales. Look out for ridiculous drum faces when he's aboot. Take it easy, Blues fans, and be sure to have a splendid time at the Festy.
  3. I'm currently listening to poison Popcorn's album "Hellery", available on bandcamp for only six pounds. It's a bit special.
  4. nice gig last night, lads. i would advise all lovers of groovy rock 'n' roll to get doon to the legion for a top session tonight.
  5. "if only..." Aw, shucks. I mean I'm flattered an' all- but I'm in a relationship right now, but may reconsider if we can have bagpipes at the kirk. It's ok to dream, though, darling.
  6. Kavi Ugl wrote: "I hear nothing about what you're going to do to keep Shetland alive.... " Well, I'm doing plenty. What is it exactly that you would like us all to be doing? Bagpipe patrol, perhaps?
  7. This is pie in the sky. Spain wants Gibraltar back. Britain does not want to give it back. Spain does not get Gibraltar back. The end. Norway does not want Shetland "back". Britain does not want to give it back. Norway does not get Shetland back. The end. Argentina wants the Falklands back.... etc. Kavi Ugl says: "we, as a community, are not prepared to stand up and do anything about it..." I think that the reason for this is simple: "the community" is happy with the way things are. I don't know many Shetlanders who are pining for the fjords.
  8. http://ninospirelli.blogspot.com/2006/03/spaghetti-con-seagull-and-piseli.html Here you go, George. Buonissino! ??????????
  9. I held a copy of Fred Irvine's book in my hands yesterday, and one of the cartoons said that when shetland was gifted to the uk by the danes, Foula was not included. Fascinating!
  10. Jeepers creepers I have just seen this woman and her band on the red button. Best thing I've seen in ages and ages. Have that Beyonce and Winehouse! Best rhythm section in the land I reckon.
  11. ...Hang on a mo..... ....let me check..... Hmmmm. Well, a little bit might be Lenny. I come to hengland in aaaaaahhhhhmmmmmmm. In a bowat. And now, a quick look at de weddar.....
  12. As i said , no slur on you crofter. My questions are the letters before the question marks.
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