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  1. Paid £144.9 on the road going north of Lerwick. Back in Aberdeen £138.9, so now only 6 p difference for Diesel. Last time we visited it was 20p difference. How long has it been around the £1.45 mark?
  2. We like the extreme ends, both Sumburgh and Hermaness and 1,000's of other places each unique !
  3. Where is your favourite place in Shetland and why?
  4. Great aurora photo, looking forward to seeing one myself soon
  5. Lets hope that Shetland Puffins were not in the large numbers of dead ones found in Aberdeenshire the other week
  6. Anyone know of a chimney sweep that could cover the south mainland.
  7. So no one in Shetland with a telescope?
  8. Who on here uses astronomy telescopes and do you use it for photography. What make etc do you have?
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