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  1. Hi, While I agree and do symapthise with you to a certain extent, your sitution is common to people all over the world. I'm sure there are many people who grew up in or around inner city london,edinburgh etc and would love to rent there but can't, for the very same reason you and your partner can't - workers and companies from outside are coming in and pushing the prices up way out of your range. Its not right but with the social/political system that is currently in place thats all we have. My partner and I have recently moved to shetland and while we would have liked to rent in Lerwick like yourself we have instead opted to move to the Westside of Mainland as I refuse to pay the prohibitive rents . Would or you be willing to move to a more rural area and if not would you, like many people in the UK and worldwide be will to migrate in order to improve your lot? Just my thoughts and by no means a criticism.
  2. Being a soon to be new addition to the Area I am wondering about driving to and from work - Lerwick to Sullom Voe.. Do the roads freeze up much in the winter and if they do what time do the council usually start gritting and do the any of the companies in the Sullom direction contribute or help out with the gritting to ensure the safe passage of workers? Do many people put on winter tyres? I have a VW transporter t4, would that be good in such weather or would i be better with a car or 4x4? thanks all
  3. yes, We have lived in remote northern Norway, NW Ireland, West Australian Desert.
  4. OK, before we really get off on the wrong foot.. I did not intend my posting to be 'snide' or otherwise misinterpreted. I was just trying to point out that an awful lot of people turn up here for the 'wrong' reasons and are ill prepared for the vastly different attitudes they will find. What seems to be an idyllic location at first can turn out be be a nightmare in the long term. Just think about it properly. Totally unnecessary comment... on several counts. Firstly you shouldn't patronise anybody by insinuating that we should be 'grateful' and are in some way 'backward' by arrogantly claiming that by coming to Shetland, 'highly skilled' people like you are doing us a favour when we already have a surprisingly large collection of well educated, highly skilled, talented and gifted individuals (we couldn't live here without them..) You just might have a talent or skill that is in short supply here but, that's another matter. Don't do any more research and take your chances. That's your shout so, best of luck and there was never any intention of laughing at you (or anybody else for that matter) if you failed... Lastly, lighten up a bit.. Lots of people here have tried to offer sound advice. Don't lose the head because some of it may not fit with your pre-concieved vision of how we should react. FWIW I to am an 'incomer'. Been here more than 35 years but, to some, I am still an incomer and when I arrived, I brought a talent and skill set that nobody on Shetland had. I didn't shout about it. Just got on with doing what I do.. Colin, Thanks for your reply and I'm sorry if i did take your comment as snide. And also I think you might have misunderstood my comment about the people of shetland being grateful that I am moving up.. I didnt mean that I am bringing some magical skill to the area but that my partner and i are moving to Shetland (to give it a go) rather than myself living in company accomodation thereby contributing to the local economy and community. I feel I have done my research reasonably well enough but am here t oglean as much info as possible. I may seem like I am disregarding peoples negative advice but I am the type of person who will think of a way around such advice and put a positive spin on it. thanks for your input
  5. Thanks Owre Wheel, I am well able to take criticism and totally welcome it, but just don't like when its given in a snide condescending way. I think I have done sufficient research but also feel i can always glean more "current" info from forums like this.
  6. Colin, I am neither" chasing a dream in an idyllic location" nor a "runaway". I am a highly skilled worker who has accepted a job on a 2 year contract who is opting to live outside company accomodation for the 2 years of my contract, bring my partner to shetland and contribute to the local community and economy and who knows, maybe even stay. You should be grateful that there are people like me coming to the shetlands. I won't come and do more research, I'll take my chances. When I fail I'll PM you so you can laugh
  7. thanks, Hopefully being a couple moving to the area long term we will seem attractive to landlords.
  8. thanks again for all the replies.. can anyone tell me if accomodation is impossible to find given all the work thats going on or is there always some but at a price? thanks Ger
  9. Thanks for all the replies everyone.. Whilst I appreciate that there are school closures coming i'm sure that there will always be a need for supply teachers, especially in an area where a teacher cannot just drive in from outside if the local supply is unavailable due to caring or other responsibilities which is all she is looking for. Thanks again
  10. we have lived in places as remote as anywhere on mainland shetland over the years so it wouldnt be a problem. I suppose it will all become clear once i get on the ground and see myself.
  11. We are planning on being near Lerwick. We visited at Easter and explored all the main isles and liked lerwick for its facilites and we also like burra... but all in all within about 20 mins of lerwick. thanks for your reply
  12. Hello everyone, Myself and my partner are moving to Shetland in late september. We are not big drinkers and don't fancy Lerwick pubs anyway. We are wondering if there is a supper club type thing on shetland - jsut a group of people who meet the odd time, make a bit of an effort to cook for one another and have a big of a laugh in the process.. If this exists could anyone point me in its direction and if it doesnt , would anyone be interested in becoming part of one? Cheers Ger
  13. Hi everyone, Myself and my partner are moving to Shetland in mid September and are planning on starting a family. This might sound stupid but do Shetlanders have their kids on Shetland or do they go to Scotland. Also, is there a list of clubs or social groups available anywhere. I/We are interested in meeting new people but following our visit to Lerwick we are not to gone on the pub scene there. I was thinking a supper club or something like that.. Any suggestions most welcome. My partner is a primary teacher and we were wondering if there was much call for supply teachers in the region. Any other tips and information is much appreciated. Ger
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