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  1. Real shock. RIP Tommy Burns
  2. Honky Tonk

    UEFA Cup Final

    Rangers fans bring more shame upon Scotland, rioting when a big screen breaks down, and stabbing a Zenit fan ffs!! These inbred freaks should be shot.
  3. Honky Tonk

    UEFA Cup Final

    For the best of scottish football? Is making Rangers richer really helping Scottish football? It's just helping the divide between the bigot brothers and the rest of Scottish football get bigger. I hope Zenit truely embarass Rangers and Scottish football tomorrow.
  4. I had £5 E/W on Comply or Die at 10/1, wish I put more on now ...like my mate, who had £40 on Comply or Die to WIN at 10/1!!!
  5. Mossbank have to be very strong contenders for the Works League this year.
  6. (** mod edit - new thread merged with existing "Post Offices" thread **) Post Office Closures - www.shetland-news.co.uk Good move. Another step towards cutting Yell off from the rest of us.
  7. (*** Mod - removed: Please respect the good nature of these forums and refrain from posting bad taste rubbish. At the very least you are kindly requested to label any video you post so that others can decide whether they wish to view it or not (F.) ***)
  8. Fantastic decision by the referee last night to disallow Noel Hunt's goal for Dundee Utd v St Mirren
  9. I didn't like BBC's excuse for showing the Huns game instead of Aberdeens - "we've shown 7 of Aberdeen's matches but only 4 Rangers games". Crock o' turd. Rangers were in the Champs League thus were getting all their games on ITV/Sky anyway. Rangers will go out to Panathanaikioioioios and play 1 up front and try nick a goal, I would hope Aberdeen go out to Munich and atleast try be a bit adventurous. Their home tie was a fantastic match and if they even score one out there it's some achievement!
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