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  1. Thanks! My profile shows the change - I'll turn on e-mail notifications and see if I hear anything to it! Were you able to remove the other attempts registration that was using that e-mail address? Cheers Morag
  2. I'm keen to see Shetlopedia back working again. I understand it was hacked and now it's going through an upgrade (presumably to ensure it isn't hacked again). I was just wondering if there was anything that we can do to help? If, for example, there is a lot of grunt work, going through all the wiki pages and sorting something out on each one, then getting some wiki-literate helpers may be welcomed. If, on the other hand, it's more technical, and plebs without the relevant skills will only slow things down, then maybe not. Anyway, offer is there, please tell us how we can help. I'm postin
  3. There's nothing in my junk folder. Some websites have a thing about hotmail addresses so I wondered if maybe this was one of them. I don't know who I contacted I just used the form to contact the admins. The form that is here:- http://www.shetlink.com/contact/ Where does that form send the message? Cheers Morag
  4. I have spent several days repeatedly alternating between requesting my activation key and contacting the administrators, and have received nothing, no e-mails from this webpage at all. Today I have registered again with my work address and it worked immediately, no issues what-so-ever. I'd prefer not to be use my work e-mail for this and use my personal address, but it would appear that hotmail addresses just don't work at all with this website. Is anyone aware of this as a known issue? Have any of the admins even seen the requests, and contacts via the form to the admins from my personal add
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