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  1. thanks to everyone for your replies i will have to wait and see for myself when i get there, when we visited it seemed to be a lovely place to bring up children and as said earlier i only started this post because of things ive read in this site. we our looking forward to moving to mossbank and becoming part of the community
  2. thankyou to everyone for your replys it is quie a mixed bag just to answer a question a couple of people have asked we are moving from the south coast of england, and i only started this post as we live in a very nice area with no crime, no drugs, no gangs of kids, etc etc so i just was making sure that where we are moving to was like that,
  3. hi i am not trying to stirr things up i am just trying to find out about mossbank as i dont wont to move my kids to a place that is bad as i have read on other threads that people call mossbank the ghetto
  4. we are moving to mossbank and i am very concerned about its reputation is it as bad as people say ? [mod]Title changed from "Is Mossbank as bad as its reputation?" to better reflect the topic 02/11/2009[/mod]
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