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  1. Fuel rip-off resumes as Scottish Fuels and Highland Fuels sneakily conspire to push up prices again See link http://maciverblog.co.uk/2013/02/19/fuel-rip-off-resumes-as-scottish-fuels-and-highland-fuels-sneakily-conspire-to-push-up-prices-again/
  2. The ‘jokes committee’ seem to have not quite thought all this through properly, which has had a very serious impact on all concerned. Laughing at other’s misfortune so publicly is simply ignorant and appears to have been designed to cause hurt (which it has). ‘It’s never too late to mend’
  3. In your opinion...BigLad Thankfully some speak some sense...this has boiled to surface again after being published in the Times. ‘No comment’...is often the guilty trying to avoid telling the facts...leading on to the truth. People start to wonder why the silly child like silence. The way they are behaving you’d think they were Free Mason’s.
  4. In my opinion you seem to be trying to hurt with above i.e. this isn’t our business so why publish it like this
  5. I’m hearing you; however a lot depends on the constitution that Lerwick Up Helly Aa has in place regarding all i.e. if not properly constituted (and legal) ‘the committee’ (and individual committee members) could find themselves in very hot water if challenged.
  6. If a banned guizer decides to turn-up in costume at the Hillhead on Up Helly Aa night who acting within the Law can actually stop him. Would the marshal’s try to pull him from the ranks? What could our constabulary actually do, besides keeping order? The Hillhead is a public place isn’t it, and a banned guizer could march at the end of the procession, couldn’t he? Also, I’ve witnessed Marshal’s trying before to remove guizers and failing!, ‘best not to cause a scene!’. I hope ****’s Jarl squad support him not forgetting who ultimately invited them into the squad to enjoy and take part in that special night i.e. remember the good and don’t dwell on bad. ****, if you are reading this, don’t get to down, have a year off and just quietly turn-up in 2015 with your squad and enjoy your night.
  7. I think you’re a bit of a ‘Pink Panther’ i.e. a bumbling detective?
  8. I am sorry, but this is rubbish, most people dont know they are on the bill until UHA morning. Whit makes him so special? Why are you making an issue of this? Surely **** would be wanting this whole mess to die down? After all its down to him that its been brought up again! As another ex-jarl stated in the paper, if **** had kept his head down and laughed it off then it would all be forgotten about. Its his OWN actions that have caused a stir. Indeed. I also wonder what smileyface is hoping to achieve with their postings. It just seems to be throwing about more negativity. Worse, the facts of the matter are being twisted in a most lamentable manner. My advice to smileyface would be to, at the very least, check on the veracity of matters they believe to be facts before posting. For example: This completely misrepresents what happened and gives the impression that the committee member was doing something nasty. My understanding is that they were both having a friendly yarn and dram at the time. The bill had, as usual, already been unveiled many hours earlier at the signing. Were I the committee member, I would be unimpressed by the negative spin smileyface has presented. EM, as you are recognised and respected Up Helly Aa enthusiast I’m guessing you are a wee bit saddened by this affair. In my opinion the 10 year ban is ridiculous and reeks of settling old grievances. I’d like to hear your view on the ban imposed on ****.
  9. This issue has the potential to open a very big can of worms. The members of the “jokes committee†had better ensure they have good Liability Insurance as *** may have a case against them as group or as individuals for any slanderous comment and/or communication that has been made about him. I’d recommend all parties involved apologize and over turn ****s ban.
  10. So are you telling me that car drivers don’t look at cars for sale when passing other town garages e.g. Station Garage, Jim’s Garage, Leask Motors, Sutherland’s Garage and M&R Gair
  11. Many businesses are closing every day up and down the country, as austerity grips the nation. The banking fiasco has still not finished, the UK credit rating has dropped and poor Ozzy (aka Geordie Osborne) does not know quite what to do next. To make matters worse the pound has dropped in value triggering pump prices to rise. Locally, however, businesses seem to be doing quite well and the job’s market seems to be fairly reasonable. Regrettably, a renowned local car dealership has closed after many years of trading. The dealership has been a tremendous asset offering a real ‘no frills’ experience when purchasing or selling your vehicle. Furthermore, no particular manufacturer was favoured and they were also prepared to dabble in other types of transport, including motorbikes, pick-ups, etc. Additionally, they even went further and ventured from time to time into caravans, trailers & jet skis (generally seasonal). In fact you could say that this business model just could not fail and may actually have been copied in part by others, offering the ‘no frills’ selling experience, some of these businesses are now global. The failure of LOCHSIDE MOTORS is a real reminder that even the most successful businesses can fail in an exceedingly dramatic way, i.e. trading on a Friday - closed by Monday. Finally, from what I can understand it appears that this forecourt will remain empty with no hope of a similar enterprise at this location for now. The area appears so barren now when you drive past without the colourful mix of the motor industry’s greater and lesser achievements on display. If anyone has thoughts regarding the sad loss of this valuable community asset and how it could re-emerge under a new guise I feel sure many would like to hear. Perhaps TESCO could be community spirited and set aside a dozen or so spaces in their car park.
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