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  1. So that would be a no then. Stop wasting everyones time rehashing the same old sharn.
  2. Check your facts. The Shetland public didn't pay for it.
  3. Wow is it time to repeat this drivel again? Already? Change the record this one has been done to death.
  4. Which garage was that in Bradford?
  5. Maybe Art Machine at Gremista?
  6. That is entirely true. Courses are, however, monitored and quality is important. If a course is certificated there are always the requirements for presenting that course. For instance the ProTools Audio Software course on the list is taught by ProTools qualified people trained and authorised to deliver the official ProTools course. Adult Education do require a decent amount of verifiable information on their tutors and on the courses delivered.
  7. But he is just a number, Not a free man That was number 6 - Number 7 if I recall correctly was the name of the mule the old trader had in the TV Series "Grizzly Adams". That said, I'm a major space geek (among my other geek factors) and to converse with like minded individuals would be enjoyable, but I'm not interested in a Science Fiction club.
  8. There's a fair bit more to it than that as you say. Most of the work is preparatory, and then someone can 'just push the button'. The digital showings can be pre-programmed including fading the lights, starting the trailers, cross fading to the feature etc. This is how multiplexes using digital technology can run 12+ screens with one projectionist and a bunch of cleaners. I'd have thought the lower staffing costs would be something that was welcomed.
  9. Okay wind up or not, I have to say the thing that made me laugh the most was Lapse's description of George's opinions being a bit "Stuart Hill". He's now made it into the dizzy realms of being an adjective! Nice one.
  10. YAWN! I think you are 89 pages late.
  11. You can also get them in Rod & Line in Harbour St.
  12. That wouldn't be Won Kee's by any chance would it? Four or five floors of abusive waiters, cramped tables and food that came from Chinese Heaven.
  13. Unless something dramatic has happened with the fuel tanks in the area, there already is. Two in fact, and an Indian, and a few pubs, all of whom will benifit from my patronage more than the do now I suspect (Or have I missed some rhetorical/comical reference?) Yes you did - a lot of movie houses in the South would run short commercials for local restaurants and taxi services as well as regular adverts and trailers. I particularly remember seeing an ad in the Dreamland Cinema in Margate - "Come to the Sonali Haati Tandoori Restaurant. Just 400 yards from this Cinema." The 70s style clipped radio announcer voice is hard to get out of your head and will no doubt be stuck there for another 30 years now.
  14. You'd give the job to someone who wasn't qualified/capable purely because they're local?
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