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  1. I don't post here often as I find Shetllink a very negative forum, so I am going to add a very positive response for these guys. Having just had a quote done by L&R Groundforce, we were firstly impressed that they showed up when we asked them. They involved us in all aspects of what they could do for us or suggest. OH was shown work that had been recently done, not scanned pictures actually driven to see the work they had done in it's finished state. We asked folk who had used them what they thought? Shock horror no complaints! We decided to go for it, they were there the very n
  2. Hi, there is one on in Brae at the hall on 28/11 at 6.30-9pm. Call 01806522475 to book a table.
  3. I attended a school in Oz which was in close proximity to a huge shopping complex. No students except seniors were allowed there at lunchtime unless they held a senior badge. The badge came with responsibility of being actively on at least 2 committees. It was seen as a privilege to leave the school grounds out with school hours. I am sure this could be introduced here?
  4. Roxy71

    tall ships

    Rather than moaning about them on here why don't you then? Believe me I will be writing to the committee about this and not just moaning as you suggest! We should be proud of our local craft people & "showcase" them as the programme suggested, not ousted to a pier at the back of beyond. In all I enjoyed the Tall Ships regardless of the poor weather.
  5. Roxy71

    tall ships

    My first Tall Ships so far so good! Weather is a bummer but hey ho. I would love to ask the amazing Fiona Dally and Co the following... If we want to promote Shetland & we all bang on about "Pride of Place" why the hell is the Shetland Craft Stalls not on Victoria Pier? Other locals I have spoken to in past days, didn't even know there are stalls on Alexandra Wharf! It's a sad day when locals are shafted to one side, in favour of Reindeer Skins, German Sausages, Olives etc.... Many local crafters only get to Showcase there wares at a few sizeable events, and work really hard in the lead up
  6. Matt to win! Rebecca nice voice, nice girl, just nice but very boring...yawn Cher don't even go there! One Direction - hopefully Mars!!
  7. Please be advised that due to weather conditions, the following bus services have been cancelled tonight: Friday 29 January 2010 18:45 Departing Scatness to Lerwick 19:50 Departing Sumburgh Airport to Lerwick 21:05 Departing Lerwick to Scalloway and Hamnavoe 22:30 Departing Lerwick to Sumburgh The buses departing from around 5pm will be leaving behind a gritter convoy.
  8. Next week I'm off to Aviemore/Carrbridge to see the Husky races for the 3rd time. Really excited as there should be plenty of snow on track, so hope to see them pulling sled rather than wheeled rigs.
  9. I do believe it was. i hope you can prove it.the mods will edit if you cant. Someone I know was at the meeting.
  10. I would have bought local but the two sinks I could afford I did not like them as much as the one at B&Q. I was impressed with B&Q they sent me a text 3 days before my delivery day and true to their word I got it that day. I did buy local for my worktop & flooring though.
  11. Maybe a touch on the harsh side. I was in along an Saturday and have to say I was a little disappointed by the number of stalls. I believe the Tingwall's Farmers market was also on at the same time, which would not have helped!! My wife was also there and thoroughly enjoyed the demonstrations and came back declaring it was the best £3 she has spent I was at the Tingwall farmer's market on Saturday, and I can assure you it was not threat to food festival at all. Infact poor numbers through the doors there too! The market dates were set at end of last year so they could not predict whe
  12. I have a Humax freeview hardrive recorder and when I retuned it asked for a password tried 1234 then it accepted 0000. I found channels in total mix up when retuned and some missing did retune 2 more times still no joy, so switched off at the mains power and hey presto all fixed! Hope this helps anyone else having bother.
  13. Just ordered a sink on phone from B&Q in Garthdee Aberdeen, they'll send it to the boat £10 charge for item of that size.
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