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  1. This lot (Wilson and Sons Contractors Ltd) have been letting themselves into people's houses and have been chased out of some places. As well as that they have been doing 'work' that has not been requested then charging for it. Criminals. Do not use them - they'll leave when the work stops.
  2. Cool, hopefully all fixed then. I'll keep an eye going.
  3. Anyone have any suggestions? I've posted a few adverts but haven't had any email notifications of when people PM me or leave questions on the adverts. I've check my account settings and the email address is correct, all the notifications boxes are ticked and I'm fairly sure it's all as it should be. Just isna working somehow!
  4. Yeah, it's a Talk Talk line that's down. Not interested in the broadband problems, yet (will fry one fish at a time). Having no land line in 2014 is remarkable. It's a pretty mature technology - surely it's not that hard to keep the line running? Are there any other providers that have been affected?
  5. Everyone is well aware of the on-going broadband issues that had resulted from the subsea cable being damaged but how many folk have lost their landline too? Anyone?
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