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  1. ENGLISH please instead of mumbling
  2. RFR I'm sorry but your just so ignorant if these fishermen keep fishing there will be no fish left anyway,what we need is more campaining to stop this mindless industry and save what we can...
  3. This Saddens me people just don't seem to care,a farmer from cunningsburgh told me the birds were so hungry he saw a gannet eating a dead sheep which had washed up on the foreshore surely this is not right time to act is now we need more protected areas NOW
  4. This forum is turning into a farse are people here really that ignorant?I want greater protection for our seas i think our enviroment deserves it come on and support Hughs fish fight people before its to late.
  5. Its vary important that we don't get caught up in tradition,culture or heritage the planet belongs to us all,its time for action and stop the actions of a greedy few, oh yes and i do live in THE SHETLANDS
  6. Glad to see that Crofter,It would be good to see more marine conservation sites in the shetlands,The area up around Mukle flugga would be good to protect as it has a large aray of wildlife,Just think more people from the fishing industry could get jobs in the tourist sector, that would help jobs in the local area making fishermen a good living rather than struggling at sea,
  7. SHOOGLER-how do you know the Mackrel stock is so healthy Mr Whittingstalls claim is backed up by scientific research if we don't do somthing i fear we will lose the thing that makes the Shetlands so valuable Its wildlife
  8. After seeing Hughs fish fight on the television you realised how fragile our sea is and as islanders i would hope most people on here would think the same,Cod is under real threat and with mackrel stocks at the brink of collapse i urge people to add there support for Hughs fish fight, What do the people on here think?
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