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  1. ^^ Nearly twice what I was getting as a fulltime delivery driver 2 years ago.
  2. I agree it's a great place. Just not sure that a grey structure of questionable aesthetic merit is one of it's highlights, personally.
  3. I'm hardly alone in this regard. Most people I've spoken to find the exterior of the building pretty bleak. I personally just think it's unfortunate as, otherwise, I've always been very much in favour of the project. I also hold similar views regarding the Scottish Parliament building, though doubtless the 'experts' would know more about these things than us plebs, yeah?
  4. Why? Not saying its a bad thing, but why the continued need to draw attention the isles?
  5. Mareel shortlisted for RIAS Awards 2013 Gareth Hoskins said “we’re thrilled that Mareel, having received so much positive feedback from its users, has now also been shortlisted for these prestigious awards and are delighted to have the opportunity to show the judges around.†There are many aspects of mareel I enjoy. I love that shetland has a great cinema with varied screenings, and I applaud the attempts by Shetland Arts to bring up a diverse (although in some cases commercially unviable) selections of acts to their impressive music venue. However, I think it takes a special type of spectator to conclude that, externally, this building is anything other than an eye-sore; an ill-conceived hulk that fails utterly to represent the quality of the facilities within.
  6. Or maybe Fear and Loathing of an Anus?
  7. Or maybe Fear and Loathing of an Anus?
  8. some might! But you're quite right - my bum tales are clearly not up to the literary standard of your space-sex epic. Nice chatting.
  9. To be honest it didn't really occur to me - I just sort of assumed that most gay men would want to consummate their union, if you will. I think I've already disclosed (and indeed demonstrated) my ignorance of the subject. My point, if indeed I really had one, was that this sort of thing should be open for discussion without being folk being labeled homophobic and immediately cast into the role of right-wing zealot. I expressed the opinion that gay anal sex was personally unappealing. I think I should be able to say this without offending those who feel otherwise, no?
  10. Well, I'd hardly say that. It's true, I crept the boards in my youth. But I never really had it in my blood, and that's what's so essential, isn't it, theatrical zeal in the veins. Alas I have little more than vintage wine and memories. It is the most shattering experience of a young man's life when one morning he awakes and quite reasonably says to himself "I will never play the Dane." When that moment comes, one's ambition ceases. Don't you agree?
  11. thanks for the tip (pun intended)
  12. Do forgive me- I appear to have voiced the massively extreme and right-wing opinion of not being into anal sex. Perhaps I should retreat to my box set of Last of The Summer wine.. but wait! they're all men too! Maybe I'm a repressed homosexual myself. Drat. To be honest I'm not really into female anal penetration, as I find the boring old conventional union of penis and vagina more pleasing for both parties (me and my missus), although I can only speak from personal experience. I suppose it comes down to who you fancy. Is it possible that I'd be more aroused by Brad Pitt's nethers than Widdicome's mouth? Possibly... but again I suspect I'd find them equally unpleasant. Can I just ask, why is it so surprising to you (and apparently a few others) that I personally find the idea of penetrating an anus (particularly a male one) so unappealing?
  13. Sorry, you've lost me there Gibber. Not really. The afterlife remains a mystery to me. I have no doubt that a man can love another man in this world and possibly beyond... As I said, personally it's the mechanics (anal intercourse, to be blunt) that I find a little unpleasant. I would assume that both parties are gay or Bi-sexual. Did I imply otherwise? As you have observed I'm obviously no expert. I think I was just expressing my own confusion on the topic and largely attributing this to the fact that we can't discuss it without the whole discussion descending into an emotive, polarized argument.
  14. @silvercloud - true enough, but surely there's a better way than the current system. I was more thinking for people that were so ill they had to actually be off work to be honest. Take your point regarding kids etc.
  15. I think we'd all agree that some people would do well to avoid rushing to their GP and cluttering up the hospitals unnecessarily with minor ailments that could be treated with a few paracetamol. However, I don't think that the eagerness of some people to rush to their GP is a new phenomenon. It doesn't explain why so many people are having difficulty with the current setup, especially in Lerwick. My concern lies with the folk at the other end of the spectrum - the elderly Shetland man, for example, who may be reluctant to go to the clinic and, when he finally gets around to it, he's told that there's no appointments for several days. I witnessed this myself when I was in for a blood test, I could see the old guy was in a bad way, but didn't want to be any bother. I just wonder what's wrong with the old system of coming in and simply waiting your turn?
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