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  1. I fan twa double endit widden, whit appeared ta be 'aircraft' style propeller bleds idda ebb years ago. I telld naebody, dey med fur owreweel firewid sic is dey wir. Fan a dead coo eence too, tocht me luck wis in, reddy sauted steaks ta tak hame an reest, bit dey didna smell fairly richt, so I left dem.
  2. I plead temporary insanity! Or maybe its permanent insanity. Jury is oot, I hear....
  3. ^ Mebbe dir heard da sang it begins 'Bonnie Isle, Shetland Isle.......' No shure whit wid grind me gears warst, locals imply dir just wan land mass, ur usin da wird 'island'. Dats English, Isle, pronounced 'Ile' is da Shetland version. Dat opens anodder can o' wirms tho, ta onybody wi Fair Isle connections 'Da Isle' is da Fair Isle, if you're fae Bigton/Scousburgh etc, 'Da Isle' is St Ninian's..... I hae no idea whit idder districts wid ken is 'Da Isle', so I'm not even going ta try an guess. Its all foo o' anomalies tho. 'Burra' or 'Burra Isle', very common usage, even Burra fok, di
  4. It dusna seem ta geen doon very weel whin we return da compliment tho... 'Da Englands', 'Da Scotlands, 'Da Britains'..... Dey look it you laek you hae a head foo o' duff mossy paets, an da hinmist een dey tink you're spaekin aboot a brand o' bairns toys.....
  5. It could be allowed, but there would be far less point to it. We, as an island and some reasonable distance from nearest land masses have extremely few people coming in by other entry points than recognised ports and airports. Anyplace not an island as remote as us, how many possible entry roads lead in to them, and even if the massive logistic exercise of covering them was done, there's still those who'd get in un-noticed via any tracks etc, or simply by skuttin in owre sumeens rigs.
  6. Hits owreweel if dey can spaek it kinda haf kirsen, bit waur is want if dey canna. Whin hits peewee instead o' peerie an bwuks instead o' bruks, an dey'll never better oot o' dat, fur da Ingleesh dey ken is nevir learned dem foo ta rowl r's, den best dey laeve hit alane fur hits dat'n ill ta ken. Dir Ingleesh is better understud, even be da laeks o' me it canna spaek it wirt ocht.
  7. Dis is whit ey happens whin you brag athin da hearin o' da wife. Im keepin richt oot o' it. Nae gud ever cam oot o' pruvin da wife rang, be it your ain een ur some idder boddy's een.
  8. I dunna think Im wantin ta say ocht upoa a subject dat da OP mentions idders halfs and castrated males athin it ee time.
  9. Depends on exactly what you're looking for in 'bulk' uploading. Facebook now pretty much permits multiple images to be uploaded as fast as your connection can handle them. There's also groups on there for specific local area photos as well as all Shetland wide photo groups, with browsable image libraries and search functions. eg. There's a Scalloway & Burra Photos one. I take your point though, a site specifically for the job would be better than doing the best you can with what a a somewhat eccentric billionaire yank has decided will maximise traffic/revenue on his site.
  10. ^ Correct me if I'm mistaken, but didn't all of those mandates exist when the last Scottish referendum was held, yet the public, when asked, voted against Scottish independence. Which would lead you to conclude that the public voted in those Scottish independence supporting MP's and MSP' not for their support of Scottish constitutional change, but for their other views/attributes. If so, what has changed to justify re-running the referendum and (presumably) expecting a different outcome. The MP/MSP benchmark for Scottish independence failed to produce the expected outcome in a refere
  11. Logistically giving everybody a say on every vote in government wouldn't be that difficult these days. Just about everything else can be done online, so there's little by way of obstacles to stop there being a voting site where all registered voters could log in and cast their vote on anything. After all the majority of folk bank online, apparently successfully, and somebody is far more likely to want to steal your money than your vote. The result though would be either chaos or anarchy, probably both, before the first week was up, for exactly the reasons you describe. To make d
  12. ^ Its not the only one. There are at least two similar stories fro the Ness that are still remembered. Both bridal parties, one belonging to Noss who went through ice on the Spiggie Loch, and another with Havra connections that did the same on the Vatster Loch at Bigton. Unlike the Turnbulls, who in their day were deemed 'important' enough for a written record to be left, those at the Ness appear to have just been 'ordinary' folk, so unless in local oral history they've pretty much vanished in to the mists of time. The 'problem' with some Shetland lochs and the ice on them is that so
  13. Anybody paying attention to what the oilys were up to at the time didn't buy it. OTOH the Nats kept on telling us Scotland could be a prosperous independent nation, without providing anything but soundbites to back it up. Had they produced, published and pushed an accurately costed and robust business plan to support their otherwise hollow rhetoric, they might just have won the independence they want. But, in true arrogant 'powers that be' condescending style of 'the little people couldn't possibly understand such complex things' they published and pushed something that was only going to
  14. Queen Nikki the Nat..... The Wicked Witch of the West is gonna have competition. Still, King Alec the Pill*ck would have been worse. So thats something......
  15. A left over from the days of Wednesday being a 'half day' for almost all toon businesses that's not gotten caught up with the 21st C. Friday night would be fine, get it more out of harms way for folk that have total disinterest in it all. Back in the day they probably thought having it any nearer the helly than midweek was chancing their luck, considering the stooshie it caused among the religious types. If they were like they were with it on the Tuesday night, when they had four days to pray and whatnot to quell the heathen demons invoked on the Tuesday, before their own holy d
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