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  1. Two very slim chances. 'Shetland Auctions', who are what the saleroom has evolved in to in the present have a Facebook page, it might be worth contacting them and see if they'd be willing to put a copy of the item details on a post of their page. Some of whats left of the regulars from the saleroom back in the day still keep up and check that page from time to time, it might ring a bell with somebody. Likewise, it might be worth asking Darren Odie who has the collectables shop at the boddam of Church Road, he would sometimes buy at the saleroom to sell on, and might remember it *if* it was something that passed through his hands.
  2. ^ Clearly I'm held in much lower esteem than that, seeing as they've totally ignored mine. I could feel deprived, discriminated against even......well almost, but not quite.
  3. Are these legit Shetlink emails? The fact that its continuing tends to loan itself more to spoof mail behaviour. Although, why anyone would want to hack a Shetlink account seems a bit odd in itself. I guess you must be such a popular guy, someone out there is so impressed they can't help but try and be you.
  4. Nope, I think I'm reasonably safe from hackers. I'm skint already, and in any case anyone who would want to try and pretend to be me would have to be totally insane.
  5. So, NHS Scotland has finally sent us a MRI Scanner, for a few days anyway...... Nice, for those waiting to use one I suppose. Hired from a private company though, an English private company......Hmmmm. Bet the having to go private and to England no less, hurt the feelings of the Scottish NHS and the SNP Government a whole lot more than signing the cheque of other people's money to pay for the hire will.
  6. Certainly the more local the issue, the better the quality of information and debate that can be had. Its the stuff where you have little knowledge of the issue, locality or who are or aren't the more reliable sources of info that thing get rapidly more murky. Classic example, the BLM 'riots' the other side of the pond a bit back, mainstream media was describing them as 'largely peaceful protests' at the same time as numerous photos of 'rioters' silhouetted against blazing vehicles and whole streets of smashed shop windows and looted shops were being posted on other sites. Ummmmm......... Either there were an awful lot of fake photos, or if that was mainstream media definition of 'largely peaceful', I'd not be keen to meet their definition of 'largely violent'.
  7. Losing them, don't think so, or not quite yet anyway. Being too 'lazy' to bother with processing it, for many, it would appear so. After all, we've long been conditioned to 'want' instant gratification. Why bake a cake when you can buy one something similar ready to go off a supermarket shelf for probably less than the actual raw ingredient and baking costs of a DIY one. If Google can present you with an opinion you are able to live with for free, no point in wasting the time and energy yourself when someone else has already done it. Its a little insane for sure, but I think most people who do it, do so without really realising its happening. In a way its no surprise though, given that for at least half a century traditional media has spent up to five times longer telling its audience what their opinion should be of the news than they have on telling the news itself. There are still those who prefer to think for themselves yet though, but the problem there is definitely a form of information overload. When you're faced with the whole plethora of differing and often contradictory 'facts' and opinions on any one given subject that are readily accessible almost at a moments notice, but with a dearth of verification for any of it, anyone who wants to think for themselves is left with little option but remain highly sceptical of the damn lot of it. Which is a pity, as although there's far more 'information' available to everyone than ever has been before, its of less use than when there was much less of it about, and we know considerably less as a result.
  8. Nope. Brexit was the act of leaving EU in and of itself, not a consequence of leaving. Had we not left Brexit wasn't something that could happen, and if Brexit happened we had to have left. The consequences of Brexit are confined to the manner in which we left the EU, and how things got/get set up for our future outwith the EU. Saying leaving the EU is a consequence of Brexit is a bit like saying being hit in the face by someone's fist is a consequence of being punched in the face.
  9. Folk can only vote for what's on the ballot. You either vote for whom you feel is the lesser evil, or you don't vote at all and risk other's votes will put in whom you judge to be the worst evil. Not having a Parliament/Government isn't an option, even if nobody voted a Parliament/Government would be appointed for us, one way pr another, even if it only was everything being dumped on the House of Lords instead. Them, we apparently can't get rid of (yet anyway) however bad they are or may become. At least with the drunk, you can choose to refuse them their keys and leave them to stumble around until they find a ditch to sleep it off in.
  10. ^ What does Brexit have to do with fuel or food? The UK has gas, oil, coal and if worst comes to worst, still some trees, we produce most commonly consumed meats and a whole plethora of vegetables, and fish And we managed to be self-sufficient in the the last time we had a little spat with Continentals..... Any shortage of any of it is mismanagement by the fools in charge. Of course, if you wanna eat nothing but unidentifiable, unpronouncable, inedible weird foreign dishes, that probably is a different matter. Boris only got the job because he was the only fool stupid enough to take it on, the rest didn't even have the balls to try. Miracles were not expected, and we have not been disappointed..... As the saying goes, 'You can lead a horse to water.......'Or in the case of Brexit, you can lead politicians to opportunities, but when you only have a very sorry looking bunch available to work with, what they do with them is unlikely to rank above 'poorly'. If Brexit doesn't work, its the fault of the politicians who made it that way, Brexit in and of itself has no pre-determined course or consequences, it needs someone else to drive its every move. So if the French snails are turning up sour, or the Spanish pears are all mouldly, shout at the politicians, hang them from the yard arm, feed them to the lions along with a few christians, whatever. Its their doing, their's and nobody or nothing else's.
  11. Don't consider a career in politics then. Its a game in outlying your opponent's most recent lie ad infinitum, even after it has degenerated in to total absurdity, that the participants can't see, but many in their audience do. Just like the Brexit "debate" (in its loosest possible definition) went. Every one of them who played any part of note portrayed themself as a retarded sphincter.
  12. ^ Price hikes occur all the time for any old excuse, in or out of the EU, always have. The NHS depletion began in the 70's while in the EU and has proceed apace until there's so little of the original left people have begun to notice more if even one little bit alters. With Little Lord Fauntleroy's ventriliquist dummy running the White House, American involvement won't be much for the next three years, the dummy don't like us much, nor the fact we have a pseudo capitalist mob in charge. Regardless the U.S. dummy and his supporting bunch of socialist freaks sticking their nose in is better than having Stalag Merkel and her lap dog One Micron's version of Socialism rolling over us.
  13. Brexit by its nature needs to be considered on a 'big picture' basis. Will, or won't the country overall be 'better' off for it. If you start going through every aspect of life, and to do Brexit justice that's what would need to be, as what the EU had become it impacted every aspect of life in some way, you're going to find probably as many 'losers' as 'winners'. Each individual 'loss' or 'win' proves nothing in and of itself. I don't think anyone who understood what Brexit was all about every thought it would be positive for everybody and everything, or even the majority, sacrifices were inevitable. It was about whether or not it was a net gain for the nation as a whole, either immediately, or in the opportunities it opened up heading in to the future.
  14. Dats no exactly whit yun article says as I read it..... Dir makkin maen aboot da want o' hospitality an retail staff (unskilled/boddam end) an some trained/skilled posts (upper middle ta tap end). While dir may ur may no be a want tu aawye, hits no mentioned specifically yunder, so you hae ta conclude dat hits no acute, an probably no dat muckle idder is still athin cry raek o' 'normal' parameters.
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