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  1. Thank you for your help I am hoping to get something sorted out soon . There seems to be several different ideas about the best WYoming to deal with this type of construction . I will need to decide the best option that ion f o r us
  2. Thanks for the information I will look into it propery
  3. Thanks I have loft insulation but no cavity walls . Walls not that thick may need to go down the external cladding route ? Expense as do.t have a lot of money to play with
  4. Does anyone have experience in heating 1950s concrete Mass building and could recommend best type of heating for this type of building? I need to update heating as have old style storage heaters costing me a fortune!!
  5. I sympathise with both the car drivers and the pedestrians. Having lost a friend of the family this new years day down south as he walked home at 8pm (In the dark) I know how hard it can be to s ee someone who is not wearing bright clothing but also think of the folk who decide to walk home a they have had a dram and rightly decide not to drive home but walk instead. we all have a responsibility to look out for one another
  6. So now the letters are out .with less than a week to make your decision. Some of the lowest paid part time staff have the biggest cut to pay losing over £1000 a year and the night aid workers are offered more hours all be it at the expense of less family time.what pay cut has Simon biker Ingram taken or is that not for puplic consultation.
  7. my experience is that you have to forget the culture of "trust the dr they know best" and ask for second ,third opinions untill you are satisfied that they are right'
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