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  1. Does anyone know of any knitting/sewing clubs in the Brae/Vidlin area. I am just an amateur knitter and currently doing a tapestry project. Just would like to have a knit and a natter and perhaps gain some knitting tips etc.
  2. carolann.t


    Could be the dish itself, might have moved, does not need to be much for it to lose signal, ours was knocked out by high winds, it was only off by a fraction of a degree but it was enough for us to lose reception.
  3. Where in Shetland will you me staying, affordable housing maybe an issue as there is somewhat of a shortage of accommodation. Good luck with your interview
  4. I have a Toshiba laptop which developed the same fault, I think if you check the web it is a common problem with them. Have you tried updating the driver for the touchpad. My advice take it back to the store especially if it still in warranty. My next piece of advice is take a sledge hammer to it and smash it up, as I would like to do with mine. The touchpad was not the only fault mine developed, I finally had a enough of it and bought a second hand Leveno running Windows 7 from ebay. As everyone knows Windows 8, 8.1 is an absolute nightmare of an operating system.
  5. Thank goodness for iPlayer and Google earth, mystery solved, though it did not quite the same on the TV. Thank goodness for iPlayer and Google earth, mystery solved, though it did not quite the same on the TV.
  6. I have just been up to Hillswick still did not recognise the beach used in the opening scenes of BBC Shetland can any perhaps give me a grid reference so I can take a look on Google maps!
  7. BBC Shetland - Please can anyone let me know where the beach location is, firstly is the opening scene of the group on the beach is the same beach as where the young girl's body is discovered. Where is this? Many thanks
  8. Hi I had a similar problem with my Toshiba laptop, it was found the the connection (wire) from the keyboard to the screen had broken, fortunately my husband is a electronics technician so he managed to sort it out for me. Hope this helps. As you can tell I am not technical.
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