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  1. going insane since about 1.20pm Walls exchange, 2miles from yoyoing from 0.04 to 6.40 EE is service provider
  2. I learnt the hard way with my 3G router switch off the auto-update on everything! Currently watching HD movies on our connection with no problem so have to ask have they actually figured out what the problem is? If our broadband (EE & PlusNet) is fine (ping's a little high 100ms), why are people closer to the cable so badly affected?
  3. Peat was that at me? Not sure why the DAB signal from Bressay would be slowed by my internet provider?
  4. Heard of others without phone as well, which is why the cable being damaged made sense. One BT customer had a promise of it being fixed in 4 hours... could it be related to the lack of DAB signal or totally random thing also not working.
  5. Scalloway seems to be the biggest problem, ours in Waas can be a little slow from time to time getting down to about 3Mbsp but folks I've been talking to in Scalloway have 0.2 or less. Know some who haven't been able to get online since last night (or early hours of this morning)
  6. Can I please request that O2 customers complain about the 3G mast being down in Lerwick. Although they swear the engineers have been working on it since it went down on the 10th I've yet to see anyone up there and currently they are not promising to have in fixed before the new year. As usual it seems that very few people are complaining so there seems very little urgency.
  7. Anyone know if they're running the 1st morning buses today? Not looking forward to standing at the bus stop like a fool, if they're no running.
  8. Mourning the lost of the facility this forum used to be in weather like this. as for a bus in this? Obviously suggested by someone who doesn't use public transport.
  9. Khit I must admit it did make me smile. Especially the bit about the Tourist Office being shut. I have a strange suspicion I met them. Discussed seeing the Northern lights as well as the erratic opening hours of the tourist office.
  10. 2miles fae the Walls exchange been worse than dire for 2 days. 1 router on plusnet the other on orange - not often that they both play up. noticed the banks RBS & HBoS both have been having problems, anyone else having problems? when I do the speedtest thing my closest server seems to be torshavn. Not named on the plusnet account and cannot be arsed with orange, they keep trying to switch us over to EE (and pay for broadband? I ask you? why pay for something you get for free?)
  11. most agents will order them through Menzies and you'll receive them some time between Saturday and Tuesday (or never) ditto the Orcadian. The subscription by mail is the most reliable method. The quickest is to have a contact at the airport or Northlink.
  12. when you phone 101 ask to be put through to Lerwick, always been put through so far.
  13. Open are a peer education project now based at Market House. It's volunteers are 16-25 and visit various locations including schools and youth groups about various issues. Shetland's been a bit behind in these things, but they've been doing great work. No longer do you have to cringe as your register teacher does the sex and drugs talks at you. and as an edit I'll add their FB page https://www.facebook.com/OpenPeerEducationProject?fref=ts
  14. Do we really need all this? part of the reason I hated Shetlanddive

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      status updates, massive profiles, friends lists, etc, etc. I'm a boring sod I ken. also a little wary of folk adding code to their forum posts, but hey I'm not a mod, no my problem.

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      Well you don't need to fill in your profile, or grow a friends list, I don't think. I haven't done it. I just come on, have a look, and then beggar off if there's nothing that interests me. Can't you do the same? It's not compulsory.

  15. Do remember to check to contract they sent you when you renewed. If they didn't send you a new contract you may have some lea way. otherwise they have every right to remand the cancellation fee usually around 6 months line rental.
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