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  1. @Rasmie thanks for that, I think due to the ceiling looking like a Christmas cake that plasterboard will be the quickest solution.
  2. Can anyone recommend a good plasterer who could plaster over a heavy stippled ceiling.
  3. Would imagine it’s checking road temperatures for freezing so they know when to put the gritters out.
  4. http://shet.news/xwqag. Here’s the link George, didn’t take long to find.
  5. But Scotland doesn’t meet the criteria where its current deficit sits and that’s unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.
  6. IGU could there be any possibility of any structural movement of the window frame, which could cause stress to be applied to one corner of the glass, resulting in the glass shattering, particularly if the glass was tight in the frame. I was aware of something similar happening due to bad blocks resulting in the window dropping slightly on one side.
  7. Also a silver ford custom van here today trying to sell pressure washers and compressors. Stopping at any business van, and various business properties.
  8. I’m sure that the planticrub at Tingwall had a wooden one for sale a few years back. They might be worth speaking to.
  9. I got da pack through the post, which also stated my bins will be delivered next week. That was over 3 weeks ago, still no bins. Spoke to the neighbours and only half of them has got the packs. You couldna mak it up..
  10. Anyone recommend someone local to supply and install an air to water heat pump. Any info would be appreciated.
  11. I've been told the owner has been made aware and the cat has now gone, I suppose better to know than always wonder what became of your cat.
  12. I've spoken to several folk in the community and one was going to contact the vet. The person who the cat ran out in front off, stopped and moved the cat to the side of the road and tried to find out who might have owned it. But difficult to start knocking on doors before 7am. A close neighbour has put it on Facebook and another said they would knock on doors later in the morning. Hopefully the owner can be tracked down.
  13. Whilst walking the dog this morning I was alerted to the fact a cat had been run down and unfortunately died. It's a grey/brown cat with a fluffy tail and is lying just to the right of the bus shelter next to the roundabout at Tingwall. Hopefully someone may know who the cat belongs to and let them know.
  14. Just checked and mine is working, your maybe right that they have forgotten to switch something on
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