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  1. 17 minutes ago, Rasmie said:

    We had the ceiling plastered in one room . Seemed to take weeks to dry and so we had the next room plasterboarded. I.e. overlaid the original ceiling. Slightly more expensive by much much quicker.

    @Rasmie thanks for that, I think due to the ceiling looking like a Christmas cake that plasterboard will be the quickest solution. 

  2. IGU could there be any possibility of any structural movement of the window frame, which could cause stress to be applied to one corner of the glass, resulting in the glass shattering, particularly if the glass was tight in the frame. I was aware of something similar happening due to bad blocks resulting in the window dropping slightly on one side.

  3. back again knocking on peoples doors trying to convince them there roof needs cleaned

    Also a silver ford custom van here today trying to sell pressure washers and compressors. Stopping at any business van, and various business properties.

  4. Hello, I would be most grateful for any information about greenhouses, What is the best way to get one here. Does anybody build them etc. Thank you.

    I’m sure that the planticrub at Tingwall had a wooden one for sale a few years back. They might be worth speaking to.

  5. I've spoken to several folk in the community and one was going to contact the vet. The person who the cat ran out in front off, stopped and moved the cat to the side of the road and tried to find out who might have owned it. But difficult to start knocking on doors before 7am.


    A close neighbour has put it on Facebook and another said they would knock on doors later in the morning. Hopefully the owner can be tracked down.

  6. Whilst walking the dog this morning I was alerted to the fact a cat had been run down and unfortunately died. It's a grey/brown cat with a fluffy tail and is lying just to the right of the bus shelter next to the roundabout at Tingwall.


    Hopefully someone may know who the cat belongs to and let them know.

  7. There is an ideal area near the front entrance where three cars can park nose to tail alongside the pavement. These spaces are handy to the crossing and front door and could easily be turned into a bus waiting area. if I were you I would approach the management and ask if they could dedicate this as a bus parking area. It would solve the problem at little cost. (Basically a tin of paint).


    I have friends who need use the bus service and not only does it allow them to do their own shopping, it's a great reason to get them out of the house and meeting people. This is an important service for the elderly and less able. It would meet the needs of the bus users and I'm sure would satisfy Tesco's risk assessments.

  8. Anyhow they already stated that we wouldn't get cheap power as we'd only waste it.

    Yeh, me thinks this was the biggest cop out I'd heard for a while. Give us cheaper electric and we will all live in overheated houses with all our windows open to cool them down. What planet are these people living on?


    Cheaper electric would help equalise the hiked charges we already pay to the heartless companies, who, when costs adjust, put up prices at the drop of a hat, yet take years to bring them down. They pay the decision makers millions per year, whilst our old and disabled struggle to heat their homes.

    It would also help recognise the additional cost we in Shetland face, due to the lower temperatures and wind chill.

  9. Why could VE not become the energy supplier for Shetland,providing electricty,coal,gas and oil at non or next to non profitable prices for everyone living on these islands .


    As long as they did not make a loss and a very modest profit this would surely be of benifit to us all. 


    Instead of paying our bills to companys like SSE and local companys we would pay VE thus lining our own pockets and not those of others!

    Couldn't agree more Urabug, if the big companies can sell their electricity at cheaper prices to the central belt and charge us a lot more, then VE surely can set their tariffs to reverse the norm and charge cheaper electric to rural areas.
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