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  1. Hi Angelpie If you look on the Shetland news site, there articles regarding poverty by Citizens Advice, whom I'm sure would have some statistics they could share. I also see that the Althing Debate is about poverty. Might be worth attending as this could provide good fodder for your item.
  2. Yip, I've been getting the same message for around an hour, someone must have stuck 50p in the meter.
  3. he misses the point yet again. Very few folk, in the past, would have applied to get their road tax refunded when they sold their car and therefore the tax was only paid once. The new system means that the DVLA will now in a lot of cases be paid twice for the same vehicle being road taxed. Therefore what has happened in the past has been changed and this seems an unfair new system. Best solution is to refund the full unused tax. Simples and fair.
  4. The royal red is more of a pink. It's in lots of Shetland gardens including my own. You can split it with a spade and replant without much problem it pretty hardy.
  5. Search for Buddleia royal red, won't take very long!
  6. It looks like Buddleia (butterfly bush) royal red. Buddleia is very hardy and easily grown in Shetland and not bad to split into more plants.
  7. I had problems with a poor 02 signal at the house and installed a signal booster, which will boost 02 Vodafone etc. my 02 signal went from 0-1 Bars to a full 5 bars throughout the house. Vodafone went from 2-3 to a full 5 bars. As long as you can get some signal, even outside the property, the booster should strengthen it inside.
  8. Yip, working here again at last.
  9. Yeh, as I thought spoke to soon gone from 2.20 to 0.12 download. Looks like another day where the service will be pretty useless.
  10. Big improvement this morning, so far, but still a long way of " normal". They must have plugged something in
  11. This is the info available from a bt customer site Broadband We currently have 18 ongoing issues and 3 resolved issues. If you can't see an issue for your area; you can enter your Broadband Number here to perform a personalised check. Sun 25/05/2014 at 00:10 Broadband problem in the Shetland Island area Dialling codes affected: 01595, 01806 & 01950 Estimated time to resolve 26/05/14 10:00
  12. I got a similar response from BT despite me trying to convince them there was a major outage affecting people across the isles. What I can't understand is why in this day and age do we need to inform BT there is a problem, you would think they would be able to tell when things ain't working. They don't even believe you when you do tell them.
  13. Mine has improved slightly now getting a download of 0.22 ( normally get over 6.00) Ping has gone from 1432 to 668 (normally around 67) I wonder how long we will have to put up with the slow speeds this time. Of course BT are never slow to pick up my monthly payment, regardless of how often I have a pretty unworkable connection.
  14. Thanks people, I'll take the leap and contact BT and be able to tell them that it's not my equipment. No doubt I'll have to go through the usual tests and be told there is nothing wrong, so it must be my equipment and it'll cost me if they send out an engineer. It's the usual garble you get each time you call, no matter how often you tell them there seems to major problems all over Shetland.
  15. Anyone else having speed problems. I'm with bt in Tingwall and only getting 0.07 download this morning. Yesterday morning was the same, but it did improve during the day. Normally get a download if just over 6.00 Prior to going onto Bt and spending 30 minutes convincing them it's not my equipment, it would be fine to know if others are having problems.
  16. I doubt this is the case, it looks more like a build up of frustration and there seems to be one common denominator. Sad that folk feel the best option is to give up though.
  17. Anyone else having connection problems tonight. Internet grinding to a halt. Both upload and download is sitting around 0.7 normally get around 6.5 and .38 With BT
  18. Just noticed that if you click on the "upside down" photo to enlarge, it then shows the photo the correct way up!
  19. They were in Tingwall this afternoon. The chap who came to my door was very polite and not at all pushy when I told him I wasn't interested. He said they were ground force and were here last year.
  20. Hi Trout, I was using an iPad to enter the classifieds. Interestingly I took photos of two different items with the iPad in the same rotation, but one of the photos appeared upside down in the ad. Tried going into my photos and rotating the pic, but it still appeared upside down in the ad. Not sure why or how to resolve. People will just have to stand on their heads to see the photo the right way up
  21. Can anyone tell me how to sort photos that appear upside down in classifieds. When I upload the photo it appears in the small box the right way up, but when you select it it appears upside down in the add. I tried rotating the original, but it still appears upside down. Any solutions?
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