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  1. Anouncement one before UHA. I doot someone wanted his name on the bill!
  2. geordies' DIY does car keys, if it does not have a transponder thing in it.
  3. cars going to and from the ferry to Bressay are allowed for in the exemptions of the traffic order. They can access the ferry from the North passed Alexandra building. Hope that helps.
  4. There was a traffic order in the paper last week explaining the planned closures. I'm not sure if it will be in again tomorrow.
  5. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/1231-questions-raised-over-trust-quorum.html Can you state you aren't part of a meeting and still be counted?
  6. building a power plant on a fault line compares to building a power plant on soft ground. The answer is to evaluate the risk and design it out. This is a fairly modern approach to construction because for too long politicians told engineers to build something in a place at the cheapest possible cost. I hear you say "what about the industrial revolution icons, bridges etc." Well in those days Engineers were hugely popular characters and had more power than they have since or ever will. Now modern project analysis would factor ALL risks and ensure they are catered for. With the knowledge collected from each incident nuclear power plants can only get better.
  7. Very interesting article on BBC website on Saturday. See link http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-12860842. This information certainly changed my view of the problems being experienced in Japan. What are your views on the pros and cons of Nuclear power?
  8. cable may be passing our door sometime soon. http://www.fishnewseu.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5154:subsea-electricity-cable-link-to-norway-proposed&catid=45:scottish&Itemid=54
  9. ^^^^^^^^^ I understand your thought process for a councillor visit. Operating schools is a Shetland wide subject whether we are proposing to consolidate schools, close schools, build schools singling out schools for special visits by our councillors can be seen as against our democratic process, whether you agree with closing Scalloway or not. Anyway I'm straying off topic here.
  10. The only thing the ahs/education department has done wrong here is not to tell the recipients that the newletter was being sent to them. From a PR point of view they did miss a pretty big tick here but putting context first it was a good idea to send it. They should go further and have open days for the Scalloway PTA to come and see the AHS for themselves. It is fundamentally important that Scalloway parents know exactly what type of school they are measuring against their own, very capable school.
  11. Geordie Gair from Geordies' DIY makes furniture. Tel 696911 or 01950477445
  12. Holy tar chip and spray, what a thread! Tarring gangs might not go into details as above but some contact details for contractors are: WHD Plant 880100 (neil) MK Leslie 69 5060 (gary) Garriock Bros 69 4765 (arthur) Tulloch Developments 741427 (shaun) All are very capable guys and will give you suggestions if unsure too. Hope this helps. Neil
  13. Can anyone tell us if the junior high schools to be reviewed for closure are not hosting classes currently available at ahs? Yes travel, community involvement in a school, local jobs, parental opinion etc. have a place in this discussion but the review should be centred around the possibilities available to our 'young adults' and making the best of the courses available.
  14. Scalloway has had a good rate of expansion over the last few years. East Voe has seen alot of new decently laid out housing which sits well in its location. the harbour saw good development in the late 80s and 90s which is still underused. The sewage scheme was up graded roughly 10 years ago too. There is the housing development ready for houses at Port Arthur (22No. I believe). I have seen the development plans proposed by JHB and where the area lends itself to housing the plans are very crampt. I don't know the exact areas for each house site but they are nothing like the sites at East Voe, or any other current development in Shetland. The roads need a great deal of work to satisfy the need for the development. This all can be overcome and if there is a real need for the houses it should go ahead, with space better considered. The area for industrial development looks good too and could be well utilised by new businesses in Scalloway. An item that modern councils and public forget too easily is that every town and city in the world (except for newtowns) grew around industry and that keeping businesses and housing apart is not, in my opinion, entirely sensible due to increasing travel costs and the possible reduction of fossil fuels in the future. To answer the point made at the start of this topic, a business blaiming the planning process is laughable. If the council had granted the planning the civils work required for the developer (JHB) to get on site and start building would have taken many months and a great deal of money which may not have been on the table unless HHA put it up (or the SIC with their housing plans). If the developer is having money worries now the how do they expect to invest further into it and go further into the red. To blame the SIC is a bit of an insult to the workers looking for jobs this week and the suppliers/sub contractors looking to settle their bills. With workers being paid by other construction firms in Shetland at present it looks like a lean term is to be expected for the construction industry and the SIC capital programme underspend (dare I say disaster) at present is not helping.
  15. a bit of nimbyism there EM? i have to agree it is not the most elegant of buildings for note there was a nuclear bunker built in the exchange. i am not sure if it still exists but interesting all the same. we may need it yet although it probably was only built for twartree!! one thing i would like to change about shetland is banning weddings from the sailing season. we only have four months and people consistantly pick the best regatta weekends for their vows.
  16. Ryan Leith, John Fraser and Murray Arthur are standing for one space. roll on mass meeting night.
  17. link to octber JDRF newsletter http://www.jdrf.org.uk/news.asp?itemid=1139&itemTitle=Volunteer+organises+Shetland+Walk%2C+raising+over+%A39000%21&section=000100010007001500020001&year=&month=&dm_i=4UH,205F,T52LP,6DZU,1 cheers neil
  18. I do wish people would not post comments on actions they think either of the parties have done. We have no proof mr shannon's post has been dealt with improperly other than a fairly one sided press campaign. We also have no proof over what was said between mr clark and mr wills over the phone. It does appear that this whole affair is tainted by what the press say. Now they are starting to state that nearly all allegations against clark have no substance legally, whether it be phone calls, drinking at work and it does appear mr shannon's post was discussed with councillors and an offer was made to shannon for his approval. An item left out from earlier reports. Sloppy reporting? Maybe. On the subject of drinking on SIC property. Where are christmas parties held? I could offer a guess that many of the posters here have drunk on SIC property at one time. We all moan about the SIC refusing to change and modernise but are we really willing to accept it? From reading this and other topics the answer has to be no for the majority.
  19. Hi all, Good to see some interest in the walk but more importantly the subject. Our 3 year old daughter was diagnosed type 1 just before her 2nd birthday and has spurred sandra to organise the event, especially after going south and attending the Scottish event in Aberdeen. This condition can be dangerous and funding is needed to help find a cure. I hope you can all attend and encourage more to join you. If you can't make it consider a little donation on our just giving page http://www.justgiving.com/dafrasers Thanks Neil (***Mod Edit - Linkified link***)
  20. Is it just a slow time in the pressroom, or is the expenses issue widely reported on as bad as the press make out? Should we be worried about this or are there more important cost issues that should be resolved? What are your thoughts/ideas/solutions?
  21. dates for johnsmas and more in lerwick harbour www.lerwick-harbour.co.uk/events enjoy
  22. http://www.southmainlanduphellyaa.co.uk/index.htm did i miss it?
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