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  1. any word on how many squads are registered and how many halls will be taking part. we need news....
  2. This is starting to sound like a viable festival/spree. Good idea to start a committee with no tie to Jarl at first. You are more likely to get good people to set this up. Originally the Lerwick committee was run in this fashion. Has there been commitment from any/all of the halls/clubs south of Lerwick? There are quite a number of them so you could end up spoilt for choice. Good luck to the committee and guizers. See you at the mass meeting on the 23rd.
  3. ^^^^^^^ and also follow this link and read the part about 150 members who also volounteer, the five part time staff and 40k running costs. oh yes, and no guaranteed funding. http://www.woodendbarn.co.uk/about-the-barn/woodend-arts-association.html come ahead chaps.
  4. TeeAyBee wrote: Cheers for the info. thats a good point. byran, are you listening to this person. small is good too (garrison, NAFC, museum???). i hear what you're saying about sound bryan. i was on a sound course with the guy who did prince's sound in islesburgh a couple of years back (davie g organised) and seen hookie battle wi fiddle sound in some not so good acoustically blessed venues. but you have not won me round yet me lad! keep trying. neil (since you already know)
  5. cheers for the responce bryan. some goods points. what do you think about a venue on the idea of the large venues south, e.g. secc only sized to reflect our biggest proposed concerts. the walls internally could move to reduce the size of the venue for smaller concerts. After all, most of the big venues are as one paper review called an "aircraft hanger". what i am getting at is a no frills BIG venue. going on what alan macleod said in the paper recently, would this not be a more suitable option. i agree sound is important, but is size not the real issue. there are plenty of small venues in the isles. something to meet large capacity seems more what we need. as for the cinema part. are cinemas not on the way out? i do like the novelty of going when i'm south, but like most would not use it regularly. i didn't when it was here last. that's why it stopped operating! i'm for a big shed that can take punishment and large audiences. sean casey fae da ness builds one every few weeks. get him in and use the savings to buy a big sound system that can melt ear wax. the rest of the savings can be used to improve and market the garrison, NAFC and museum for film use. cheers for noo and i'm sure we'll discuss it ower a nip or three sometime.
  6. Can we not ensure more funds towards music development? The music venue few seem hell bent on a venue. I think we should be more intent on people development. We have plenty of sufficient venues for music. Let's develope somewhere for cinema, e.g. NAFC, garrison, clickimin or mobile seperately. I don't think the arts trust have given the proposed project enough thought. Can we not stand back and look at what Shetland has acheived musically, what shetland can acheive and how? A dedicated venue would be great but a dedicated community would be better. Once you pigeon hole music development to one main centre, you exclude the majority of interested.
  7. there's a book in the times bookshop called "the sixareen and her racing decendants". there's plans in there you can copy and blow up.
  8. what's black and white and brown around the mouth...... a nun eating a turd!
  9. They will be. Once Maddie is found. We all know the press and us for buying papers and watching news like nothing more than putting people on a pedastool just waiting to knock it out from under them.
  10. Whilst at the new skips a couple of weekends ago, the supervisor had seven or eight fairly good bikes rescued from other dumpers. He kindly offered them to us if we wanted one (or all). Now we see the SIC website listing items. Congrats to all concerned!
  11. lovely on a hard biscuit with a peerie bit o red sauce.....
  12. Most of us seem happy to go away from Shetland for our holidays. If you wanted a holiday in Shetland, where would you go and what would you do? My personal favourite would be sailing anywhere around Shetland followed by a week in Isbister in Whalsay. Bonniest place in Shetland.
  13. You've just increased their profile by starting this thread. Every recent election in Scotland has been fuelled with speculation of a SNP overall win. This is one of the main reasons for the SNP's success(?). Media coverage. They are very good at using the media, and seeing how Tony Blair and Labour have used them, they are going the right way to succeed. But are we getting what we need to run a country? Maybe, maybe not. And did the SNP not state when they were created that they would disband once independance for Scotland is acheived. An old statement, but still relevant.
  14. bruce hostel from the water is a cracking sight. would be even better when/if the extesion falls down.
  15. sailor


    moorit, an accountant is not qualified until they have a professional qualification, i.e. ACCA or CA for example. A degree in accountancy allows someone to start the relevant professional course later than someone who has nothing or less than a degree. On paper your friend is not a qualified accountant. i know this does not answer the single status question. just thought it better to include all the facts.
  16. Inverness is just starting building a new secondary school (millburn academy) at a total cost of £ 26M (not including all demolition works of existing buildings). Taking an approximate increase for shipping materials to shetland, but not including for the lower hourly rates paid to shetland based trades, we would expect to pay around £28M for the same building in Shetland. Can't we start looking seriously for input to prevent the scale of the project outweighing the use of the building. There is a proposed early contractor involvement to reduce waste and try to find more efficient ways to built the school, but no-one believes the powers that be will allow the project to be something other than a over the top "symbol". Shetland can do without the further evidence that we can't manage our affairs efficiently (a quote given by councillor's over the bridge debacle). Furthermore the Highlands and Islands have just committed £ 134M to build eleven schools. Will children at those schools result in a lower education because their schools were cheaper to build?
  17. sailor


    Good point. We should be looking outwith the SIC for stability.
  18. only 50 days to go. I can smell the keroseen...i mean parafine
  19. Only 54 days to go. I can smell the parrafin.......
  20. There is a seminar proposed for the 21st November at the Brae Boating Club starting 6.30pm. Jane Scott from the RYA will chair the meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to gather as many sailors or people interested in sailing and try to draw up a development plan. Anyone who is interested in sailing will know that a revamp is needed. Please come along and tell anyone you know who may like to come. Finally, do you have any points you would like to make for inclusion at the meeting?
  21. Isn't there a police presence in the Ness already?
  22. sailor


    Can anyone tell me if all council employees have been offered ~£1,000 one off payment plus an extra day holiday (but their union wants more) to work three additional hours a week they already get paid for but don't have to work, i.e. they work on average 35 hours but get their first three hours overtime paid whether they work it or not.
  23. Would it not be more sense to give the SIC ports to LPA to run? They have the experience, and a proven record of growth and sustainability.
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