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  1. Good point. If we all, or most, took Shetlander's advice the whole process would grind to a halt. The whole point of elected people is that they act on the views of the people who elect them. We can't all stand for election, whether it be for financial reasons or any other. We should all be allowed to put a point across. If someone has the ability and time they should be encouraged to stand, but we shouldn't be made to feel guilty about putting our views forward. Hopefully we will see some new faces with no agendas or retirement funds to inflate next set of elections.
  2. On reading an article on the Sheltand News website ( www.shetlandmarine.com/2006/05%20Oil%20&%20Shipping/bridge_war_breaks_out_in_chamber.htm ), I am left wondering if Willie Tait is the only councillor who knows we, the public, think the council, it's top brass and elected leaders are "a bunch of idiots"? Do the councillors ever stand back and look forward 20 years to what they will leave us, or is it a case of looking good whilst in office. Let the next one worry about paying for it.
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