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  1. It would appear that "most polls" was only 1......... If that be the case then the survey done on 2002 people which is approximately 35% more than the one posted by Ironwithin then surely that must be compelling proof that more folk are against it than for it. I rest my case as both of your statements have been proven to be wrong I find it very disappointing that you both find this cut in money to be fair as it will cause real hardship to the people affected. I can only assume that you have never had to make the choice of whether to heat your home or feed yourself/children or to w
  2. I do not agree. However if that be the case then this poll would be even more relevant as there were 2002 people surveyed. http://i1359.photobucket.com/albums/q799/magnacube/Snap2013-03-29at193502_zpsc8831baa.png
  3. Yougov who are one of the top pollsters in the UK say that it seems to be a vocal minority who are against it as 49% are for it and 38% against it, even with all the bashing its been having. http://ukpollingreport.co.uk/blog/archives/7132 With all due respect that survey was done on 1525 people and the population of the UK is approximately 60,000,000 so i am not sure that is really a fair representation of the public's perception of this upcoming tax. Care to show me anymore polls to back up your statement?
  4. Would you be as kind as to show me one of these polls where "most people are for it"?
  5. I think you should consider contacting the Suzuki head office and if you get no joy from them I would try Trading Standards as there does seem to be an issue with the back axle causing uneven tyre wear and it appears that some garages are willing to do more than others regarding it.
  6. I think the bit I would be most concerened about as I think the op is, Not the issue of the tyres being nearly illegal at 15000 miles but rather the fact that there is a known problem causing them to be and that it was not picked up in the service OR the Mot at 12000 miles?
  7. Would anyone know of or have a video taken at a gymkhana in the Gilbertson Park in the mid 1970s? Any help would be very much appreciated.
  8. Now then the other day i was shopping for some Gorilla glue which if you have not heard of is excellent stuff it sticks just about anything! Anyway i managed to find some in LBC however it seemed a little expensive at £15 for a peerie bottle but i was needin it so i just took it. So you can imagine how annoyed i was today when i went to Garriocks shop just next door to LBC and the very same tube of glue was only £7 So bairns if your needin some right sticky glue i would avoid LBC and head to Garriocks....
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