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  1. No facts and figures but I would Imagine that they canna be that bad as they are the choice power source for the lights and navigation aids of the Northern Lighthouse Board,
  2. You can find out here, only covers 5 miles so you might have to look up postcodes close to where you want to eat. https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/eat-out-to-help-out/find-a-restaurant/?_ga=2.50320101.271632397.1595833779-80171663.1579691604
  3. A good quality ultrasonic device (one that switches frequencies) and a hungry cat sorted my problem.
  4. Anyone out there know a good traditional potted herring recipe/technique, also any other traditional ways of cooking herring would be much appreciated
  5. I am surprised, a rant without how Norway would do it better, are you ok .
  6. Time to change the ballast or whole fitting, heat is caused by the ballast as it is basically a transformer, if it is creating excessive heat then the insulation is breaking down (which happens with age) dinna leave it too long as it will eventually draw too much current and cause nuisance trips in your consumer unit or if still old school fuses or push button trips there is a slight possibility of fire.
  7. What kind of Englandshire language is this, i do not understand.
  8. Read all that so could you tell me know it all Paul B how much will the interconnecter will cost.
  9. Do we really believe this will be built, Facts. The cable across the Moray firth is costing nearly 1.2 billion . Shetland was removed from this scheme to allow it to go ahead . SSE/SHETL are not even competent enough to plan and build a small power station on Shetland so what makes them think they can get the go ahead from OFGEM for a huge project like the interconnector. SHETL claim Shetland will be connected to the moray cable but the national grid has already consented for over 800 MW on the 1200MW line across the Moray firth from renewables in Orkney the Pentland Firth and Caithness (Shetland needs 600 MW). SSE claimed Shetland Interconnector would cost 600 million yet the peedie line accross the Moray firth has cost nearly double at close on 1.2 billion because new regulations mean undersea cables have to be buried. I could go on and on but I am so confident this will not go ahead that I have bought a house within 1KM of a proposed turbine. The sooner the trust get out of this white Elephant the better and look at investing in local people with more modest ideas especially in manufacturing, they really do need to get their heads out of the clouds and their asses and take a reality check.
  10. No another Indian, we have more than enough (not knocking them as they are superb), why not authentic Italian or Tapas bar I could go on but I winna , As far as another Indian you can stick that up your ass (Thankfully would only burn one way then) , common Shetland get some variety and imagination in your ethnic eating,
  11. Deposited 5 Brussel sprouts 2 years ago and with enhanced interest rate just picked up 5 cabbages, food banks seems the way to go.
  12. They didna deploy them in winter, in fact they hardly deployed them in summer. I would see them being towed out to the site (when I was home on visits in the last few summers) only to be towed back a couple o days later because a force 4+ was forecast, they were regarded as a joke by the locals In the Island I come from and where the were based. The oyster is also based there and is also a joke. Unfortunately the sea will kill anything that is man made trying to harness wave power, on the up side the tidal boys seem to be having more success and I personally think that is the way they should go.
  13. Thanks for the site mogling. Loads to look at there, it may distract me for some time on my next day off. Much appreciated. Paul
  14. Cheers for that MJ, now ordered from Amazon. I never thought for one moment there would be such a book, thank you, Paul
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