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  1. I did a random check on the Bayanne Shetland Family History site, using a common Shetland name "John Johnson" and the 6 random "Johnsons" that I looked at were all married in the winter months in the late 19th century! Not vey scientific research, but interesting!
  2. Probably because its sure to be his last intercounty!
  3. A few years ago, I worked in a shop that was having problems with a gang of teenage shoplifters. I confronted them by shouting at them and ordering them all into the back shop ( which to my surprise they complied with) I then continued shouting at them and told them they were barred from the shop. One of them questioned why I was doing this, and becase I had no hard evidence that they were shoplifting, I told them that my reason was because they smelled and I didn't like their out of fashion clothes. They never came back!
  4. Its simple to ask SIC for this info under Freedom of Information legislation
  5. Have you ever walked on that side of the road? You are in danger of getting clined by drivers who are driving half off the main road in order to get a closer view of the sale cars!
  6. I would go for Kevin Rennie, but I don't think he ever played for Scalloway!
  7. Eela Water has a deep aea going down to about 60 ft.
  8. Today, there were 30+ "Neesiks" in Lund Wick ( Unst) all morning. At times, some of them were almost on the beach. I was just thinking that 150 years ago the Westing locals would certainly have had their boats launched and no without doubt an easy slaughter would have been achieved. From the cliff top, the sandy white sea bottom made it easy to see family groups swimming together in pursuit of ?????. Maybe it is time for the Faroese to stop this practice - they are a rich people, they don't need to kill these lovely animaals.
  9. There are copies of the publications that you are loking for in Lerwick library
  10. Well, I listened in for 10 mins. & thought " If they have a problem why don't they arrange tp put a message over the main BBC programme to let us know what is going on"
  11. All arund the banks you can see stuff laid-up 50+ years ago and now rotting and overgrown with grass - the same as the person who laid it up!
  12. There is a fund called the Shetland Trust--- this was originally called "The Salvesen Fund" and was estabished to provide cheap start-up loans to ex-whalers who became unemployed when the whaling stopped. The fund is administered by Tat & Peterson, Lawyers, Bank of Scotland Buildings,Lerwick. Tel 693010
  13. Tonight at11.30, the moon will be 16% bigger & 30% brighter tha a normal full moon. This is bcause the moon is at its nearest point to the Earth - apparently it only gets this near 4 times in about 220 years. The technical name for this occurence is "Full Moon at Perigree". Its an interesting google. Hope we can see it tonight
  14. I can't help wondering how this landing was recorded in the official flight log (or not!) I think this this possible breach of procedures will be the main issue with the employer.
  15. Last year we were in the Steness Hotel for a pint at lunch time and an RAF Helicopter landed on the lawn and went through for their lunch. Some indication that they had possibly exceeded their flying hours .......... then again possibly not!
  16. I was talking today to one of the researchers hoping to be involved in the next stage of work on this project, and as a sub contracter to him, I asked them about finance and they said that they had spoken to VE yesterday and VE were very confident that that funding would shortly be approved. So, is it a done deal?
  17. On the radio last night, it appears that there are plans to encourage the footballers to take part in the annual charity fundraiser - the round Spiggie run. So it could be that Mind Your Head will actually make an overall gain from the goodwill resulting from their sponsorship.
  18. I recently found a batch of the thick brown bags that Shetland pubs yoused to give you when you bought your carryout at the weekend about 45 years ago .... and you also got a "tool" pierce the cans.....no pulls.
  19. Just looked up the diary- "Sharps Express planted 3/3/2005 -, Temperature 10c - It wasn't a successful crop!
  20. Yess, you can object for any reason you like but the objection needs to have force in planning legislation - competition does not count.
  21. You can't object just because you thik it will be opposition to your business
  22. 2 days ago I saw the boss of the SIC cleansing dept getting out his van on burgh road and almost standing in a huge dog turd. Next day the sweeper truck spent 10 minutes trying to manuevre into a position to clean up this single turd. So, we have this machine driven from ? to ? and finding it difficult to work amongst parked vehicles to get on the pavement. Surely, one "boss" with a shovel in the back of his van could have sorted this without setting up the SIC "paper chase" of internal costs.
  23. Henry McColl recently sold it to Agmatek EngineeringLtd (Andy,Gerry and Magnie !)
  24. Healthcraft transferred the home brew business to Rod & Line about 3 years ago. Unfortunately, Rod & Line are no longer in business - so no home brew kits ae available in Lerwick
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