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    clanchief got a reaction from gafynandrew in impudent teenagers!   
    A few years ago, I worked in a shop that was having problems with a gang of teenage shoplifters. I confronted them by shouting at them and ordering them all into the back shop ( which to my surprise they complied with) I then continued shouting at them and told them they were barred from the shop. One of them questioned why I was doing this, and becase I had no hard evidence that they were shoplifting, I told them that my reason was because they smelled and I didn't like their out of fashion clothes. They never came back!
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    clanchief got a reaction from khitajrah in Shetland Weddings   
    I did a random check on the Bayanne Shetland Family History site, using a common Shetland name "John Johnson" and the 6 random "Johnsons" that I looked at were all married in the winter months in the late 19th century! Not vey scientific research, but interesting!
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