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  1. Shetland Space Centre is being developed in partnership with Lockhead Martin - the biggest arms company in the world.They will be coming here partly because they anticipate little resistance from the local community. Did anybody else find it queer the prize for the recent SSC kids drawing competition was a family trip to Florida? Seemed way OTT to me. I have been wondering why? Then the billionaire who was seeking a judicial review to challenge the building of a space centre near his land in the Highlands pumps almosts £1.5million into the Shetland project. He was concerned about the
  2. I am staggered by the number of people I’ve met who appear to be under the illusion we are holding an election on September 18th to decide whether or not Alex Salmond should become “Lord Emperor of Scotland”. “He is promising this but he won’t be able to do that” they say, as if we are holding a presidential election. We all slag off politicians but it is them most people are looking to for direction when it comes to deciding how they will vote in the referendum. Our inability to rationally debate independence amongst ourselves in our homes, workplaces and in our streets has highlighted
  3. I bought a couple of books in there the other week and they were very reasonably priced (50p each). I'd say they probably have the finest collection of classic literature for sale in Shetland too
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