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  1. Yay I am here a big thankyou to you know who for the lift from lerwick.If anyone is in the area ,then I am currently working at the Baltasound hotel.So feel free to stop off and say allo.:)Be nice to make some more friends.
  2. Lol I wish I could get there for 1600 'problem is my train arrives at aberdeen at 1738 so I bloody hope train on time
  3. Dammm .I fell for her looks .Has she got a twin sister per chance?
  4. Hmm, local Halle Berry lookalike.... gorgeous. http://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t175/kezziecr/DSC00814.jpg Hmmm woolly keep me warm:P Ahh well this time tomorrow Im a be on the ferry .Here's hoping I get some sleep!
  5. Freshly fried bacon freshly toasted toast and a pot of colombian coffee.uuurgh now i feel hungry ...
  6. Have no fears of the polar bears cos I will tame them and make them carry me to unst on their backs .The Golden Compass is a factual film so there... a far as the rain goes why I will call storm from the X men to calm things down for me Hmmmmmmmmmm Storm Halle Berry yum yum thoughts of her will keep me warm from the snow so im all set.
  7. thankyou kev for support and thanx MJ for advice about hostel .Again I believe I owe you a drink for all support. I just hope it aint gonna rain on Thursday
  8. Ssssshhhhh don't mention sranded and long in same sentence
  9. Reason Unst as first port of call is that (hopefully ) have a job (voluntary) with accomadation ,providing all goes well.Too late for me to not come up now all tickets booked for wednesday @ the baltasound hotel .. I'm getting the excited dreaded knotty stomach full of butterflies now .lol I can't wait been packing and repacking non stop lol Thanx for offer though bud. and gluck at dentists
  10. Lol thanx MJ .I may just do that.Yougonna be headinng Northward bound per chance?
  11. Hiya people wat is the easiest way to get to unst from lerwick
  12. Just a thought that popped into my head whilst drifting off to noddy land, I speak 2 asian languages and a smattering of various dialects as well apart from obviously english.Is there anywhere that may require translators (voluntary). Ugh I forgot brain was all fogged up I speak Urdu and Sindhi fluently and can understand and converse a bit in Punjabit Siraiki and balouchi.
  13. thanx for info I will definently check it out .
  14. I really apreciate all your advice people but I am on my way and will be paying my way I will not be arriving empty handed and I will be finding employment .
  15. Thank you for that info.. I'm looking forward to it now hmmmm Fry up breakfast and coffee yum yum .If you happen to be walking past and see a stranger with a table cloth instead of a bib , and half a dozen plates in front of him twill be meeeeeee. Will catch you all later. OOOh wait one last thing where is the beer good lol.!
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