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  1. The sands where Burn of Lunket runs into the sea (East Burrafirth) used to be good, I've not been for a few years now though.
  2. OK I'll bite, offer me your "proof" and we'll take it from there.
  3. You would need to post the above in English, with correct capitalization and punctuation, then maybe we can talk Oh and by the way, £100 is small fry, the James Randi foundation will give you $1,000,000, yes that's six zero's if you can show proof of the "paranormal" Go and claim your prize, (or not I suspect)
  4. We have and have had 8, 9 ,or 10 Rock doves feeding in the garden for the past 12 years, do they count? I have seen other varieties elsewhere but we always seem to attract the Rock doves.
  5. How can you be interested in something that doesn't exist?
  6. It saddens me that as a small Island with very limited access, illegal drugs seem to be such an ongoing problem, how are they [the drugs] getting in here? And why aren't the drug dogs [that I support financially] Catching more dealers? It's my belief that illegal drugs lead to a lot [most?] of the other problems.
  7. Aith marina is very well sheltered and has vacant berths, it also has electric and water hook ups plus toilets with shower facilities. Leisure centre is right next door and the shop is a short walk up the road.
  8. Can anyone help, Westside Delivery left a parcel at my house, it was delivered to the wrong address, two calls to them leaving messages have resulted in nothing. Tried contacting TNT who sub contracted but nothing back from them either. The parcel should have gone to a Shaun Missenden Old School House Urafirth ZE29HR can't find a phone number for him, the parcel has stickers saying contains medical equipment. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Suzanna


    Thank you so much for the photo's, I just love seeing these peerie birds they bring joy to anyonne
  10. Did anyone see the add for 3 on the tv tonight, loved the Shetland pony dancing, was the backdrop Eshaness?
  11. The gay community (is there such a thing?) Don't want anything that you don't have, nor do they want to deprive you of any rights that you already have, how difficult is that for you to grasp? Maybe you could learn to spell before commenting further. Just a thought.
  12. Yep us country folk don't stand a chance, good job we stock up in advance. I'll take a trip into town on Sat and see what remains after all the townie's have stripped the shelves.
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