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  1. Hi, if you can log into Njord send a support message via https://www.njord.market/contact HTH
  2. Hiya. Apologies for length of time in reply to you. For logged in members there's private messaging 'support' available via the https://www.njord.market/contact form available from the footer. This section https://www.njord.market/faq#mymessages of the FAQ's detail the workings of the PM system. The sub-section on tracking conversations will help you to garner whether people have read your messages
  3. Some IE11 users. You were experiencing an interesting bug. If you refresh your browsers (even try CTRL and F5 keys together) then you will all now be able to load the site properly.
  4. Ok. So some folk on old/older versions of FireFox have notified us that they were only receiving a blue screen and the site wasn't loading for them. We have just rectified this issue and so can these people now try again? You should get the site loading for you now. Thank you. Much appreciated.
  5. Ah, ok. Thank you for adding that extra information. Understand now what you are experiencing. For some reason you were in there twice? So the system was pulling back two lots of data repopulating and saving down your changes into the other you! Have fixed that for you. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  6. You're wanting to stop category notification emails sent to you You have various categories setup to send notifications to youWould going to the My Notifications page and removing the categories you don't want emails sent to you from also work?
  7. Not to worry. You don't have to save anything. Removing / adding categories automatically saves as you're going along. You won't have got any of these messages from Shetlink as your email address wouldn't have been noted down as "verified". You would still have had all those categories selected though as it's exactly the same data against your account. With the old system you, as detailed above, might not have meant to have a list of categories selected. It was very easy to press the 'Subscribe' button on the first page/list of classifieds and for the system to then subscribe you to all categories - (which some people weren't then aware since they didn't get emails sent since they weren't verified). Upon now verifying your email address you've then started receiving the automatic "When advert added to a category send an email to those subscribed to that category". Perhaps, all watched categories should have just been removed for everyone but, it's each individuals data and to have gone and done that?! That opens up other various scenarios - some worse than this one. Hopefully, the various sign-posts to the notifications page, links and details in the emails themselves, etc. this post here on Shetlink - this situation can be seen to be rectifiable at worst?
  8. If you goto the "My Notifications - automatic system messaging" section https://www.njord.market/account/notifications accessible from your drop down members area from the top-right hand side will show you what notifications you had/have setup. Some users may have previously pressed on a top level Shetlink 'Subscribe' category button (which then subscribed to all lower categories) and are now finding when verifying their emails they are being sent multiple emails.
  9. ^^ No, this should be a stable base now. Some users however, are finding they might need to try either of the below suggestions to access Njord. Additional info: this will work for anybody: If you check out the post here: https://www.njord.market/faq#member Your login details for Shetlink will enable you to log into Njord. However, a handful of users have needed to reset their passwords to enable them to login. It's the same data and underlying mechanism but, a reset will work for sure. You'll get back to a new baseline. This can be done from https://www.njord.market/forgot-password Google and Twitter users to follow instructions above in this thread or on the https://www.njord.market/faq#member section of Njord
  10. Hi iansimmins, yes, this isn't currently an option. Hold on we'll contact you. 2 secs [EDIT - as information for others] Detail to be found here: https://www.njord.market/faq#member To note - your registered email address can also be used as your username. So you just need a new password which can be obtained through accessing the https://www.njord.market/forgot-password section Anyone finding a "Something has gone wrong" error you can view https://www.njord.market/faq#loggingingonewrong Note: that a reset of your password will definitely sort out these blemishes. Refreshing the page and trying to log in again with your usual Shetlink details for 99% of cases will sort it.
  11. You might need to press - together to ensure you pull down latest rather as local cache to get any fixes. Apologies. Something went overboard in the night with scripts that are pulled from Google jsapi which we're now pulling locally instead. @wheelsup. that screen you're taken to is an overarching pm area. NewMy conversationsDraftsYou land on "New" which shows various unread 'new' messages - rather as the usual inbox "My conversations" area where things might be lost over pages etc. ^^ Yes, indeed. If you end up at the "New" page .. then when clicking on the new item it will remove the red notification. This is like a brand new feature or at least just until we get a proper fix put in place.
  12. Strange issue with some nerdy things. Clicking on that link will now take you to your messages
  13. Most of the pug / random breed adverts that pop up on Shetlink are unfortunately scam artists from lands far far away! If it looks too good to be true / dodgy in any way please report it immediately and we'll endeavour to take it down and ban that individual. Sometimes this process can be quick sometimes may take a little time to do - so please bear with us and keep yourself aware! With that, there are genuine people on here helping to re-home dogs. The user Mazeemoo for instance can on occasion post various dog breeds and is definitely a real-world person! So there are adverts you can be assured are honest and truthful! Hope this helps.
  14. Yes, if you go to the advert and press the [Edit] button you can edit it as many times as you want over the course of it being advertised.
  15. locking this thread as it is serving no purpose and is degenerating into ...
  16. Hi. This is causing some problems for users. The server restarted last week and we believe this is a consequence of that restart and as the server was coming back up folk began to be redirected by a 301 error to a "defaultwebpage" before it got itself fully back up. You're either still being directed towards this "defaultwebpage" via that old 301 error caught in your cache and or your browser is having difficulty cross-referencing the SSL, we again believe as a consequence of the restart and some sort of browser caching. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- People have had success with the following: Clear your browsers cache (please follow your browsers help guides on how to do this) Clear your routers cache (not always necessary - easiest to do via 'reset') Then follow below guide:The following should ideally flush any of your localised DNS: Domain Name System. Not to worry, it'll be replaced automatically as you carry on as normal but, hopefully will then take you directly to Shetlink!? WINDOWS On your keyboard, press Win+X to open the WinX Menu. Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator. Run the following command:ipconfig /flushdns If it's successful you should see a message much like the following: Windows IP configuration successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache. APPLE - follow these instructions http://osxdaily.com/2008/03/21/how-to-flush-your-dns-cache-in-mac-os-x/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. message sent earlier - hopefully it makes sense otherwise PM
  18. Time limit was added in sometime around 2007/8 ? Happy to be corrected.
  19. Hi, Just to let everyone know this was sorted out. If anyone has the same problem please PM me directly. Thanks!
  20. Hi. Yes, this is correct. Paid advertising was introduced into the trade/commercial and properties sections some time ago to assist in the continued and increasing overheads of keeping Shetlink 'on-the-road'. Thanks for your interest in Shetilnk and Shetlink classifieds; 'probably the best platform to advertise online in Shetland' in the same vein of a popular lager advert.
  21. This almost sounds like you're "Subscribed" to a category in the Classifieds? i.e. subscribed to have emails sent to you when one is entered into a category or at the top level thus receiving one from every category entry. Go to the Classifieds section and check whether a button at the top of the section has "Unsubscribe" on it (or whatever category you're receiving email from). If so you possibly by accident clicked on the "Subscribe" and not realised and are now getting an email from every category. Also check here: https://www.shetlink.com/index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=core&area=notifications EDIT: I've blanket removed all notifications being sent to you from the classifieds section. Sorry that this has been a frustrating time for you.
  22. Can you still access https://www.shetlink.com/index.php?app=members&module=messaging
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