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  1. Some people have asked about this and I'm not even 10% sure why it does that. I then went away and did other things and happily ignored it to be truthful. I had thought that it might have been something to do with people taking photos and rotating them on their file system - which can depending on OS and version blah and blah blah blah makes another little file that leaves the original (the one being up loaded) in it's original setting but, shows the user on the file system the way they've turned it etc. Then that didn't make sense and I couldn't replicate it and then, as detailed, went off and did other things. Ideally get back to it! If folk could post OS versions, original file orientations, etc. that might help.
  2. Way back in the misty times there was chat. Things never got moved forward. See ^^ last post re: materialisation. More so everyone's real lives took precedence over anything else. Shetlink is now where it is. You fancy a spot of sponsorship?
  3. Can you clarify this point? Grasping what you mean is out with my control at moment?! Let me ponder: I've been swittlin in the broon muck at the bottom of my stank now for a long set of years and have only become involved in Shetlink now since the last peerie while! Without direction of thought ... .... contributers / those that donate. I would like to see some form of recognition for those users i.e. a badge at least or other or even further access to areas - or other. This should have been done in the past but, for whatever reason didn't materialise. As has been pointed out in various threads, PM's, Facebook Classifieds - without those contributing - this show would now surely be off-road. A 4x4 website - now that's a thing. Without doubt and a mainstay of this thread and the direction it's taking. People however, have also to 'expect' that over a considerable number of years there has been more than just 'blood, sweat, and tears', put into Shetlink by those behind the scenes to enable it to survive, not only technically, but also on a raft of 'other levels'. Without those bods tender care again we're into 4x4 chat. We're all in an online realm looking forward to 2014 - where are we all as a community going to drive? 4x4 ? Yes, auction stylee you mean too? Re: paying for things. Is there more want from anyone else also? How does everyone see this functioning - i.e. pay 'n post / deliver Shetland only, escrow, etc. Certainly possible but, will need further development to achieve. ^^ Largest issue is Shetlink as a conduit can't also be on top of deals gone sour. Not without people 24x7 policing. I understand this is where Shetlandpeat was driving. PayPal and their dispute system for instance. Massive timespace and money gone into achieving that.
  4. Interesting. re: ad limit. Can't even remember now what the old code did. Don't remember there being a limit. Not to say there wasn't. The new software doesn't limit advert amount. It does however, limit the renewal of a single advert to 3x
  5. It's a good point and is easy enough to have a drop-down say with "South Mainland", "Central Mainland", "West Mainland", "North Mainland", "North Isles", for instance, if people are reluctant to put exact geographical placement. Anyone else? The only way I can really think to stop the annoyance of duplicate adverts just to gain front-page status is to remove the front-page but, you would still get the possibility of that in each category. Plus it really would retard the overall system by removing "latest" adverts - or would it? It would become a different user interface I guess where you'd have to search for what you want; either by category exploration or the search function. Either that or charge for adverts - it becomes a free-for-all without moderation and those wishing to place multiple ads would do so at extra cost and we'd buy a all bells whistling server with the proceeds!
  6. It's an interesting point re: the 14 day adverts. This was always the situation prior but, I would hazard a guess is a/the main reason that people want to create multiple duplicate adverts. Being an automated system for the ease of users was to enable users the freedom to manage their own adverts but, there are always people that deem their property to be more important than other users and abuse the system. There have been instances where people have sat and watched their advert roll off the front page and then put on another. This isn't particularly fair for other users but, that makes no odds to them! *sigh* There is a search facility continually being developed to provide better results - and it has to be said that if peoples goods aren't being purchased a) stick on pictures so people can actually see what they're buying b ) add descriptive descriptions ... the key is in the word! A one liner with no meaning is nigh on useless c) if no-ones buying it it probably means you might as well burn it! There is consideration on lowering the 14 days. Perhaps halving to 7 days would be more conducive to individuals selling requirements? The key is in the renewal on Shetlink. An advert runs it course and can be edited throughout that period and when finished can be renewed from the personal classifieds manager. There is no need to create another. I suspect the largest downside for the Facebook classifieds system for those attempting to manage it is the free-for-all nature of it.
  7. Altered to three 3 characters. See how it goes with performance and superfluous results.
  8. ^^ Yes, 'guns' were always removed - then there were the days of free-for-all. Shetlink is merely a conduit. Selling firearms and or shotguns with the correct certification and storage facilities in itself is not an illegal activity; if you suspect an illegal sale is taking place you would be best to notify the police. Illegal activities on Shetlink are absolutely not allowed as detailed in the T&C's of Shetlink. Thanks owre-weel, yes, it's a funny 'ol world. Those people that have actually donated know who they are. Thank you to them! Your kind understanding and altruistic assistance has definitely been a mainstay in keeping the show on the road. The pricing structure has effectively been introduced and initially was set to curtail the outright abuse by commercial businesses in Shetland using the classifieds section to sell goods and definitely not donating. Through discussion with smaller business holders it was decided to lower this in conjunction with the £41.4m news so as not to marginalise them. It's a very fine line. Any good news stories or other are also welcomed.
  9. Any charities looking to advertise can certainly contact Shetlink and they would receive a personalised service.
  10. So here's a thought. What's the Shetlink community's impression of having moved towards paid trade/commercial advertising in the classifieds section? Had the most random and discerning PM conversation with someone yesterday who was particularly disgruntled by having to pay for the situations vacant section even though they were advertising a position in one of the UK's largest retail outlets. They accused Shetlink of greed; the irony, before stating they were going to delete their account; good luck trying that without asking for assistance. Shetlink's continued interest and usage by it's community means it 'needs' to be developed further. Whilst the assistance provided by the "donation" button helps keep the show on the road it's a stretch to say that can go far enough to actually assist in upgrading/developing. I'm sure you're aware at how much downtime there is / has been - the week long f*kup at the start of Nov being completely out with our control! Without the new framework the entire system would also, for instance, be a flood of kitchenspam as it was with poor moderators running around aimlessly trying to delete it - no fun for anyone. Anyway, as always, happy to hear everyone's thoughts.
  11. I'm of the opinion the LPA have a God given right to do what the fuk they want! To hell with anybody or any institution in their path. Let's roll back to 1877 when an Act of UK Parliament was passed to give the "Lerwick Harbour Trust" the ability to 'act' as an independent statutory body and be governed through it's own legislation. [...] deletion of a vast and in-depth rant on SIC, SIC Port and Harbours, Sandy Cluness, various other things to do with utter [...] Let's not forget the barges are there for a reason. They house workers for the furtherance and development of Sullom Voe. Berths and income obtained within LPA's environ enable them to further develop "Lerwick" and all the secondary and tertiary businesses that can flourish because of them. Sitting trüteling about any short term change or even simple aesthetics of what is effectively an industrial site misses the entire point of life on Shetland, no? Let's be honest --- Shetland isn't this dream nonsense Up Helly Aa Viking 'n lovely spring lambs jumping through heather nonsense dreamed up. These things have their place but, seriously [...] further Friday night ranting deleted [...]
  12. Wind chill is effectively the heat sapping ability of wind: There's a chart at the Scottish Mountaineering Club depicting wind chill (it's at bottom of glossary)
  13. Just needs a spot of priming MJ. Tell us about what you're experiencing and seeing at the moment and ideally others will join in. For me, I'm stuck swimming about the bottom sludge in my burn as the top's iced over .. no, but seriously, it's cold and I've no real need to go driving anywhere. *remembers the days back to when there was some neep rambling on about his car having gone off the road and blaming the SIC; rather than blame his own incompetent driving skills!*
  14. Hey .. see how that goes? Come back with any news.
  15. Yeah, we're on it right now. There's an uber load on the sql server. Funky joins that need to be re-written. Hold tight.
  16. Yay! Is it that hard for people to be civil with one another? Makes for far better reading and helps prove people with access to keyboards aren't [xxxxxxxxxx]
  17. Imagine! We'd have paid top-top whack a long time ago for an uber-range server!
  18. Yes, sold should be included above too. The old 'price' section was free-text so anything saying 'sold' in the price section was removed - those figures aren't known and aren't in the overall figure. The 'price' input box having been free-text is why it's taken so *&"*&^$*&^ long to get to a figure that could be backed up with relevant statistics. Removing duplicates has been a pain. Descriptions had to be compared against prices and shifting and sorting the exported dataset against categories/usernames/description/price to remove anything considered as a duplicate was done. All classifieds considered borderline or clearly couldn't be made sense of were removed. To note also anything 'wanted' was also removed. Where stating 'offers' and variations of that ilk it had to be removed: again those figures can't be known even when stating a RRP price in the description for instance.
  19. Hi, it'll be because you're subscribed to that particular forum or topic. See at the top of this thread/topic there's a "Follow this topic" button. At the top of the forum itself such as Shetland News you'll see a "Follow this forum" button. These buttons are linked with your http://www.shetlink.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=followed "Followed content" section; access that from that link or the dropdown where your username is in the top right header. Figure out which one is activated and click on it again to stop subscribing. You can also edit your global notification settings from http://www.shetlink.com/index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=core&area=notifications
  20. ^^ aww, nut's. Must be all the paet n slime oot the Sandy Loch that does it then Beats having bright pink/purple grout n rubber bits in your shower then! I blame that on fluoride in hooses Sooth but, I might also be wrong on that too? *asking seriously*!
  21. Indeed. Good ideas. Actually 'living' with a family in Shetland'll give you the closest insight into the community at ground level. House prices and the rental market, as JustMe pointed out, are way off any usual mark due to the construction work up at Sullom Voe. Though, that's not to say you'll not be able to find somewhere to stay! Do check out Shetlink's "Accommodation" section - which I'm sure you are anyway! It's possibly, without question, where you're going to find the latest Shetland up-to-date and first-come-first-served long-term rental properties and accommodation in Shetland: Shetlink Shetland accommodation. Where else are you to advertise? ^^ OOh that almost has been written like a search engine should suckle on it!
  22. How's du tink dee teeth ar sey pearly white n haerd? hehe
  23. ^^ Good stuff. .. which news outlet is going to get the stories up online first ...? Go go go ...
  24. Perhaps some further information and context would help the op understand your statement. This isn't Facebook one-liner dirge heaven remember ... it's Shetlink; a place of reasoned debate!
  25. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It's a skin to hold together the framework as the framework is developed.
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