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  1. Finally got around and down the list and got to this. That's working now! Multiple items are now being shown on searching. It was stopping after the first entry it found for whatever reason!
  2. Hey all! That's the switch back over to the domain name shetlink.com again! Thanks for everybody's support and patience throughout this period!
  3. Good stuff. Thanks everyone for keeping us updated on various ISP! We'll probably leave the setup as it is for a good part of today before moving back to the domain to ensure everybody can access and all ISP's catch up with their records.
  4. We've returned, for the meantime, to the IP address as some ISP's are still to update their DNS records. Ideally by sometime tomorrow we can go back to the domain name. Those users who can access shetlink.com will be forwarded to the IP address. Thank you all for your continued patience.
  5. Thanks Anyone here with BT and able to get on? Appears there are still issues with BT resolving to old DNS records.
  6. ^^ Thanks for the comments. Yes, this has been a peculiar period indeed! That's ISP's now starting to pick up the new DNS so the domain name can start to be used again.
  7. Thought about but, better to have no domain and not allow search engines to index than to confuse with another domain name. Once the original domain comes back online - it's back to what it was - and then a case of having to nurture the search engines again.
  8. It would appear that the transfer has taken place so should just be a case of waiting on ISP's picking up the correct nameservers and we're cooking on gas again! Jeebus!
  9. For the sake of clarity. Frances144 enquired and she can happily post away
  10. Things are afoot with the domain. The domain status has moved into pendingTransfer so the cogs and wheels in the internals of the Interweb are grinding away. Fingers crossed this will result in some good news!
  11. Thanks WJ, this is a new one. 123 have managed certain levels of their own auto-retardation prior but, this is at an all time high. Between this and the Shetlink movement to this new software - between now and 2005/6 the site has been offline more now in the last few months than ever! *sigh* It really is a wait and see moment. [edit] Just to add 123's ttl generally lives on a 21600 second cycle. This is in no way even near that - 604800 - x2 when they should have moved records. Massive fukarama. Reading through their T&C's it's for the most part [You bought domain from us - arf hahah ... don't expect anything as we drop all liabilty for everything - 'n if you pleeps then you'll mak wis gaff even mair - ehehehe - poopums!] Shame really. Makes you kinda want to have a registrar in your pocket.
  12. No problem It's a strange place, not quite darknet but, not far off it. I'm going to name it twilightnet; a place between the Net that everyone knows and understands (on the surface) yet underneath the hood and in the internals of the Interweb. Yay!
  13. HI, see this post
  14. ^^ She does use wordpress and then links from Shetlink to enable people to know what's going on. I quite like her blog to be honest.
  15. Through yet another phonecall to the domain support team at 123-reg it's becoming slightly more clear. Apparently they're moving all .com domains away from tucows which was the tld (Top Level Domain) wholesale registrar they'd been using to an outfit called domainbox; a new part of the Host Europe Group of which 123-reg are part. This transfer was supposed to happen 7 days prior to the domain renewal date - and it still hasn't! So we've now got both thumbs and half an arm shoved somewhere warm seeing as we just have to sit and wait and trust that they're going to get it right this time!
  16. What's the craic with that new lego advert "Let's build"? That young boy!! .. I'm just waiting for him to start moving his finger, roll his eyes, 'n start going RedRum rEdRum.. REDrum, redRUM ... .. eek!!
  17. Thanks. It's all pretty much up in the hands of the tech God's. Been saying the same since Friday
  18. ^^ It's beyond a joke now! The domain has "expired" though having been paid for and listed as renewed - however, and crucially, the record at DNS source has not. Communication with support is woeful as they are getting the run-around themselves. ICANN Registrar: Created:2005-10-31 Expires: 2014-10-31 Updated:2013-11-04 WHOIS Record Record last updated on 04-Nov-2013. Record expires on 31-Oct-2013. Record created on 31-Oct-2005. Yay! Left and right hand. *shakes fishy fin and screams*
  19. Caution - tech babble. As some people might be aware - and not like they'll be able to read this anyway - Shetlink is offline to several ISP's. Why is this? The domain renewal was supposed to have happened overnight last night, however, there has been an issue between our Registration Service Provider (RSP) and the Register themselves. For whatever reason, the Register was in the process of moving domains into a larger and whatever registry system and this process was supposed to have taken place 7 days prior to the actual domain renewal; whilst the domain was still live. However, this was not the case, and the RSP has renewed the domain whilst the Registry has not - and it's from them ISP's may or may not obtain authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) settings. (DNS is the routing thing when you type in a domain name it whirls away along the myriad tubes and pipes of electronic joy that is the Internet to a server and up the site pops in your browser.) So .... some ISP's have updated their DNS showing the domain doesn't exist and others have it as still live. Yay! How long until fixed? Well, how long is a piece of string? They are 'expediating' the request to get it FU*2347sdf fixed but, as is the joy of DNS this can take in the region of days to fix depending on Time To Live (ttl) settings etc. against blah .. records updating etc. etc.. Here we're moving into the realms of 011100110110001101100001011100100111100101110011011010000110100101110100 ----- ---- so to cap it off - Shetlink'll come back up at some point for those that can't currently see it and we have to sit with our thumb positioned somewhere warm.
  20. This thread is now locked for the foreseeable future. Why? Well .. hmm?
  21. Graham Stark? Eh? That's Peter Sellers, man ... !! 0_O Ay, 'ol Shetlandpeat ... it's a hard world, ay? People thinking the worst of you!
  22. ^^ Exactly ... why would anyone really want to venture up to Unst beyond inflicting masochistic hardship unto themselves .... hehe *tongue in cheek*.... Though this thread has done wonders in showing the potential that is beyond the Watford Gap! I, for one, want to be in Aaron's establishment when Shetland Peat decides to frequent. Bet's down .. it's a ring ... the dog's against Shetland Peat ... !! WHoooOOO ha MOFO !! £50 quid right there .....
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